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Summary: One Paternity Test, a family changed forever.

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Supernatural > Faith-CenteredChosenfireFR1319440122,1352 Jul 082 Jul 08No
Title: Paternity
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 913
Warning: Language
Challenge: Challenge 1 Round 1 Robots and/or Technology at spn_twisted
Spoilers: BtVS season 3, SPN season 1
Summary: One Paternity Test, a family changed forever.

A/N: I wrote this awhile back and forgot all about. This is a one-shot. Please read and review :D

Chapter 1 Belonging

John Winchester paced on the hospital floor glancing over every now and than at the two little boys that lay asleep on the surprisingly comfortable couch. Sam was four years old and chubby as hell, needed a haircut too, John could make out the brown curls sticking out from under his brother’s arm.

Dean was eight and was starting to lose the chubbiness he teased Sammy about looking too small and too skinny and also needing a haircut dark blond hair curling slightly around his ears.

His body was curved towards Sammy’s protecting his baby brother from anything that might come their way and his arm was tight around the kid keeping him close.

John dragged a hand through his hair sinking down into the seat across from his boys his hands clasped before him. A passerby might assume he was praying but John Winchester stopped praying a long time ago. He clasped his fingers together because it was easier than reaching for his gun.

He had never shoot an innocent and he had never so much as raised a hand to a woman but he had been tempted when the cruel bitch had shown up at his motel door and dropped her bombshell.

He would have gladly lived the rest of his life not knowing the pretty brunette he had had a fling with nearly three years ago had a bloodthirsty sister. He had almost had to drag her as to the hospital to prove the shrew wasn’t lying through her teeth just to get a pay day for what she called care.

“Mr. Winchester.” One of the doctors approached him and in the past week he had spent far too much time in this hospital. He stood sparring a not so subtle glare for the venomous hag at the doctor’s side and indicated where his son’s were sleeping.

The doctor nodded and they moved down the hall John crossing his arms defiantly.


“The Paternity test results have come back,” the doctor told him in that even tone that always set him on edge “Faith Marie Lehane is withouta doubt your daughter.” John looked down at the file in his hand stunned ignoring the meaningless information and latching onto the proof.

His eyes moved to the little two year old the hag had beside her keeping the tired girl up with a firm hand looking disgusted.

“Thank you doctor.” John sighed “Me and my family need some privacy.”

“Of course.” the doctor nodded and walked away.

John turned to the bitch remembering her name was Tina and grimaced burying his hands in his pockets.

Tina Lehane had told him that her slut of a sister had been killed in a car crash three months before and left her with the little brat that she claimed was John’s daughter, John hadn’t taken her word for it and had insisted on a DNA test.

“Fill out the paperwork, give me my money, and you can have your little girl.” the bit- Tina smiled oh-so-sweetly and John gritted his teeth.

“Fine.” he muttered digging out a wad of cash and handing it over, she grabbed it eagerly and passed over the kid stuffing the money into her purse and walking away with a second glance for her niece.

John sighed rubbing his eyes and kneeled down in front of the dark haired dark eyes toddler his voice softening “Looks like you’re stuck with me darling, seems I’m your daddy, I don’t know much about little girls but we can learn as he go kay?”

She studied him intensely before nodding slightly her voice soft “Kay.” her hand wrapped around his tight and scared and he squeezed it reassuringly walking her over to the couch “Those two lazy boys are your big brothers.”

14 Years Later...

“Faith,” her dad yelled from outside “move your ass.”

The dark haired teen rolled her eyes tossing the rest of her clothes into the extra bag her fingers tracing the Paternity Test her dad had given her for her birthday after they had had a fight the night before and she had said some pretty hateful things. They had been along the line of your not my dad and they next day he had shoved them at her telling her that was all the proof he had needed and it should be enough for her.

“Faithy come on, Dad wants to make it by morning.” her big brother Dean came into her hotel room reaching for the dagger he had given her for the special day passing it over and she grinned.

“The Hellmouth can wait Deano,” she gave him a sassy smile that he had taught her “it’s not like they don’t already have a Slayer.” When the Council had told them Faith was a Slayer they had tried to stick some tough British chick on her, her dad had had none of it and they had worked out a deal were he was her temporary Watcher, apparently another was waiting on the Hellmouth and already had a Slayer.

That was the only reason they were going, that and Sammy was about to run in that direction anyway, their father had finally relented and told Mr. Uptight Sunnydale had a college too.

Faith zipped up her bag “Alright lead the way Sparky.” she grinned and her oh-so-grown-up brother glared as they headed out to the cars Faith slipping their dad’s truck while Dean and Sam settled into the Impala.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Paternity" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Jul 08.

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