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Where is the Justice? Where is the Punishment?

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Summary: Response to TheLaughingMan challenge/ Xander goes as a gun wielding vigilante for Halloween and is given the nightmares of that vigilante by the God of Punishment. (Now Revised)

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
Marvel Universe > Punisher, The
banditobaneFR1821,7460138,43429 Jun 0812 Aug 08No

The Morning After Punishment

This is the begining to a story, that will also involve Charmed and Death Note.

Disclamer: I don't own any of these characters they all belong to their respected crators.

Betareaders: strangevistor7 and idontlikegravy

November 1
Harris Residence

Xander sat on his bed looking at the shirt he had worn last night as it hung on the back of the chair. The white skull gave the impression that it was staring back at him, piercing his very soul. He forced himself to look away but this only brought his gaze to the modified 1911 Colts. They were once plastic toys, now they were very real and they had already claimed one life.

‘Pick them up,’ the voice that had been guiding him since last night said, ‘Pick them up and bring punishment to those who deserve it.’

“Shut up,” Xander said clutching his head, “You’re not real.”

‘Really, then how do you explain the blood on your hands? You killed a man in cold blood just because you knew it was the right thing to do. Was that also a not real?’

Xander’s mind went back to night before. He had indeed killed a man with no remorse what so ever. That night that The Punisher walked the Hellmouth.


A battered Ethan Rayne looked at the figure that stood over him. The boy who had purchased the shirt of the Punisher and the toy guns loomed over him a completely different person then he was this afternoon. His face was a deathly pale giving him the illusion that he may have been one of the living dead. He held himself like a disciplined solider, yet with the edge of psychopath. His eye were as cold and uncaring as death itself.

The boy picked him up the scruff of his neck and pinned to wall.

“Now tell me,” The boy said in an emotionless voice, “How do I stop this before I start getting creative?”

Ethan had heard of the character. He knew that what ever Ripper was going to do him to make him talk would pale in comparison to what the infamous Punisher would do to him.

“The bust,” he uttered, “You must break the bust.”

Ethan pointed at the mini statue of Janus. The boy turned around and saw the bust of the Roman deity. The boy dumped him unceremoniously on the floor and pulled out his guns. Ethan looked up into the barrel of one the guns. Ethan began to panic. The cold stare of the boy gave him just before the bullet ended his days in the world of the living. Frank didn’t look back as the body slide to the ground dead. This was a night he wanted over. A sick man had used magic to turn civilians into their costumes and they had torn up the town. But really got to him was what that most of the victims were just kids. Frank had been determined to find out who was behind this and punish them and now he had.

The Punisher aimed both 1911 Colts at the bust and opened fired shattering the bust. With the spell broken a wave nausea hit Frank forcing him to his knees, squeezing his eyes shut Frank felt himself ripped from the body he had been using leavening behind a very confused Xander Harris. Xander looked at the guns in each hand worried why the feel of the weapons felt so comforting. A horrified scream caught his attention, in a split second he was on his feet both guns aimed and ready.

In the doorway stood a scared Cordelia and shocked Giles. The Watcher’s gaze was focused behind Xander. Slowly turning around he saw the body of the chaos mage.

“My god Xander,” Giles whispered, “What have you done?”

-------End Flashback------

Xander ran his hand through his face. The voice was right, he had killed a man and he had thought it was the right thing to do. But above all else he enjoyed it.

“Get your lazy ass up.” He heard his father call from the hall.

Without replying Xander automatically got up and began to get dressed. Putting on a pair of black cargos his went back to the shirt of The Punisher. The eyes now seemed to be calling him. Without another thought he slipped it on, he put a black button up shirt over it and closed the shirt to hide the symbol. Putting a pair of black work boots he picked up his satchel and left his room.

Walking out into the hall he saw his father coming towards him. Tony Harris had always been a bully and Xander had always been afraid of him. But now all he saw was a pathetic piece of shit who got his jollies from drinking and beating on people weaker then him. Men like him needed to be punished.

‘Did I just think that?’ Xander thought. Turning back to Tony he felt a little bit of The Punisher slip into his being. He tried to fight it as began to put his body on auto-pilot letting Frank take the driver seat.

Tony Harris stopped in the middle of the hall when he noticed his son glaring at him with eyes as cold as death.

“What‘re you lookin’ at boy?” the elder Harris demanded.

“A worthless piece of shit, that isn’t even worth my time.”

“What’d you say to me?” Tony yelled.

At the end of the hall Xander saw his mother walking out of her bedroom. She must have just woken up after another drinking binge only to see Tony about to extract his authority on their son. Xander had seen what his father did to her, he remembered how she would always care for him while his father never gave a damn. He made her this way, his abuse, both physical and mental, had turned her from a loving mother to a full blown alcoholic.

‘This man needs to be punished.’ The voice in his head told him. ‘The abuse, the neglect, the nights of fearing when he would finally snap and take you two with him when he decides to end it all. Oh, this man deserves to be punished. SO PUNISH HIM NOW!’

“SHUT UP!” Xander yelled,

“Don’t you dare tell me to shut up boy,” Tony said advancing on his son, hand raised to slap the defiance out of Xander’s mouth.

Xander saw the attack coming. On instinct he grabbed Tony’s wrist before it connected to his cheek. Twist the arm in at a painful angel Xander snapped his head forward delivering a massive head-butt to Tony, breaking his nose. Xander fallowed up by delivering a knee to his over stuffed gut. Then he finished him off by throwing him to the ground with a judo hip throw.

Dazed and in pain Tony tried to get back up but got held down by a foot on the back of his neck.

“Now you listen to me,” Xander said through clinched teeth, “You lay a hand on me or mom again and I will make sure you never breathe again. When I get back from school you better be sober, if not I’ll pick up right where I left off,” he said as began to add pressure to the man’s neck. “Am I understood?”

Tony whimpered a yes. He was a pathetic site, he had always been one intimidate people to get his way. It sent a jolt through Xander, that his father, he had transformed into the sniveling coward when faced with someone who wouldn’t back down. It sickened Xander that he was related to the man.

With a disgusted grunt he left the man lying where he was and stalked toward the door. He stopped at when his hand touched the knob. He turned to see his mother wide eyed with fear of him. “That goes for you too mom better sober up before I get home,” he said in a voice colder then a winter night, “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

And with that he left his home heading for school.

‘You should have punished him,’ the voice said once again.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Where is the Justice? Where is the Punishment?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Aug 08.

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