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Glorious Dawn

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Summary: Glory is looking for the Key, the one thing that can send her back home. In order to protect it, the Guardian Monks give it form, and send it, to Smallville.

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Smallville > Dawn-CenteredVampireConfuserFR1844,1920125,20727 Jun 0827 Jun 08No


Glorious Dawn
By Benji The Vampire Confuser

Based on Characters and situations created by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, DC Comics, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and Joss Whedon.


Eighth grade. Not so bad really. No longer a seventh grader, not yet a freshman. He wasn’t looking forward to 9th grade. Chloe was taking some advanced classes at Smallville High, including being groomed to replace the editor of the school paper. And in addition to bugging him and Pete to help her out, she had many horror stories about the abuses she’d witnessed. And it was only the first week.

“I’m home!” Clark yelled out, grabbing a cookie from the jar and heading up to his room.

There was a girl sitting on his bed, grinning mischievously.

“Where’d you come from?” he demanded.

“I win.” She answered, bouncing off the mattress onto her feet.

“I didn’t know we were racing.” He challenged.

“Clark! Dawn!” Mr. Kent called up the stairs, knowing his adopted children well. “No racing until you finish your homework!”

“Aw dad!” Dawn complained.

Clark grinned. “Just as well. You’d never beat me anyway.”

“Oh we’ll see about that.” Dawn growled. “Soon as we finish our homework, you’re going down hard.”

To Be Continued...
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