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Odd Duck

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Summary: Willow finds an unknown Watcher on the new Council's payroll - in one of the strangest crossovers ever.

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NCIS > Willow-Centered(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR1842,51614721,22026 Jun 0820 Nov 08No

The Beginning

Odd Duck

Disclaimer: I am neither Whedon nor Bellisario. I am just playing in their sandboxes.
Crossover: BTVS / NCIS. Years after "Chosen", NCIS somewhere around "Hiatus".
Spoilers: Whole series for BTVS. References to NCIS episodes "The Meat Puzzle", with "Bete Noire", "Hiatus", and possibly "Reveille", "Twilight", and "Kill Ari", referenced in later chapters.

Chapter Four: The Beginning

"Where do I start?" Willow mumbled to herself in the semi-dark elevator.

"Might start with why you're here at NCIS and how you got my name." Tony smirked.

"Oh, that. Well, to explaint hat I've got to explain that, and that, and... oh, shoot, I'm just going to have to start at the beginning, I'm no good at picking up in the middle."

"The beginning is good." McGee said, trying to reassure her.

"Actually, it's not." Willow corrected, sinking to a sitting position in one corner of the elevator. Tony and McGee looked at each other, then followed suit. "Kinda like stories around a campfire, isn't it? Only these aren't ghost stories." She swallowed. "Most people believe this world started as a paradise. It didn't. It started as a playground for demons and all sorts of evil things best not thought about."

"Then what?" McGee asked, silently wishing Abby was in the elevator with them.

"Nobody knows why, but most of the demons, and all of the rest, moved on. A few of the lesser demons stayed, and some of them interacted with humans. That's how we got vampires."

"Demons and vampires?" Tony said, incredulous. McGee stared him down, and Tony amended, "But we agreed to hear you out, so go on."

"In prehistoric times, we think in Africa somewhere, a group of tribal shamans harnessed the power of a demon, and bound it into a girl. To make her into a warrior against the vampires. Part of their spell automatically transferred that power on to another girl when she died, and on down through the ages. Such is the fate of the one known as Vampire Slayer."

"Abby's talked about... you mean the Slayer is real?" McGee prodded.

"Very. Along the way through history, the Knights Templar adopted the Vampire Slayer and her cause, providing her support and training. When the Templars were disbanded by the Church, they became the Freemasons, and when the Masons forgot about the Slayer, a small faction of Masons in the British Government formed what was known as the Council of Watchers, to continue the same service. It later went private, but the Council existed in that form up until a few years ago."

"What happened to them?" Tony asked.

"A few years ago, a force known as the First Evil tried to.. well, take over or destroy the world, we're not quite sure. Its minions, the Bringers, or Harbingers, did many evil things. One of them was a systematic attack against the Council and its members worldwide, capped off by a massive explosion which destroyed the records and administration building in London, along with most of the senior members of the Council who were still alive at that point."

"I'm assuming someone else stopped this First Evil?" McGee said, leaning back. "Cause I didn't hear about the world ending."

"Yes. There was a focus point that the First needed to control, and a... well, a small subgroup of the Council and its allies, banded together with a couple college students and a few from the local high school, managed to destroy the focus before the First could take control of it, though it was a bit dicey there, and some extreme measures were taken. One of those created a lot more Vampire Slayers."

Tony whistled. "Define a lot."

"Thousands." Willow nodded. "Yeah, we kept that hushed up pretty well. Of course, with the devastation and the new order, well, the Slayers pretty much rebuilt the Council their way, and I've been helping get things back together. The old Council had money and land squirreled away in every country on Earth, and several places in most of them. Technology has been our friend, and yes, I admit I'm a bit of a hacker. One of our most recent finds was a bank account that was being used to make some automatic payments, and judging by the amount, it looks like the salary or pension for a Council member."

Tony nodded. "I still don't see where we fit in."

"You're about to. The name on the receiving account was Vanessa Mallard. We did a Web-wide search, including a few secure government databases for which I do apologize. We found very little on her, other than basic biographical information - date of birth and whatnot, but it all looks very sanitary and fake. Like you'd find for someone who's in Witness Protection. The only current information we found was a report that you, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, wrote about a year and a half ago. It was heavily edited, and we're not even sure it's the same woman as you only used her last name, but it's the best we had to go on."

Tony's eyes narrowed. "You're serious?"

"Very. We're just trying to contact her, see what she knows and maybe if she can be of any help."

Tony laughed. "If it's the Mrs. Mallard I remember, you'll be lucky if she's polite and remembers her own name."

"So you do remember her."

McGee nodded. "DiNozzo, I think we need the whole team on this one. Forensics, Ziva, Autopsy...."

"You're right." Tony stood up. "I'm still not sure I believe you, lady, but I'd like you to tell your tale to the rest of our little team here, if you don't mind."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Odd Duck" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Nov 08.

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