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New Kids on the Base

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Summary: Willow and Xander wake up in the SGC as children, they have no memories; only the physical scars of the past that they were banished from. SG1 have to deal with two six year olds, and a multitude of problems from bickering kids to magic-seeking Goa'uld.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered
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pezgirlFR1337108,37019494244,84529 Jun 0824 Aug 12No

Chapter Two- revised

Xander shifted slightly and he frowned, he knew that his mattress wasn't as hard as the surface he was currently lying on. He should open his eyes and check where he was, he really should; but he had had a really nice dream and he didn’t want to wake up. Dreams were a nice, happy place to be.

No yelling and no beer.

He shivered and curled up tighter, had his blanket fallen off?

He stretched out his right arm and felt around for the covers, he continued searching, “Stupid blanket,” it must have fallen off him. Xander sighed tiredly, now he had to open his eyes or couldn’t see to get the blanket. “Oh, fudge-munch.”

He opened his sleepy eyes, his left seemed to stay shut for some reason, turned over-

-and yelped as he rolled off the counter, he hit the floor with a muffled thump and didn’t move; he whimpered as his arm throbbed with pain, he’d landed right on it. He swallowed back tears and sat up, cradling his bruised arm to his chest. He looked down at it and poked the limb; then he rubbed it and decided to stand up, his dad wouldn’t want to see him sad.

Xander looked around the room, he frowned in confusion, “Oh,” he was gonna be in lots of trouble now, he wasn’t in bed, he wasn't even in the house. The thought was quickly forgotten as he caught sight of a refrigerator…well, it was a lot bigger than his parent’s refrigerator but it really did look like one; and those things always had food in them.

He rushed over to the huge metal box and tugged the door open…then his face fell as he saw that it was full of boxes. He closed the door and scowled as his tummy rumbled with hunger.

“Stupid ‘fridge, why would anyone put boxes in there?” he pouted as he turned around. “I’m in a kitchen, there’s ‘posed to be loads of things to eat ‘round here."

But, then he thought about his own house and shook his head; maybe not.

He looked around him and blinked as he saw boxes with pictures of food on them.

He padded over to a box that was already open, he grasped the edge of the box; hoisted himself up and peered inside and saw piles of fruitcake neatly stacked together. He gaped at it all hungrily and then reached inside; when he failed to reach a packet and pulled himself up further using the box's edge and made a fierce attempt at grabbing one.

“Wah!” he fell into the box, arms flailing and landed on the cakes, the cakes squished underneath him as he looked at the inner walls of the box; he sat up quickly and grinned, laughing, “Cake! All for me!”

He grabbed one of the cakes that weren't too squashed and ripped at the packaging, a big, huge grin plastered across his face.


Teal’c was a big guy physically, not with fat, but muscle and big bones, but that was beside the point. Point was, he was big and usually the bigger people were the more they ate and he was no exception. Jaffa or no.

The Jaffa pushed open the doors to the mess hall, otherwise known as the commissary which was where the food was kept; now, he would never admit it but his stomach was growling with hunger, he needed nourishment. The clock on the wall indicated that it was a half hour before everyone else started entering the mess hall; he grinned inwardly and made a beeline for the kitchens.

His friends were otherwise occupied and were unable to follow; Daniel Jackson was immersed in his artefacts, Major Carter was just finishing her latest experiment and said that she would catch up to him whilst Jack O’Neill was talking to General Hammond; so for the time being he was to eat alone.

He stopped suddenly, very alert to the slightest noise when he heard a mumble, he walked further into the kitchen and listened for the noise again; he strained to hear but there was nothing. Most strange, he raised an eyebrow slightly and was about to turn away when he heard a loud rustling.

He tensed, ready for a fight; he leapt towards the open box gracefully and then stopped. There was a dark-haired child with his fingers stuck in his mouth, he looked as if he had paused in mid-chew, his big brown…eye was carefully fixed on Teal’c as the large man towered over him.

Teal’c studied the young boy curiously, then he asked, “What is your purpose here and where are your mother and father?” he watched as the boy slowly pulled his fingers out of his mouth and gave him a blank look.

His face was covered in fruitcake and raisins.

Suddenly the boy grinned and leapt up from his seated position, “Hi!” his small, food-covered hands grasped the rim of the cardboard box firmly. He paused and a shy look came onto his face, he stooped down and came up seconds later holding a handful of fruitcake. “I’m not hungry no more, you can have it. Cake makes peoples happy and you look kinda grumpy.”

Grumpy? Teal’c, astonished, raised an eyebrow. The boy just grinned wider.

Most strange indeed.


“All I’m sayin’, General-” Jack O’Neill was interrupted when a knock came at the closed door of General Hammond’s office. He sighed inwardly, if that was Carter with more science-babble, he was gonna-

“Come in,” called the balding man as he looked away from the only other person present in the office.

The door opened and an airman walked in with a redheaded girl firmly attached to him, “General Hammond, I found her walking around the halls. Don’t know how she got here.”

Speechless didn’t cover it; he looked at his SO and saw that he looked as confused as he felt.

“W…well, is she a threat to base?” he asked dubiously.

The airman glanced at the little kid, who blinked nervously at them, and then back up at the general, “No, sir. I doubt it.”

Did she come through the ‘gate? Or was she from earth, maybe she just walked into the base out of curiosity. No way, that would be impossible, there were guards outside the complex; Jack looked at the airman, “Does the kid know?”

The airman frowned, “I doubt that, sir. She was pretty confused and upset back there.” he hitched the kid up higher and smiled at her.

Jack sighed, crazy stuff was always happening in this base. But this was stranger than normal…at least to him, anyway. He walked over to the pair and peered at the child; she wore a grey, pink-striped tracksuit; brightly-coloured sneakers and had long red hair tied into two plaits which were pulled away from her cute face.

He heard the child sniffle, then she pulled away from the airman slightly and turned to look at Jack; she glared at him defiantly, green eyes dark with anger.

“You better let me go!” she warned them with a level of seriousness that few children possess. “I mean it, if you don’t I’ll scream and you’ll get into lots of trouble; so you can’t send me to the general ‘cause I wasn’t being bad.”

Pale face reddened with pent up anger, she finishing rambling and continued glaring at them all mutinously.

Jack blinked in confusion, huh?

General Hammond went up to the child, his face was already softening as he looked at the half angry, half scared expression; no doubt reminding him of his granddaughters, Tessa and Kayla.

“What’s your name?” he asked gently.

The redhead looked silently at him for a few moments with a conflicted look on her face, “W-Willow…a-and I wasn’t being bad so you shouldn’t send me to the general, that’s not fair.”

Didn’t she know that-

“Willow, I am the General,” he informed her kindly. “And you’re not in any trouble, we just want to find out how you got into our base.”

He seconded that! The security here wasn’t dreadful enough that a kid got in undetected.

Actually it was of the highest security…mostly.

Willow licked her lips, “A base?”

Hammond replied to that, “A military base, a secret one at that.”

A damn secret one.

Jack nodded and asked, “Y’know, this base doesn’t let just anyone in, there are people outside, and in, this base that stop people- a-and kids- that aren’t supposed to be in here from getting inside this place.”

And out, he added silently.

Hammond nodded, “Exactly, you’re not in any trouble. We just want to know if you remember how you got into our base."

She shook her head, “I don’t know; it’s quite strange really. I just…woke up here!” she smiled at the sheepishly, looking a little more relaxed but still wary. “But I don’t know anything, so, can I go now?” her small, pale hand tugged at her tracksuit sweater anxiously.

She just woke up inside their high security base? What the hell-

They turned to the door again as it opened for the second time in the last half hour; they heard it before the door had even been fully opened.

“Catch me! Catch me if ya can!” a little boy’s laughter hit their ears before they saw that Teal’c was restraining a young boy half-heartedly as the little guy jumped up and down like Tigger on Speed. “Aww, you got me! Well, we can play again…right? Right?”

Willow’s face lit up into a huge grin, “XANDER!”

A pause, then the boy stopped still and a grin spread across his face as he turned and looked up at the redhead, “WILLOW!”

The General looked amazed and confused…maybe a little angry too.

Two kids!? Jack sighed wearily. “For crying out loud.”
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