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Rebirth; a reincarnation of Buffy story

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Summary: Buffy died after her leap through the portal (S5), and is reincarnated in another universe as Lizzie Sheppard, 5 year-old wonder kid. Is total rewrite of Atlantis from beginning season one.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)lacthrynFR131217,7072220259,71527 Jun 0813 Jan 09No

An explanation...more or less

Buffy died at the end of Season 5, but she wakes up in a new universe as Lizzie Sheppard. This is a total rewrite of Atlantis from the very beginning with Buffy/Lizzie.
~ Thanks to;
for the heads up on punctuation….will try and keep a track on it 
Disclaimer: BTVS + SGA are the sole properties of their creators.... sadly not mine, any and all use by me is purely for entertainment value

Her head felt fuzzy, or a least she thought it did. Everything around her felt fuzzy and incomplete, out of focus and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t seem to fix it.

She did recognise that she was in a white room, a brilliantly white room and yet it didn’t hurt her to look around. She also noticed that she was still very, very small, which incidentally made her also very, very annoyed,

“What the hell? Didn’t I already do the whole wake up in the land of weird once today?”

She shouted knowing somehow, there was something that would hear her.

“You have been summoned, Slayer”

A voice replied echoing around the room but no one appeared for her to actually target her annoyance at. Damn it all, they must have been paying attention to her last incident with Whistler.

“Indeed, young one”

Another voice answered.

“You know it’s really rude to read peoples minds, especially when you don’t seemed too inclined to make with the explain-y,”

Buffy grumbled under her breath.

“We simply are, what we are Slayer, there is no help for it.”

“We have brought you here to help you understand”

The second voice finished

“Understand what exactly? That I’ve been shrunk, into an alternate mini-me. I think I got that thanks”

“That could not be helped, the energies of the portal mixed with your Slayer powers and the distance between the two worlds created this effect,”

The first voice sounded faintly male, although it was hard to tell from all the echo-y-ness.

“Can you just tell me what’s going on. Why did I wake up in the land of pink?”

“You died, Slayer”

“You jumped into the portal to save your sister, in doing so opened a path for yourself that we could never have anticipated”

The second voice almost sounded…proud as it spoke.

“Did Dawnie make it? And the others…please tell me they’re all right”

Her voice came out much quieter then expected, something about being little again almost made her feel vulnerable.

“Your sister and friend made it through the battle alive, if a little worse for wear. They will morn you and celebrate your life, and move on with their own-”

“-As you must do also”

“What! Why can’t I go back? I’m still me…well mostly I still feel like the Slayer. Why can’t I just go back and move on with them?”

“You died there Slayer, the body you inhabit now is not the same as the one you once had”

“Yes, you are still the Slayer but you are also a child, a child that has a life and family in this dimension.”

“When you awaken the memories of this life, and those of your past life will begin to merge-”

“-You are being given the chance to start again, live a life free of perils of the world you knew”

“Then why am I still the Slayer. Why not just give me a completely new life? No, you want something from me. There is no way this could be as good as you’re suggesting there’s always a hidden motive with you people”

“That is not for us to decide, this is not our realm to govern”

“So what your playing pass-the-Buffy now?”

What little gratitude she had been feeling at the knowledge her friends and family where safe was quickly turning to anger.

“You think you can just pass me around to whoever you want and I’ll just go quietly…you can think again.”

She growled out, which actually sounded strange coming from such a small child but still she did her best

“Peace child”

A new voice entered the discussion, followed by a bright light that took the shape of a young man; he looked kind and sad all at once, as though he had seen great pain only to find peace.

“Who the hell are you?”

Even if she had wanted to sound more open she couldn’t she was angry at her life being taken from her all over again.

“My name is Orlin and I am your guide, I am the emissary of those that watch this world and I have been sent to give you some of the answers you seek”

He spoke to her his voice soft and kind.

He reminded her of the tall dark haired man that had picked her up into his arms before she had landed in bizarre-o land take two.

She watched as he turned to face the whiteness that surround her and he seemed grow stronger his voice ringing loud and commanding. As he spoke again

“Your task here is completed; your Champion has passed beyond your reach and has entered a new realm. Your claim to her is null, it is now only your task to ensure that her presence is not pursued by any of those left in your domain. Remember these words for if you fail in your charge the consequences will befall you and you alone. Now be gone!”

With a final flash of light, the whiteness disappeared and a soft meadow took its place, it reminded her of the picnic’s her mom and dawn used to take during the summer when dad had cancelled an outing in favour of work.

“Come Buffy… or I should say Lizzie now I believe”

He held out his hand and for some reason she found herself taking it into her own

“What’s going on? Why where you all like ‘Be Gone!’ with the PTB’s?”

He smiled down at her and for some reason she felt warm and safe

“That is not an easy question to answer…Lizzie”

She was about to protest when she simple felt the urge to do so leave her, he was right in this world, this body, whatever she was Lizzie not Buffy but it still felt strange.

“The beginning is usually as good a place as any, and none of the cryptic crap the PTB’s so love to dump on me”

He laughed and came to a stop before sitting down on the soft grass, he patted the ground beside him for her to join. She did so and waited for him to begin.

“You know, of where the Slayer came from yes?”

She nodding in response before he continued.

“When the PTB’s as you call them helped in the creation of the Slayer line, they knew that in order to be truly successful they would require a human. One advanced enough to survive the binding with the demon aspect that created the Slayer line. Humans overall where still very primitive in your world. Those who were more advanced had gained their abilities through the mingling of human blood, with the demons of your world. They where already part of the darkness, and so would only be consumed by it if given more power. Instead they required someone advanced but untainted…they needed-”

“Someone of the light, someone who could take the darkness of what being a Slayer is but not fall to it”

She interrupted something in her mind suddenly clicking into play.

“Yes, exactly. They needed a being of light to balance out the darkness that was the Slayer essence. They petitioned our people, who at that time had already crossed the vast expanse of space, and where more knowledgeable then you can imagine. There request was eventually fulfilled, her name was-”

“Sineya, we’ve met once or twice now. She doesn’t much resemble you though; she seemed to be kind of primitive.”

“She volunteered to aid those of your world. She was young and craved adventure, many tried to warn her of the task she was about to undertake. She refused to heed our warnings. And so she fell, she lost the light of our people, but she did not become of the darkness. Instead, she became part of the twilight. Neither one world, nor the other, and so she remained until her death. However, the part of her that made her like us, imprinted into the Slayer essence. It would seek out those that would be able to become part of the darkness and yet still be of the light”

“Like me”

Buffy found herself whispering, Orlin nodded in response.

“Yes like you, not even Kendra or Faith had this ability and as such it makes you one of us.”

“But what are you? Are you like the PTB’s you know with the whole none interference front while they move people around like chess pieces anyway?”

She couldn’t keep the bitterness out of her voice and so she didn’t even try.

“No, we are the Ancients the first evolution of this form, but we ascended to a higher plain of existence millennia ago. In our current form we are simply guardians, we cannot interfere and we do not, it is strictly forbidden. I myself was once punished for doing so and spent many years alone before I could earn my forgiveness”

“What does that have to do with me, and why I’m all…mini-me?”

“This form you find yourself in now, is the reincarnation of your previous self. We could not simply create you in this dimension. That would be against the rules but we have given you the chance to live in this world without the pressures of your old world”

“What about my friends? And Dawnie? Will I be able to see them again?”

“In time when you have lived this life through, you will be given the chance to join us as we are now. When that happens you can observe them as you wish but you cannot interfere”

“Ok, I get the none-interference thing, I guess you guys are more likely to actually stick to that then the PTB’s huh?”

She smiled slightly and watched as he sent a kind smile back at her.

“Yes, now more importantly I need to explain what you are to do here”

She couldn’t help but frown at that, she knew it was too good to be true, there was always some kind of catch.

“None of that little one, your task here is simply really. You are to live, learn, and become the extraordinary person you are meant to be. The life you have in this world is different then that of your old in many ways. Your memories will merge when you awaken but you will not forget. The person you are in this new world is very intelligent, has in fact been encouraged to be so whereas your old self was not. Please remember if you even have need of me, to call and I will give you council. Remember also that you are not the saviour of this world. You are merely one of many that works towards a common goal of peace and knowledge.”

He stood and helped her to her feet, before bending down on one knee to that, he was eye level with her.

“Be happy. Not everything will be perfect, as that is beyond our power. The world you go to now will help you to become something great…given time. Good luck and farewell”

He placed a kiss on her forehead, and she found her eyes closing. She felt a breeze caress her face, when she opened her eyes again he was gone and the meadow faded.

~Thanks for reading, please review 
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