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Shadows Under Gotham

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Summary: Is there a new Hellmouth opening up in Gotham City? And what about this bat-demon thingie that the Scoobies have heard about ? Gotham's starting to feel just like home....

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DC Universe > Batman > Giles-CenteredBoosterFR1343,2531328,71017 Aug 0326 Apr 04No

It's A Kind Of Magic

This chapter dedicated to Uninvited_Cat. Nagging does work occasionally.

Tuesday Evening

Jason Blood was deeply worried.

Something was happening in Gotham. Something mystical and powerful was building. His wards and counterspells protecting his apartment needed re-building nearly every week now – a task which used to be needed once a year or so.

His detector spells were certainly not working properly any more. There just couldn’t be that sheer number of vampires and demons suddenly arrive in Gotham. There just couldn’t be, although that would explain the increase in muggings around his neighborhood. And that sudden flare of mystic power a few days back was also impossible. No one person, be it witch or wizard, could have that much power and be able to shield it at a moments notice. Surely not….

He turned away from staring out over Gotham’s skyline, and strode over to his scrying spells once more. Perhaps this time they would be working correctly. He cast the necessary incantations again, and studied the results. A grim chuckle escaped his lips without thinking. Four Slayers in Gotham? Four? Something was definitely not working correctly… He would have to start re-building his scrying spells from the very beginning. He would need the truth about what was out there, not some over sensitive web of corrupted spells.

Turning back towards the window he smiled once more. “Into each generation, four girls are born.” He laughed and moved to pour himself a drink. He needed it. Jason Blood, one time of Arthur’s court, could feel the press of the years crowding in on him at times. And then there was always Etrigan to think about.

He could feel the demon building his power, waiting his time, getting ready to emerge. Soon, the tiny voice inside him promised, soon. Etrigan would be out once more, to caper across Gotham’s rooftops and to do whatever he wanted.

The sun was starting to set. Jason Blood sat in his chair watching, nursing his glass carefully. And worried.

Croc’s head hurt.

He tried to shake his head to make the pain go away. Not good, pain stayed. Flexing his muscles, he attempted to stand up, but couldn’t due to the ropes around him. Frustrated, he roared and blinked his eyes looking for the annoying Bat. It was bright. Too bright to focus, but the shapes looked… smaller? More female? And the smells were different. The voices were different.

“Come on! I mean – look at him! Guy’s got demon written all over him!”

“Regardless of his physical condition, you can’t just kill him! He doesn’t appear to have any special powers or anything too far out of the human condition…”

“Not even with that gnarly skin, G? Almost busted a nail punching that sucker.”

“Well according to the records I hacked out of Arkham, it’s just a unique skin condition, a mis-spent youth and way too many blows to the head that’s left him like this.”

“Great. So what the heck do we do with him then? We just can’t let him go free, can we? Admitally it would keep the local rat population down, and while we’re on that, eeew! “

“Well, I suggest we somehow get him back to this asylum that he escaped from. Perhaps a longer incarceration might help in his treatment.”

Croc didn’t like the sound of this. Back to the place with the soft walls and the ever constant haze? Not good. Not good at all. He roared and tried to get those damned ropes off him.

“Hold it, Gee, I think Gucci-boy’s waking up a bit over here. I got it.”

Croc roared again and struggled some more. The figure approaching him seemed different – no pointy ears and there was hair? Not the Bat then? He squinted, trying to make out more. And then it went completely black.

Batman looked down at the scene in front of Arkham Asylum.

It was almost farcical in some ways, watching the Arkham staff and the Gotham City police trying to get the unconscious Croc out of a tiny taxi. But he wasn’t responsible, and worse, neither was anyone he knew. Moving his hand to his cowl transmitter, he contacted the waiting Oracle.


“Just managed to get hold of ‘Wing, boss. He’s been a little busy in Bludhaven tonight. Nowhere near Gotham, and he was the last on the list.”

Batman’s lips tightened. Some new player was about in his city. His city. Time for the world’s greatest detective to seek this newcomer.

To be continued.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Shadows Under Gotham" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Apr 04.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking