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Remorse, Regret and Other Weighty Things

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This story is No. 2 in the series "More Than Any One Man Can Take". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander lies in a coma, shutoff from the world around him. Now his friends look to alternative means of trying to bring him back from the abyss.

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Movies > Cell, ThemissinglinkFR1599,250077,00126 Jun 0827 Jun 08Yes

Running out of slayers here

Disclaimer: Yada yada yada... I own nothing.

“Charging again… clear.”

Buffy’s body lifts a couple of inches off the bed as the electricity races thru her system.

“C‘mon, c‘mon, don‘t do this to me sweety. Charging again… clear.”

After the third burst Miriam visibly sags in relief as Buffy’s vitals steady out and approach normal.

“Catherine, that was too close.”

“I know, I know. Damn it. I only wish I knew how he does it. If I knew I might be able to figure out a way around it.”

“Ms. Deane, what does this mean for Alexander?”

Looking back at the aging Brit she is taken aback by the question.

“Aren’t you concerned for Ms. Summers?”

“Yes I am, but as your associate Ms. Kent mentioned, she is stabilized and has bounced back from worse in the past. My concern for the moment is what this all means to Alexander and his chances.”

“I will tell you one thing for certain. No one else is stepping foot in his mind. I don’t care if they accept the risks his ability to forcibly eject someone from his mind is too dangerous to risk another for. He will have to come out of it on his own or stay a vegetable.”

“I would appreciate you showing some respect. That young man has done more for humanity than anyone could possibly know.”

“Fine, but just realize we are packing up and heading out. I wish you the best and hope he recovers, but you should know that the chances are remote at best.”

“I understand Ms. Deane. Thank you.”

Giles proceeded to step out into the hallway away from the others. Sitting hard on one of the benches in the hall he proceeded to cry as he tried to say goodbye to his ‘son’.


Dreams are funny things. They can shape our views of the world around us or reflect those very same views. Déjà vu is an accepted occurrence, but our understanding of its appearance is vague and undefined. No one can predict the future. Well, without a little guidance from a higher power and even then they usually come with one hell of a migraine. Slayer’s dreams though are a completely different matter. While not a direct version of what will come they seem to skirt the matter just enough to provide direction when it is needed or diversion when that too may be the better option in the eyes of those that use these champions.

The girl finds herself in the woods. They seem both familiar and unknown to her. As she comes to a clearing she comes across two faces from her past. One associated with grief and her spiral that led to her fall, while the other was that of a person that never quite got along with or understood for that matter.

She watched as the normally redheaded girl that had blacked her hair fell to ground suddenly, apparently dead. Blood began to pool under her and the other person there approached the body with tears of blood in his eyes. As he feet stepped into the blood still crawling away from the body on the ground he suddenly lost his footing. The ground below took on the consistency of quicksand and still he moved forward towards the now again redheaded girl.

“X, stop what are you doing?” Her words seemed muffled and distorted to her own ears.

Xander continued forward now waist deep in the blood red quicksand. “It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. Oh god she’s dead.”

Faith looked around her desperate for something to throw out either to reach him or bean him and maybe knock some sense into him. As she searched he continued to struggle forward getting closer, yet never reaching his best friend.

Finally finding a fallen branch a ways back into the woods, Faith hurried back to the clearing only to find it empty.

A hand reaches her should and pulls her back into the woods. Turning around she comes face to face with Willow.

“Help him Faith. You’re the only one who can. He’s drowning and no one else can reach him.”

“Why me Red? We ain’t exactly talked in a couple of years and those weren’t on the best of terms.”

“Because you share more in common with him than you know Faith. You’re the only one that can reach him now and if you don’t he’ll die. Please do this for me Faith. Please.”

Shooting up from her bunk Faith looks around before finally settling down some.

‘Damn, what a dream.’

But a deep unease in her stomach tells her that there may be more to it than just her mind playing tricks.

“Shit, better call Fang tomorrow and find out what’s happening in SunnyD.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Remorse, Regret and Other Weighty Things". This story is complete.

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