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Above and Beyond

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Summary: Sam follows Dean into the Sunnydale crater to retrieve a robot. Dean hands over the Buffybot to its inspiration.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterChosenfireFR1321,697062,3862 Jul 082 Jul 08Yes

Above and Beyond

Title: Above and Beyond
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1000
Challenge: Week 1 Robots and/or Technology at spn_twsited
Spoilers: BtVS post Chosen, SPN season 2
Summary: Sam follows Dean into the Sunnydale crater to retrieve a robot.


A/N: So I have hit a huge block lately but I am attempting to work through it, thank god these only have to be 500 words or more, still wrote the more part. I took the obvious route and am incorporating the Buffybot lol. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Growing up as a Winchester Sam had seen a done some pretty crazy things. For a second or two he had even believed he was used to it but it was reassuring to know that he still found some things down right stupid.

Something cracked under his boot and he fervently hoped it was glass as he followed Dean into the small and dark tunnel ahead of him flashlight illuminating the leather clad back of his lacking in common sense sibling.

Dean had gotten a phone call and the middle of the night from some girl he had meet while Sam was at Stanford and they had been on the road as the sun had just began to rise heading for a former small town in California.

Former because the town wasn’t so much of a town now as a giant crater in the middle of the earth that everyone avoided.

Except the dozen or so rented cops they had had to dodge to find a way down.

Sunnydale, CA.

While Dean practically slept with their Dad’s journal Sam had flipped through it enough times to know that this place had been and probably still was bad news. Violent and frequent deaths and before it had sunken into the earth every baddies favorite party town.

Surprisingly their dad had made a notation that it had its own hunter and they had avoided the place.

Sam had found out that that Hunter was some super powered hot little blond that his brother had been hooking up with on and off for years and even when they were off she had easily still talked Dean into getting something for her she had left behind.

“So what are we looking for exactly?” Sam asked softly choosing to keep his voice at a level that didn’t have the beam overhead crashing down on him.

“We’re not looking for anything,” Dean grunted as he pushed what looked to be a fender out of his way “you’re watching my back and I’m doing the searching.”

Sam rolled his eyes and moved the light over the debris in front of him watching his step and he could see what used to be the structure of a house and what looked like what was left of a couch.

Light flooded the dark space and he blinked turning to see Dean crouching down putting a lantern on the ground. Sam approached him quietly from behind watching as he stuffed a few broken pictures into one of the duffle bags.

“I don’t think Buffy would have sent us here just to get pictures Dean.” Sam was skeptical.

“There of her mom,” Dean reached for another placing it gently with the rest adding a broken statue “she’s dead and they had to get out of here pretty fast so they couldn’t grab much.”

Sam’s smile was soft “That’s why we have the extra bags.”

Dean gave a curt nod and stood up shifting through the remains of what had once been a home pulling out small items of only emotional value and that was how he knew his brother truly cared. Dean couldn’t fence of this stuff so he must have cared, still did.

Dean placed the two small duffle bags he had filled by Sam and reached for the larger bag his brother had. Sam passed it to him and Dean slung it on his shoulder.

Sam hefted the other bags on followed Dean into a steeper level that must have been the basement. He watched as Dean kicked a couple of boxes out of the way and pulled out a cracked wooden crate pulling it to the middle of the floor. With one of the broken pipes on the ground Dean grunted as he pried off the lid and Sam’s eyes widened as he looked at what must have the grand prize.

“Is that...” he breathed softly unable to suppress the small shudder run through him that was pure geek.

This time Dean’s smirk was genuine “A robot Sammy. a little worse for wear but still hot.”

It was so real looking, smooth tan skin, beautiful blond curls, even the dark eyelashes that rested against her cheeks made it look like it was a girl that was just sleeping. The proof that it was a robot was the fact that where the arms and legs should be were ragged wires and under some parts of the ‘skin’ Sam could see machine.

With gentle hands Dean lifted the robot and stuffed it into the larger duffle bag explaining “Someone made a Buffybot, Willow reprogrammed her to help hide the fact that Buffy was dead for a couple of months but the thing got torn to pieces, too much damage to repair.”

Having a million questions Sam choose one and shoot “So why not leave it here if it doesn’t work?”

Dean zipped up the bag grinning “Cause Sammy boy even though Blondie is out of commission doesn’t mean all that programming and information is gone, Will reckons if the right nasty bastard got its hands on the thing then it could use wires here to make a move against Buffy.” His voice was chillingly “What better way to kill the Slayer then to know her every weakness, to know what makes her tick.”

“So they called you.”

Dean smirked “We were in the neighborhood.” Sam knew that was a lie seeing as how that were in the Midwest at the Texas at the time but Dean didn’t give him a chance to argue and Sam scrambled to keep up with his brother the two bags he carried making maneuvering through the mess even more difficult.

He smiled as he followed Dean, his brother could reason away the robot, protecting a fellow Hunter in all but the personal items were going beyond and Sam would wait for the right moment to bring it up again.

Right now he just wanted to get back where the sun shined and reek of death didn’t nearly suffocate him.
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