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My Summer Vacation

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Summary: The Dursley's take Harry with them on Vacation. They really want him to meet Anita's Wolves

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Anita Blake > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Harry PotterfluffybunnyFR1828,311185512,2363 Jul 0830 Aug 08No

Chapter 2

Authors Note: A short chapter, but I was feeling bad about the wait. As usual I don’t own anything in either universe.

Chapter 2

The Auror turned to Anita. “We need to get Mr. Potter to the hospital as fast as possible. Do you wish to come with us?”

“Of course, I’m not letting him out of my sight until we get some answers” Anita said firmly with just an edge of the anger in her voice. At that point Harry finally lost his battle to stay conscious so missed Anita’s reaction to port key travel which almost cost the American wizard his life.

When Anita recovered from that form of travel, she noticed the activity around her and made sure she wasn’t separated from the battered boy. These people with sticks seem to just take over. They did allow her to stay with him even while they worked on him; that was very strange to watch.

Before she could do much more than blink they were rushed into a room where a woman started running her wand up and down the boy barking out questions at them. When he told her how many potions he had already given the boy alarm briefly flashed over her face before her professionalism clicked in.

“Mr. Potter expressed an interest in charging his relatives in a non-magical court.” He stated the healer looked briefly annoyed then nodded. After a brief but intense conversation with another healer who then hurried from the room to return a moment later with a Doctor that Anita at least a recognized and to her shock Dolph from the RIPT and another stranger.

Dolph had a camera with him and took pictures of the boy for evidence and the Doctor made official records to use in court. All this was done in a dizzying speed.

“That will have to do!” Announced the healer

“But we need…” Dolph began. They healer fixed him with a death glare.

“Healer Jones cannot sustain him for much longer and he would not be alive without her doing so.” Many of the stick people looked alarmed at this, looking at the young woman who had at some point started holding Harry’s hand. She did look a bit gray and strained “those who are not healers may speak to each other over there.” Pointing to a seating area in the posh private room Anita, Dolph, the man who brought Anita and the boy here, and the last stranger to enter the room moved to that area.

“What the hell is going on? I was told to grab a camera and then popped, teleported, whatever here. Told to take whatever pictures needed for child abuse case and brought into this room.” Dolph ended in a low voice “child abuse is not what RIPT deals in so why am I here?”

“It is our business when the child in question is very magical,” Anita said.

“Maybe introductions are in order,” the stranger said. “Ms. Blake, we’re aware of your reputation as both U.S. Marshal and Executioner. My name is William Bennett, Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Wizard America.” He said, holding out his hand to Anita.

“Mr. Secretary,” she said shaking his hand, “Wizard?”

“Yes well you see…” he then went on to explain about a separate community of magic. “But you are not strictly a muggle now are you? A muggle is a non magical person. That gives us some gray areas to work with on the statute of secrecy.” Turning to Dolph he went on, “This can be extended to you also as an official dealing with magic related crimes. It really has been just a matter of time before our worlds overlapped in this manner.”

He then pulled out a sheaf of papers. “You will of course have to sign nondisclosure forms. Because of your unique situation this will extend to your Pack and your Pard. Monsieur Jean-Claude will be expected to sign one as well.” He handed her an extra set of papers, and turning to Dolph he handed off more papers in addition “your department and only your department may be informed. The president of the non-magical United States is fully aware of the magical. There are laws and constitutional amendments to protect its secrecy.” Seeing the annoyed looks shared between Anita and Dolph he stated quite sternly “These laws have been in place since the very beginning of this country. Think about how you and your friends are treated by some so called ‘normal’ people. Don’t try to tell me that these laws weren’t necessary. Think of the penalties for magic use now and it becomes even more necessary to hide a community that uses magic for just about everything.”

Anita was angry. She had never been told about these people, but she couldn’t fault their reasons. She could tell Dolph was also agitated, but accepted it as he had been military at one point in time, and understood top secret security. Secretary Bennett went on, “We have our own separate governments, and police force, as you have already witnessed.”

“Senior Auror Tyler,” he said shaking his hand “Aurors are what we call our police force.”

“Now, I need to know what happened tonight, how Mr. Potter is in our country without our knowledge, and how he ended up in this condition,” Secretary Bennett stated.

“Secretary Bennett, Mr. Potter indicated that his relatives were responsible for his current condition.” Tyler said.

Anita looked up from the form she was filling out and confirmed this. “I think they should be detained before they can leave St. Louis.”

“Do we have a name for them?” Secretary Bennett asked.

“Vernon Dursley,” Tyler answered as he looked over to where the healers were still working on the boy. “We really need to talk to him soon.” Just then several people entered the room. One came a directly to Tyler and told him there were four people wanting into see the boy and Anita Blake. He gave the names of Richard, Jason, Shang-da, and Jamil. Anita nodded and said that they were part of her pack. They could answer a few questions about what they saw, even though they shouldn’t be here yet. They must have had only a couple hours of sleep. Two went to the foreign secretary and had a whispered conversation as they handed over a folder.

“How is he?” Richard asked.

“They’re still working on him.” Anita pointed to the activity coming and going from the curtained off area. “But he’s still with us. I had to sign a nondisclosure agreement that pertains to the whole pack.” Seeing Richard frown she went on to explain, “The magics being used by these people are different from anything I have ever seen and apparently there’s a whole community protected by law.” She went on to explain as best she could while keeping an eye on the wizards. She noticed that suddenly Bennett paled dramatically and looked a little sick. He motioned Tyler over for an intense whispered conversation then Tyler too paled and looked over to her group, then back to where they were working on the boy. He seemed to come to a decision and started trying to make his point to the politician. Bennett kept shaking his head no but finally agreed they made their way over to Anita’s group of just as Jason asked

“I’ve never heard of a dragon Were. You would think as big as he was, someone would’ve been seen it by now.” Anita rolled her eyes, “He isn’t a Were and you know it,” she said exasperatedly Jason just gave a cheeky grin having somewhat lessened the tension in the group.

“Harry is what we call in an Animagus,” Tyler explained. “That is a wizard, with the ability to turn into an animal.”

“Here is where we start having some problems.” Bennett put in. “You need to be a moderately powerful wizard with a lot of training and dedication to become one. Quite frankly Mr. Potter is much too young for this to be possible at all, and no one ever as far back as Merlin himself has ever been a dragon animagus. Well, at least none recorded or even rumored.” He considered looking down at the folder than over to Tyler he took a deep breath and started explaining about as some of Harry Potter’s story.

“This dark lord killed his parents then tried to kill him when he was a baby?” Dolph finally spoke back up. He had been very quiet since the lycanthropes had come in. Richard went pale that as he realized the cop was there. He was a teacher and could lose his job if they found out he was a werewolf.

“There is a spell… two words of Avada Kedavra and you’re dead.” Bennett explained quietly he nodded to Tyler who transfigured a plastic cup into a mouse he said the words, green light shot from his wand and the mouse just died “no counter curse, no shield spell can block it is called an unforgivable using it on a human is instant life sentence.”

“On a human?” Anita asked with a raised brow.

“If it is used on Were in his human form they can be prosecuted but in their beast form it’s not. Since they return to human form when they die if there are no witnesses…” Tyler just shrugged. “Best idea is if you see green light headed your way to get out of the way.”

“The Dark Lord, whose name is Voldemort, used this curse to kill Lily and James Potter. Then tried to use it on Harry but instead of killing him it rebounded on to Voldemort and left Harry with just a curse scar”

“The lightning bolts scar on his forehead.” Anita said softly turning to the Auror “that’s how you knew who he was.”

“Yes he is rather famous in our world especially in Britain” answered Auror Tyler.

The healer and Dr. Andrews came over to give an update to everyone waiting. They both looked exhausted from the hours they had worked to stabilize Harry. Everyone in their waiting group stopped to hear her report.

Taking a breath she started “Mr. Potter had some head trauma. His right leg is broken in three places his left had severe damage to the ligaments around the knee. How he was able to stand let alone walk or even crawl I don’t know. We had to remove the bone and start regrowing it because of the later damage done by walking on it.” She shook her head in puzzlement but went on. “He had severe bruising and a cracked shoulder blade in a perfectly straight line across his back. Four broken and two cracked ribs, a punctured lung, a slight laceration and some bruising on his heart, severe bruising on his liver and kidneys, his pelvis and hip have hairline fractures. He has severe bruising and lacerations on 90% of his body. The wounds on his back were numerous enough they almost hid a straight line across is back, some were open and bleeding though they did show signs of a accelerated healing” at this every one straightened up. Richard had a brief look of the dread cross his face before controlling it. Both he and Anita and were remembering that Collins got to him though it was after he was a dragon, they didn’t know if Mark bit him or not.

“There is absolutely no trace of Lycanthrope.” She stated firmly as it was important to everyone here. Harry Potter, a werewolf, would be a political nightmare on both sides of the ocean. Everyone let out the breath they had been holding. She took a moment to explain that when in the animagus form a wizard becomes immune to the scratch or bite of lycanthrope.

Dolph turned briefly to the Dr. and asked “would he have survived without the magical healers?”

“No” was the very firm answer. “They have a spell that is equivalent or probably better than an MRI and well beyond any x-ray. His major organs actually got off pretty light “looks of disbelief were shared all around. “His abdominal wall however was… well hamburger.” He shrugged for lack of a better analogy. “His internal bleeding and blood loss from his other wounds were enough that he would have bled out before reaching the hospital.” All of the law enforcement people were scribbling notes as fast as they could.

“That is where his transformation both helped and hurt him” the healer added.

“If he wanted to detain these people before they can leave we need to get going before they check out of the hotel.” Dolph reminded everybody. Anita made sure that the werewolves would stay and guard Harry before she decided to go with Dolph she really wanted to be there when the Dursley’s were arrested. They had tried to use her wolves to cover up their crime made her very, very angry.


Having reached the hotel they inquired at the desk where to find the Dursley’s. Only to have the clerk point to the family coming towards them, two extremely obese males and one almost anorexic woman.

“Vernon Dursley?” Dolph asked.

Dursley almost flinched at the site of the huge man “yes”

“You are under arrest for an assault on a minor, for attempted murder of a minor, for attempting to conceal a crime by use of werewolves.” Dolph went on then to read him his rights not sure how the international aspect of this would work out he stuck to the letter of the law as he knew it he would let the politicians find out everything else.

The Dursley seem to swell up an absolute horror at the very idea of being arrested and in public at that. “How dare you!” Dursley yelled “you have no right to detain Me.” he went on Mrs. Dursley seem to be hyperventilating in panic and Dudley didn’t seem to understand what was going on at all.

“Harry Potter was found last night in the woods used by the werewolf’s during the full Moon. He is currently in a coma at St. Ivy hospital if he dies you will be charged with murder.” Anita informed them.

“Now see here” Vernon Dursley sputtered “I don’t know what that little hoodlum told you, but he’s a compulsive liar. He ran away last night just for fun probably and got caught up in something he didn’t understand. We’ve had to send him to Saint Brutus for incurable criminal boys.” It didn’t even seem to occur to Mr. Dursley that these facts could actually be checked out. He had been giving that lie for so long and it had always worked before that he didn’t even think about it.

You could tell that they were deeply mortified about the public airing of these facts. In a very rare moment of agreement both Dolph and Anita took a bit of satisfaction from this. Dolph may have a problem with everything he considers not normal but he had an even bigger problem with child abuse of any kind. And child abuse went against every protective instinct that Anita had which brought up the fact that she wanted to get back to the hospital as quickly as possible.


Getting back to the hospital she allowed a small smile to grace her face as she nodded to those waiting indicating that it was done, the Dursley’s had been arrested. Dolph went back to the station to file his reports and Anita settled in to wait for Harry to wake up. All of the adrenaline she had been working on in the last few hours seemed to drain away from her. Jason came over to sit down next to her so she allowed herself to relax and in moments was asleep trusting that her wolves would watch out for anything against her or Harry.

It was late in the afternoon when Anita finally came back awake. Richard had to leave but he left Jamil and Jason to watch over things. Nathaniel and Micah had shown up at some point. Harry had still not woken up but the healers were much more confident about his recovery.

One of the men guarding the door came to whisper something to Secretary Bennett. He glanced at the door and then nodded his head. The guard then went back and escorted what seemed to be Disney’s animated version of Merlin come to life, right down to the purple robes with falling stars that burst like fireworks. He glanced around the room eyes twinkling enjoying the astonishment his presence caused when they landed on the bed that held the still unconscious badly battered Harry Potter the twinkle extinguished and his face became sorrowful.

“Professor Dumbledore” Bennett said getting the old mage’s attention “this as a surprise, may I ask why you are here?”

Not taking his eyes of Harry, Dumbledore replied “Harry it is a very special young man, not just as the boy-who-lived but as Harry, a bright caring student with a knack for finding trouble.” Shaking his head sadly “I was quite fond of his parents and have grown even fonder of young Harry. I am afraid however that I was the one who placed him with the Dursley’s.” Turning his head sharply Dumbledore focused on those intense blue eyes on Bennett; everyone else in the room was very glad they were not on the receiving end of that look. As they all watched the lycans growled softly at that last announcement.

“Will he recover?” The question came out sharply.

Any answer he would’ve received was interrupted by the opening of the door the guard started to enter a while still speaking to someone outside “I’m very sorry Mr. Lupin in but I am sure the healers won’t allow him in.” He was saying as all hell (in the form of a huge bear like black dog) broke loose. Several young voices started yelling “no Snuffles comeback.”

Anita on instinct pulled her guns, the Weres moved to intercept the perceived threat blocking any shot she may have had as they in turn were stopped by the scrambling of the dog as he lost his footing on the highly wax floors and sliding as he tried to regain his feet all the while looking wild eyed around the room until he saw the bed and headed there despite all the yelling and hands reaching to stop him. The lycanthropes were further hindered by a sea of redheads that followed the dog in.

They all froze at the sight of Harry’s battered form looking small and almost dead. The dog stopped before the bed and carefully hopped up on the end then inched his way up until he touched his nose gently to the boy’s cheek and whined pitifully.

The End?

You have reached the end of "My Summer Vacation" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Aug 08.

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