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Harry's Angel

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Summary: Someone feels the Dursley's are less than adequate guardians so The PTB finds a new one for their youngest champion. I don't have a beta so please bare with the mistakes if you would like to beta let me know.

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Chapter One

Authors note: Do not own Buffy/Angel or Harry Potter, and wouldn’t have to get up to go to work in the morning if I did. I’m just playing in their world temporarily. I have seriously messed with the Buffy/Angel timeline to make it fit better with what I have in mind for Harry So your warned right now, seriously AU. Doyle is already dead and Angel didn’t get the ring til much later. This Story has a Buffy/Angel pairing so far. Warning just like my name excessive fluffyness may occure.

Chapter 1

Angel stared down at the ring, visions of so many possibilities racing through his head. Most of these involving a certain petit blond. Whose power over him had very little to with her being a Vampire slayer but more with her being the love of his life. That she would trust him with this powerful artifact said she must have at least some feelings left for him. To be able to move in the sun without being turned into a crispy critter was a temptation he was finding hard to resist. They could have an almost normal relationship if it wasn’t for that pesky happiness clause in the curse that gave him back his soul.

There were very few things that Angel and the demon part of him Angelus agreed on, they both however thought of Buffy as their mate. He couldn’t risk her that way so had to stay away even if he could give her the sun. With a heavy sigh he picked up the rock to destroy the Ring of Amarus.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Angel stiffened and closed his eyes.

“What do you want, or should I say what do they want?” He growled, turning to face the balance demon and all around lap dog of the PTB (better known as the Powers that Be).

Whistler for his part was very worried, the Powers always sent him do talk to their two best but (in his opinion) scariest Champions. Taking a deep breath he decided to just jump right in.

“The Powers have found a little problem with one of their champions.”

“And I should care why?” Angel said tiredly.

“Because he’s six years old.” Whistler then took a hasty step back as Angel started towards him, anger coming off him in waves.

“SIX YEARS OLD!!! HOW COULD THEY DO THAT?” Raged the Vampire coming to a stop just in front of the worried demon.

“There’s a Prophecy.”

“There is always a prophecy.” Scorn dripping from Angel’s voice.

“Um…maybe I should tell it to you.” Whistler said hopefully.

“You do that” Angel sneered, then his eyes widened and he continued before Whistler could start. “Wait! The Powers are willing to tell me the prophecy, not make me look for the proverbial needle in a hay stack?”

“This is a special case, with his age and ….stuff. So, here it is.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…
Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh
month dies…

“That’s all the bad guys know.” Whistler paused to put in before continuing.

And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will
have power the Dark Lord knows not…and either must die
at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other
survives…The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord
will be born as the seventh month dies.

“This was heard just before he was born.” He finished.

“I’m really not seeing where this involves me. So why are you telling me? Dark Lord isn’t that from the Wizarding world?” Angelus had heard of the wizarding world but he preferred his food to be something a little bit easier to intimidate and less likely to kill him with a word. A shiver ran down his spine just thinking the word 'Insendio'. So he had stayed well away from there.

“Yes yes. So it is. But let me continue with this story.” Whistler said impatiently.

“Where was I, oh yes Voldemort that’s what this Dark Lord is calling himself. Having only heard the first half of this prophecy decided to take care of the problem as soon as possible. There were two boys that could fit this. He chose Harry Potter on Halloween night in 1981 he went to their house killed the father, James Potter first. Then found Lily in the nursery and killed her next. Finally he turned his wand on young Harry, but the killing curse bounced off the baby ripping Voldemort’s soul from his body, but not killing him.”

“So he’s still around?” Angel asked.

“Yes, but he’s very weak, shall I continue?” Whistler asks.

“Sure, I suppose you’re really not going to stop now are you?” Angel said resignedly trying not to show that Whistler had caught his attention.

“Well, as you can imagine. There was a whole lot of celebrating going on in the wizard in world but Albus Dumbledore a very powerful bigshot, in that world knew that Voldemort might not be gone. So he took steps to protect young Harry, but he’s not very good at seeing the individual problem and not just the big picture. Lily sacrifice gave Harry very strong protection using very ancient magic. He thought that by placing Harry with her sister. He could carry over that protection using blood wards and many other protections as a powerful wizard, he could put on the House.” Whistler said.

“Bet things didn’t work out the way he thought did they?” Angel questioned with cynicism.

“He may have suspected something, because he left Harry on the doorstep. Not giving Petunia and opportunity to refuse him.” Whistler admitted.

“HE LEFT HIM ON THE DOORSTEP?” Angel was appalled, anything could have happened in that baby before anybody found him.

“Yes, on the doorstep Petunia was not very happy in the morning when she opened the door. She and her husband hate magic, and Harry is a wizard.” Whistler trailed off as Angel started growling.

“Let me guess, they take all of that hate out on a six-year-old child.” He bit out.

“Bingo. Now normally, the powers that be don’t like to interfere, but he is a powerful champion of the light. His aura even tainted by the dark residue of the Killing Curse, is a thing of beauty. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a cute little bugger either. He’s also still young enough that the damage from the neglect and malnutrition can be fixed with good food and the right potions”

“They don’t feed him?” Angel asked. Whistler nodded his head.

“Not much and his room is the cupboard under the stairs.” Angel started pacing at this.

“Are we getting to why you telling me this?” Angel asked impatiently.

“He’s also young enough to keep praying and wishing for someone to rescue him. This has caught D'Hoffrens’ notice.”

“But. But..”

“I know, not his usual gig but the power and the sadness behind the wishes were enough for him to take a peek at the situation. He doesn’t care about humans except to wreck vengeance, which these pleas may turn into one of these days. There is something compelling about this little boy though. So the Powers and D’Hoffren want him out of there with the best protection. They can manage.” Angel raised a brow at that. “That means they want the blood protections if they can get them. There are several distant relations, but they didn’t have what it takes to protect him if needed, that is where you come in. Your a champion also and Harry is your great, great, great, great, great many, many times great-grandson”

Angel was gobsmacked mouth open, eyes bugging, speechless gobsmacked taking a moment to shake off the shock. “No Way! I never married before I was turned.”

Whistler snorted. “You don’t have to be married to have kids, you know.” This was said with some amusement.

Sputtering and embarrassed Angel said. “I know that! But I would have known right? Someone would’ve said something, wouldn’t they?”

“Maybe not, from what I heard your policy at the time. Was anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

Angel looked outraged. “It was not!”

“Okay, anyone female, anywhere, anytime.”

Angel opened his mouth and closed it again, looking a bit sheepish said. “Well, maybe I was a little wild in my youth.”

Whistler snorted and muttered something that sounded like “and the ocean has a little water.”

“My grandson.” He whispered. “The blood connection has to be weak after so long is it enough?”

“We think because it is a direct line, and there are several instances of two of your line marrying each other periodically, that will help.”

“What do we have to do? I want him out of there.” Angel had already decided to help the boy, even before he found out about the grandson part. That part of it that made it just that much more urgent.

“Well, D’Hoffren wants your soul perminately attached so you can’t go all Angelus on us.” Whistler started.

“You can do that?” Angel interrupted.

“The Powers Are Going to Offer Little Red some education about her magic in a different dimension, one that runs a little faster than this one, though give her an age inhibitor potion so she should age at the rate she would here no matter how long she’s there. In fact.” Glancing at his watch. “I need to go do that. Why don’t you start packing. Oh, and bring an empty case, that family has never bought him clothes. He wears his cousin’s old things, and there are five times too big.”

Angel growled his game face flashed briefly and Whistler was out of there.


Angel suddenly snapped out of the daze he’d been and since Whistler left. His grandson was coming here. Here! Soon! He turned and headed down to the lobby as fast as he could using all of his vampiric speed and balance as he descended the last staircase, sliding down the banister, standing on it. Yelling all the while “CORDY! WES! GUNN! He’s coming, we need to clean and paint PAINT! Paint fumes are bad for kids right? We should do that right away so they can air out before we go get him. The room right next to mine I think. Furniture! We need new furniture may be a racecar bed. I bet he’d love a racecar bed. Shopping. Who’s up for shopping?”

“Angel?” They all asked at the same time as they came out of various parts of the hotel.

“Yeah, a race car bed, stop signs, or maybe cowboys we’ll need a saddle.”

“Angel!” Cordy shouted to get his attention Angel stopped and looked at his bewildered friends.

“Who’s coming?” And then a startled look and “need what!”

“My grandson is coming to live with us.” Was the even more startling answer.

“That can’t be right, weren’t you turned about 400 years ago.” Wes asked.

“I Am Not 400 years old.” Was the indignant reply.

“My mistake.” Smirked Wes “even so, there are no records of you having children before you were turned and certainly no records of you turning your own grandson.”

“I did not turn my grandson.” Angel sent to death glare at Wes.

“Well, he’d have to be 200 or more years old. How’d he do that?” Cordy asked

Angel sighed and said in a low voice counting on his fingers. “He is my great, great, great, great, great.”

“Okay, okay, we get the picture.” Gunn said.

“Great and many more grandson.” Angel finished.

“Are you sure? He may be some scam artist. I mean, that was a long time ago, and there is no record of you marrying and having any children.” Wes said.

Angel gave him a look and then said like he hadn’t said the same thing earlier. “You don’t have to be married to have children.” Wes blushed and stammered out “I know that.” Angel held up a hand before anything else can be said and mumbled out. “I may have been a little bit wild back then.”

Cordy grinned at that and raised a brow. “A little?” She asked.

“Okay, I was a wild child, there are you happy.” All of them sniggered and said yes.

“Even so, how can you be sure? Especially with no marriage record. It was a long long time ago.” Wes went on.

“Would you quit saying that!” Angel yelped, clearing his throat he went on.” The powers are bringing a genealogy so that we can confirm a few things.” The other started looking worried.

“And he said racecar bed” interrupted Wes.

“And Cowboys” put in Gunn.

“Just how old is your grandson?” Wes asked


“Six! What is a six-year-old have to do with the Powers That Be and why is he coming here?” Cordy asks.

Here Angel looked sad and worried. “He is a champion of the light.” Holding up a hand to stop the protests and the questions. He went on to tell Harry story.

“We’d better go shopping!” Cordy turned to the office. “Things have to be ready for when we go get him. When are we going?” Wes was still mumbling over what he had heard slowly putting them together with rumors around the council a few years ago. He really didn’t like what he was coming up with deciding to set that aside for now. He headed out with the rest to make a place for the boy in their somewhat strange family.


“EEP!” Willow started as a funny dressed man popped into the dorm with Buffy and her.

Buffy groaned, and then sneered. “So how do the Powers want to screw up my life now Whistler?”

“It’s not always about you Slayer” Whistler said with some trepidation.

“They have an offer for the little red witch here. In relation to the situation with Angel.”

“What! What do they want with Willow? Is Angel okay? Do I need to go to LA? What offer? What situation?” Buffy shouted jumping up. Whistler held out his hands in a calm down; don’t hurt me kind of way.

“Whoa, whoa, Slayer!” Backing up a bit “Angel is fine. It has to do with his great, great, great, great,”

“Enough with the greats.” Buffy said.

“And many more greats, grandson.” He finished. Buffy sat abruptly.

“He had kids? I didn’t think he ever got married.” She said in a small voice.

Willow sniggered and snorted, Whistler laughed and said “that’s what he said, ‘but I have never been married!’ I had to remind him. You don’t need to be married to have kids.”

“Oh yeah! I knew that.” Said a blushing Buffy clearing her throat, she tried to redirect the conversation. “So what’s the sitch and what does that have to do with Willow?”

“Yeah!” Said Willow, nodding her head.

“Well, there are several reasons Willow is involved. One is because she is the one who put the curse back on Angelus and that means that she is the best person to permanently attached his soul.”

“You can do that?” Buffy asked Hope blooming in her eyes.

“If Willow was trained right.” Whistler nodded. “That is our offer.” Looking at Willow. “The powers are offering magical education, in another dimension. One that runs at a faster rate than this one.” He saw Buffy begin to object, since she had been in one of those and Angel had been to one that was a Hell dimension. “This is not a Hell dimension.” He stated quickly. “She’ll also be given a potion to make her age at the same rate of this dimension.”

Buffy sat back and looked at Willow. “You said that there were several reasons.” Willow reminded him.

“Well, there is a reason we haven’t told Angel yet.” He paused. “You can tell them if you want.” He paused again.

“That would be… What?” Willow prompted

“You’re also one of his great, great, great…”

“Enough with the greats!” Buffy interrupted again.

“Great grandkids.” He finished.

Willow looked startled, and then started giggling. “I am sooo… going to call him grandpa”

Buffy sat in stunned silence for a moment as the shock of what Whistler had said faded. What Willow just said filtered in. Buffy choked, and then fell over giggling with Willow. Whistler smirked, rolled his eyes and waited for the girls to calm down.

Catching her breath and wiping her eyes Willow started to calm down Buffy right behind her.

“So what is the reason for all of this?” Willow asked.

“Angel’s grandson is a champion of the light, but there have been some complications recently.” Whistler started to explain.

“This still doesn’t explain what the powers want. I mean it’s usually Hi, you’re a champion now you’re on your own. So why are they doing this? Because gotta tell ya this sounds like helping, which they almost never do.”

“Hey! They help” he tried to defend his bosses. Buffy raised a brow and Willow rolled her eyes.

“Okay becausehe’ssixyearsold.” He mumbled, Buffy was going to have him repeat that, but Willow, who had mastered the art of babble and mumble speak yelled.

“SIX YEARS OLD! How could they do that? What were they thinking?”

Whistler tried to calm down, the ladies then went on to repeat Harry story. Leaving both wiping away tears and sniffling. Growing anger at the Dursley’s was evident in both of the young women.

“When are we getting him out? How are we getting there? Are Angels and Willows distant blood ties, enough? Are you sure that Willow won’t come back for magic training a hundred years old? How long in this dimension will she be gone if she agrees? Will they be nice to her? Will they take care of her and be extra careful of any dangerous stuff?” Buffy paused as Willow started to giggle again, because of Buffy’s great imitation of Willow babble.

Willow looked over at the bemused Balance Demon and raised a brow. “Well?”

“Yes. Well… um, we’ll go just as soon as Willow returns and anchors Angel soul.” Pausing to think of the questions “Willow may be able to transport us at that point. If not, we will arrange for passports and airline tickets. They will give her an age inhibiting potion; she’ll come back, much like she left, except for the training. The potion will even deal with maturity, says she will still be in the Willow, you know, just more…..” he paused awkwardly. “Just more aware and in control of her powers.

“I’ll do it.” Willow said firmly, setting up straighter.

“He still hasn’t said how long in this dimension. You’ll be gone or if they’ll be nice to you.” Buffy reminded both of them.

“I think it will be like here, only with magic. A mentor has been arranged. I’m sure she’ll be fine, and if she leaves in the next hour. She should be back tomorrow evening at the latest. Oh, and the blood tie, if they both live there. It would be best, but we think even with one it should work.”

Buffy looked at Willow. “We’ll talk about that when you get back.” She says seriously. “Now let’s get you packed.”


After seeing Willow off Buffy decided to try to get some sleep. She really didn’t think that she would be able to, but the more she slept the less time there would be for her to worry about Willow. Once in bed, sleep came surprisingly easy. It however was not a natural sleep, and soon on the same desert scape she had met Faith the last time. She now stood facing Faith all the anger, jealousy and hurt were clear on the other slayer’s face. Within animalistic snarl, Faith lunged for Buffy.

And so they danced, feet and hands moving at superhuman speed, they became a blur of motion as they hit, kicked, spun, flipped. They fought for hours back-and-forth never speaking, as they worked out their rage and resentment of each other. Finally, they collapsed exhausted, leaning back to back and slowly began to speak about their past. About their expectations that were shattered, about their sorrow for friendship that should have been. They made their peace, and Buffy began to explain the new situation and that Faith would have a chance to become the slayer she should’ve been. When Buffy woke the next morning, she had tears rolling down her face and for the first time. She felt that she and Faith had a chance of working together, and maybe even becoming friends. It would take time, but she felt it may be worth it.


That evening, Buffy paced up and down the dorm waiting for her friend to return. Scared that she would be beyond her now and not want to be friends. Despite what Whistler had said she had already packed. So they could leave as soon as possible. She really didn’t like the idea of Harry being there with those people any longer than absolutely necessary. There was a soft pop behind her, making her whirl around and then a very Willow like squeal and rib cracking hug (thank God for slayer healing).

“I missed you, I missed you oh Goddess I’m glad to be back.” Willow chanted over and over.

“Air Willow, air becoming an issue here.” Panted Buffy, but still hugging her friend, though careful of her slayer strength.

“Sorry, it’s just; you wouldn’t believe how long it’s been for me. I was so homesick at times. I didn’t think I could make it. I’m just so glad to be back.” Willow said with tears in her eyes.

“I was so worried Willow, I know it hasn’t been that long here. But I worried every minute you were gone. I am so glad to have my Willow shaped friend back. Do you need to rest? Are you hungry?” Buffy says still holding her friend.

“No, no. I’m fine, let’s get this show on the road. I’m anxious to get Harry out of there so we need to go tell the others what we are going to do. If I know them, they’ll want to come with us. So we’ll have to ask, who be taking care of Hellmouth while were away even if it is just for a little while.”

Just as she finished saying that Whistler pop back in causing both girls to jump and the slayer’s reaction to being startled is just not healthy for the one doing the startling. Luckily, Buffy was able to stop herself before doing any damage. “Okay, the powers have a few more things to tell you before you can go since they anticipated that your watcher and the White Knight would want to go with you. They have been working on rehabilitating the dark slayer, sending her into some intense slayer dreams.”

Buffy snorted. “You’re telling me. When I finally got to sleep last night they threw me in there to. Faith and I were able to work out many of the problems we’ve had and many of the reasons she turned to the Mayor, though there was very little of this psychobabble crap and a lot more of knockdown drag out fights. But with a nice combination of both, we were able to come to terms. Though without the slayer dream advantage, I think it may take a little more time for the rest of them to accept her.”

Willow looked at Buffy worrying her bottom lip and asked. “Are you sure? Do you trust her with the Hellmouth?”

Buffy nodded. “I’m sure it was a very long night. I think the powers may have played with time, in there also. But we worked it out.” She looked over at Whistler for confirmation.

He was nodding. “They didn’t actually tell me anything, but I am pretty sure that’s what happened now. Why don’t we go get this over? So I don’t have to tell the story again.”


With the Scooby gang all assembled at Magic box Whistler went through his story one more time before leaving them to talk about it with each other. Buffy and Willow were concerned about how Xander was taking things considering his own family life was less than ideal. The usually calm Oz seemed to be actually growling very lowly and Ripper was coming out in Giles reaction.

“I take it. We are going to accompany Angel to pick up Harry.” Giles said.

“Yep but after we get Angel we need to stop off in Vegas first.” Buffy said, trying for wide innocent eyes.

“Why do we need to go there?” Xander put in puzzled.

“You wouldn’t want me to be an unwed mother now would you?” Xander’s eyes widened in absolute horror at the implication of that.

“Oh no, no, no, no. There is no way that you just said you were marrying Deadboy.” Xander said shaking his head furiously

“Oh dear lord.” Giles said furiously, polishing his glasses. Oz just snickered then gave Buffy a nod of approval.

“Whistler said that they could permanently anchor Angel soul. This takes away most of his excuses for staying away. We will have to work something out, because I don’t think that it would be a good idea to raise a magical Child especially a champion of light on a Hellmouth. I never really stopped loving him, and I want this chance.” Buffy looked at her friends, pleading for them to understand. Willow and Oz both understood. She could see though, that Xander would take a lot longer and maybe never understand. But she new eventually he would grudgingly accept the situation.

Giles, who had been tortured by Angelus, would try to except his slayers love of a vampire, but it might take some time for him to separate Angel from Angelus. For now, however, she thought he knew their highest priority was to get Harry away from his current guardians.

“Well, when we get to the Hypirian we need to go over the genealogies to make sure that the blood tie is enough to protect Harry. We also need some sort of plan for getting him out of there legally, with as little trouble as possible. There is all sorts of things that can go wrong if they don’t want to give him up or if they beat him up. Or if those wizards won’t let us take him.” Willow went from intelligent instruction to panic babble at the speed of light, though luckily her friends were used in this.

“Yes yes. That’s all very important, however, we must address what will happen to the Hellmouth while we’re gone.” Giles reminded everyone.

“Last night I had a slayer dream.” But she stated firmly to let them know she was very serious. “In the dream Faith and I were able to work out our differences and come to an understanding of how and why things happened the way they did. The powers have worked very hard to help Faith to overcome her past. They feel that she can be left in charge of the hellmouth with only a little help from me.”

“But she’s evil!” Xander put in.

“We didn’t help the situation any” Buffy reminded everyone. And then went on to explain some things “Giles, how old is the average slayer when they are first called?”

“Usually somewhere between 14 and 16 years old. Never more than 18” Giles stated, his eyes widening as sudden understanding came to him. “Oh dear lord what did we do.” Willow and Oz had both caught on and looked very sad.

“What? What did we do?” Xander had yet to catch on.

“Why did we treat Faith as an adult? We never asked where she was staying. We never offered to let her stay with us like we did Kendra. And yet she was only 15 years old when she arrived here. We helped create the situation we should help solve it.” Buffy glared at all of those around. She wanted to remind everyone that they were all partially responsible for what happened.

Understanding hit Xander with the dawning horror. “Oh my God, I… we this is so not of the good.” Xander was blushing horribly by this time, but resolved that he and Faith seriously needed to sit down and talk soon. Anya narrowed her eyes at her boyfriend. Not liking what she thought might be going on.

“Why is your face red? You’re not thinking of having orgasms with her are you? You’re only supposed to do that with me now.” Anya said with her usual lack of tact this caused Xander to go even more red in the face.

“Something happened a long time ago, that Faith and I need to talk about something from before we started dating. So you have nothing to worry about.” Xander tried to reassure her that made everyone very curious. This called for diversionary tactics. “So where is she going to live now? And how is the council going to take this? Haven’t they already tried to kill her once?”

“I have to go and explain things to my mother so I thought that I would ask if Faith could stay there, while I was at it. I don’t think that the council is going to be happy with this.” Buffy looked over at Giles for his opinion.

“They won’t be happy with this at all. They feel that there will now be two slayers that are not under their control. They will in all likelihood, try to change that no matter what Whistler may have to say about what the Powers want.” Giles agreed.

“Buffy and I are already packed.” Willow said. “Why don’t the rest of you go get packed while Buffy and I make some arrangements to make getting Harry out of there easier. We can use the computer to line up lawyers, social workers and adoption papers. They should help out.” The hacker smiled evilly.

“Will, you know I won’t be much help to you when it comes to the computer. Besides, I want to be there when Faith wakes up. So I’ll head over to the hospital before I go home and talk to mom.” Buffy reminded Willow.

“I’ll head over there with you it won’t take much for me to pack. Just throw a couple of shirts in a bag. No big” Xander told Buffy.
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