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Odd Duck

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Summary: Willow finds an unknown Watcher on the new Council's payroll - in one of the strangest crossovers ever.

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NCIS > Willow-Centered(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR1842,51614721,22026 Jun 0820 Nov 08No


Odd Duck

Crossover: BTVS / NCIS. Years after "Chosen", NCIS somewhere around "Hiatus".
Spoilers: Whole series for BTVS. References to NCIS episodes "The Meat Puzzle", with "Bete Noire", "Hiatus", and possibly "Reveille", "Twilight", and "Kill Ari", referenced in later chapters.

Chapter Two: McGeeking

Ever since Gibbs had been gone to Mexico, it had been a bit less tolerable around the office. The author of 'Deep Six' collected an oversized stack of phone messages as he breezed back into the office the next morning after the team had solved the mystery of the Marine officer who'd been killed on the streets of Alexandria while on leave from carrying the nuclear "football" for the President.

The case had brought back a lot of memories for the rest of the team - McGee himself had still been stationed in Norfolk the last time they'd invesigated a similar case, four years ago. It had, in fact, been the case that brought them the enmity of the FBI and US Secret Service, and the services of Special Agent Caitlin Todd.

Thumbing through the stack of message forms, he found one with Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo's name on it, with a quick scrawl across the top margin that said, 'Handle this, Probie'.

He checked the clock - it wasn't too early to call California, as they'd been out till almost dawn the night before catching the Alexandria drug dealer who, it turned out, had simply taken offense to the Marine's uniform setting an example for the children in a bad neighborhood (where his car had suffered a flat tire) and knifed him.

He dialed up the phone number, for a Giles & Rosenberg Detective Agency in Santa Ana, California, and it was answered after one and a half rings.

"Giles & Rosenberg Detective Agency, Dawn speaking. How may we help you?"

"Hi. I'm... umm... NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee. I'm attempting to return a call from Ms. Rosenberg."

"Just a moment please." McGee heard the familiar tone of being put on hold, and less than a minute later, a much more suspiscious voice picked up. "This is Rosenberg."

"Miss Rosenberg, this is NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee, I'm with the Washington D.C. field office. Returning your call... the message says it's regarding a terrorism case?"

"They must have tried to condense it down. I was trying to reach an Agent Anthony DiNozzo... I'm representing a private organization which was the victim of terrorism some years ago. It was recently discovered that one of the assumed victims may actually still be alive, and we're therefore trying to contact her."

"How does this relate to NCIS?" Tim McGee asked.

"We did an extensive Web search... including a few places not available to the general public, though I hope you won't call in the FBI... and found a partial match on this lady's name in a redacted NCIS activity report. We have very little information to go on, actually, and normally we would have ignored this lead, except it's the best we have."

"Spoken like a true detective. You're being a bit... evasive."

"Well, the message was for DiNozzo. His name was on the activity report. As the author."

"He's my supervisor." McGee offered. "He asked me to return the message... he doesn't have a good memory for his black book, if you know what I mean, Miss Rosenberg."

Willow let a short giggle escape her lips and cross the transcontinental telephone line. "If you could arrange a meeting then, perhaps in person... I can be in D.C. by Friday, and please, call me Willow."

"Tim, then. I can't guarantee he'll be here, but I'll meet you here at nine on Friday morning. Let me give you the directions..."
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