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My Summer Vacation

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Summary: The Dursley's take Harry with them on Vacation. They really want him to meet Anita's Wolves

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter One

Authors Note: I have to say I have not read the books. At least not all the way through, I can’t seem to take Anita undiluted. I have however enjoyed some of the Crossover fan fiction. I know I have another story here and one on another site; but I wanted to know if this is worth continuing on.

"Normal speech"

{"Mind speech"}

My Summer Vacation

Chapter One

Something was not quite right. They were being too nice. No, that wasn’t quite right either. Since being left on the Dursley’s doorstep after his parents’ murder thirteen years ago, they have only taken him with them on Holiday when all other options were exhausted. This year they didn’t even try other options, they planned for him to go with them. It didn’t feel right.

Even in the fog of depression and guilt that followed him around after the third task of the TriWizard Tournament. In which he, Harry bloody Potter, had to compete even though he wasn’t the one who placed his name in the cup. He knew something wasn’t quite right. It would take more energy to figure out what wasn’t right about it than he had at the moment, however.

The Dursley’s had decided on a picnic today. In an area just outside St. Louis were they had been staying the last couple of days. Vernon had done nothing but complain about the freaks that were a large part of the population of the city. Why they chose to come here on Holiday was puzzling in itself. It’s not like the facts of the city weren’t stated plainly in all the information packets sent to them. Harry went about setting up their picnic making sure there was nothing for them to complain about. They even let him have a larger portion of the food than normal. Not a lot but still more. After lunch he wandered to the edge of the forest thinking of all these things that just didn’t add up finally letting it penetrate the fog of his depression.

“Boy, clean up this mess and get back to the car. We’re not going to wait around all day for you.” His uncle ordered.

Harry hurried to comply because the clearer his thoughts became the more scared he got. As he placed the last of the picnic items in the boot of the rented car, pain ripped across his back. His legs gave out from the force of the lid slamming down on him as he leaned half way in to arrange things.

He had been caught completely off guard. His uncle gave him no chance to recover; grabbing him by his hair, pulled him up and out of the boot then punched him full in the face. Something he had always been very careful never to do. What happened next was the worst beating of his life. Dudley who was not about to miss out on the fun, joined in with his father making sure Harry never stood a chance. The punching and kicking came at such a rate Harry couldn’t get to his wand to defend himself. He couldn’t get to his feet to do anything even without a wand. Dudley kept a brutal barrage of kicks going while Vernon took off his leather belt using it viciously hitting every where he could reach. Even this was not enough for him; he then turned it around and used the buckle end to cause even greater damage.

Harry’s salvation laid in the fact that Vernon and Dudley Dursley weren’t in the best shape and they ran out of steam pretty quickly. The Dursley’s then went to the car like nothing had happened. Harry knew if he wasn’t in the car when they were ready to leave they would leave him behind. Getting to his feet and making himself move while gritting his teeth and struggling though the pain he slowly tried to get to the car. He saw the backup lights come on and vaguely saw the vicious smile cross Vernon’s face in the side mirror as he deliberately backed into Harry. Harry hit the ground hard then it all went dark.


Cold was the first thing he noticed as he slowly regained consciousness. Then pain; sharp intense pain, deep aching pain in every muscle, joint and bone. Slowly opening his eyes and looking around. The road over to the left looked endless but he knew he had to start down it or die were he lay. Then he noticed that the sun had set and the light he was seeing came from the full moon. This was bad very bad. He painfully made it to his feet almost passing out from the pain and dizziness, but forcing himself to start down that endless road. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he had very little chance if the wolves found him. But the one thing Harry had was an abundant will to survive. Never would he give up without a fight.

As he hobbled down the road he checked to see if his wand was still in his pocket. Miraculously, it was. Even better it had made it through the beating without getting broken. This helped some, but he knew it would only help so much. It would depend on how many there were. Trying to keep up a steady pace for what seemed to be hours he knew he hadn’t gone nearly far enough. Still he didn’t stop. Harry’s watch had been damaged in the second task so there was no telling what time it was. He did think it was pretty late and if he could just keep going the sun might come up before anything with teeth could find him.

Just then he heard howling in the woods behind him. OK maybe not. A few minutes later the howling came again. This time it was closer. Think; he needed to think clearly. His wand would only help so much if there were a lot of them. Harry’s Godfather Sirius was safe from his werewolf friend Moony in his animagus form. Moony though was alone. His only pack, his animagus friends, and if Harry turned into a stag like his dad he’d just be dinner for these wolves.

Besides he had just read the book, and started the meditation portion of animagus training. He couldn’t do the revealing potion until he returned to school because of his relatives. Making a decision, right or wrong, he was going to try. He prayed with all his might that he could be big enough to give them pause.

Trying to put distance between himself and the wolves he could still hear every now and then, he kept moving even through the pain and exhaustion. Occasionally he would stumble and fall, his legs not wanting to carry his weight or even to move. But he got back up and kept going. His mind was a whirling mass of panic and desperation. He was going to try the animagus transformation. In all his reading it said the animal was a part of you that you didn’t choose. The animal was already there, a part of you. No matter what he had read he kept focused on the fact he needed to be big and terrifying. The biggest and most terrifying thing wasn’t that hard to think of as he had come face to face with it not that long ago. It leapt to his mind in crystal clarity.

As he fell again he knew he couldn’t get back up. Focusing inward with everything he had left he tried to call forth his animal. He was beginning to think nothing was going to happen when he felt a melting and shifting sensation. Then a prickling and his skin became something else and his nails grew. It was painful but much less than the pain he was already feeling so he barely noticed. Then he began growing.

When everything had settled into his new form he opened his eyes and looked down. There much too close for comfort were a dozen wolves trying to stop their forward momentum with yelps of surprise and panic. Harry felt a bump on his front leg, or was it his arm? Looking directly down he found that one of them had not been able to stop in time and had in fact run into him. Leaning down to get a closer look he gave a slight snort at the fish face look on a wolf. Out of his nostril came a puff of smoke with enough force to push the wolf back several feet. In any other circumstance, a wide eyed wolf with all its fur standing on end and blackened from the smoke would have been hilarious, now however…it brought only momentary relief. If he lived, in a few years it probably will be worth a few laughs.


Anita was driving away from the Lupanar with reluctance. She wanted to be there when the Pack returned. She also wanted to be with her Pard when they returned, but since they weren’t in the same place this full moon she couldn’t be in both places at the same time. Tonight there had been pack business requiring her to be there in her capacity as Bolverk. One of the Pack was not happy with Richard as the Ulfric, Collins thought he should be. He didn’t challenge Richard outright yet. Anita didn’t think he had the guts. Collins approach was much more annoying, very subtle disrespect, bullying of lower pack members.

As she drove she felt the rush of joy as Richard raced though the forest. She envied him that, but didn’t want the rest of the package. Her life was complicated enough. Suddenly his focus changed everything sharpened and blood heated to the hunt. {"Human!"} Was Richards panicked thought. With the full blown panic the Marks between her and Richard blew wide open. Pulling over as she received a full visual of what he was seeing along with the panic. Desperately he tried to control the blood lust at the same time he raced to try and save whoever this was from the hunting pack. Not all were able to control their beast.

Double vision or not Anita slammed the Jeep into gear and took off. She wasn’t that far from where Richard was. As she raced recklessly down the road, Richard raced for all he was worth to cut off the wolves. Breaking though the trees they saw a small figure collapse to the ground.

{"Oh God, I’m not going to get there in time.”} Was the thought from both of them. Those ahead of him slowed just slightly to start circling him. Anita’s Jeep came to a skidding halt in a cloud of dust. She jumped from the SUV almost before it stopped moving, drawing her guns as she did. Richard tried to get between the human and his wolves but new he’d never make it.

As this took place the small figure on the ground began to shift. Many of the wolves started to try to stop in their confusion. Confusion turned to alarm and fear as it began to grow, and grow, and grow. It got everyone’s undivided attention as it tried to stand. The yelps and whines of the scared pack were completely drowned out as the creature gave a deep rumbling growl threw back its head, gave a roar of pain and shot fire FORTY feet into the air.

“Holy Mother of God! That’s, that’s……” Anita started.

{“A Dragon”} finished Jean-Claude. The Marks between Anita and Richard weren’t the only ones blown open by the Ulfric’s panic. Jean-Claude, the Vampire Master of the city and the third in their triumvirate who had witnessed everything was on his way there. There was awe in his voice, something very rare for him. Of course everyone concerned thought a Dragon deserved awe.

One of the wolves in the lead had never slowed down and was unable to stop when he finally noticed the change in what he was hunting. None watching were surprised by who this was, Collins their wantabe Ulfric. He slid head long into the Dragon. It looked down it blinked at him a couple of times as if unsure of what had happened. Then it gave what seemed to be an amused snort accompanied by a billow of smoke that knocked Collins back at least ten feet. When the smoke cleared, it left him looking very startled and somewhat charred but otherwise fine.

Anita was sure if she lived though the rest of the night she’d find that really funny. However the display of smoke seemed to use up whatever energy the dragon had left and it collapsed in the next moment. She was very sure the ground shook when this happened. Even though it was down the wolves made no attempt to attack. In fact they all crouched into submissive positions as they realized injured or not, they would most likely die if they tried to attack it.

Keeping her gaze and guns on it, Anita started edging her way over to Richard. She was not really sure her guns would actually help. Maybe it was too many bad movies with Micah and Nathaniel but she hesitated about shooting not wanting to piss the thing off. An odd sort of a dark humor ghosted across her mind. Jean-Claude had caught her thoughts and was amused at the uncharacteristic restraint she was showing.

The movement caught the dragon’s attention and it opened its eye’s. Those huge intense green eyes widened in surprise as it noticed her for the first time. Slowly it lifted its head and looked between Anita and the spot where the still fearful pack had gathered. When its gaze came back to her, she could have sworn it looked…worried? Very slowly it raised its tail and gently placed it between her and the pack. Ooookay……it doesn’t want her near the pack. Anita really didn’t know what to make of that.

The dragon looked at her for a few moments cocking its head in a very dog like manner, as if trying to figure her out. It looked from her face to the drawn guns aimed at it and back at her face. After doing that a few times this insanely terrifying creature gave her the………puppy dog eyes?!?! The marks were still open so both men received that thought but it was Jean-Claude that commented from where he had landed behind her.

“I do believe you are correct Ma Petite. That was indeed a puppy dog look.” When she whirled around in surprise she could see the amusement in his face. Quickly turning back to the Dragon she saw another worried look as it narrowed its eyes and growled at the two Vampires.

Jean-Claude locked eyes with it for just a moment then winced in pain and was knocked back by the power within the creature as it expelled him from its mind. It did not like someone in his mind, for it was definitely a he.

Anita looked briefly over at Jean-Claude in disbelief. “Please tell me you didn’t try to roll it.”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time and it’s a he definitely a he.” Jean-Claude said as he tried to still look dignified despite his chagrin. Looking back at the dragon they all caught him rolling his eyes.

“Anita maybe you should tell him we are your friends, he seems to be trying to protect you. He must like you.” Asher suggested.

“He can hear you, you know.” She pointed out.

“That may be, however he may believe it more coming from you.” Asher came back. They were interrupted by an almost tangible wave of pain and magic. Reminding everyone that he was wounded badly. Anita decided to cautiously approach him and try and evaluate how badly he was hurt. As she approached him the area around them came alive with a series of pops and suddenly they had company.

Things happened very quickly, men appeared from nowhere pointing sticks at anything around. One yelled “Dragon! He’s down.” “Muggle” another yelled. “Vampires!”, “Werewolves” were yelled almost simultaneously. The leader of these men seemed to think the Dragon was almost dead, and so not a threat. The Vampires might be reasoned with. The Muggle was harmless even though she was pointing her guns in their direction. This left the biggest threat, which was……..”Silver darts!” he yelled the command.

This yell seemed to revive the almost comatose dragon, his head whipped up and fire shot across the clearing between the Men and the werewolves instantly melting the silver darts sent at the wolves. The men spun around stunned by the display. Terrified that the beast wasn’t as bad off as thought they froze in momentary panic. Then to everyone’s surprise the Dragon began to shrink, becoming a brutally beaten boy. “Please don’t hurt them” he pleaded. “They didn’t know.”

Anita noticed that only four of the Pack were still here. Richard must have been able to send the others back to the Lupinar. Those that were left had shifted to Wolfman form and were firmly in control of their beast. Narrowing her eyes at one of them she noticed it was Jason. The other three were no surprise Richard, Shang-da, and Jamil all were known to be powerful enough for the form.

“They can hear and understand everything in that form. With the addition of Jean-Claude they are no threat to you unless you become a threat to us.” She bit out harshly. Keeping her guns aimed at these men she made her way quickly over to the injured boy. {“Do not worry ma petit we will watch the strangers, you check the boy.”}

As Anita approached the boy, she was horrified by his condition, whoever had done this had meant for him to die. That much was clear. {“Yes, ma Petit, and they expected your wolves to clean up their mess”} putting away only one of her guns. She knelt by the boy to see if he was conscious, putting her hand on his shoulder lightly she chanced to look down and saw him slowly opened his eyes.

“You’re okay?” The boy asked as he looked worriedly over her shoulder as the wolf man approached.

“Don’t worry. They’re part of my pack.” Anita stated again assured by Jean-Claude that he would protect her and the boy. She put her gun down and started to gently run her fingers through his hair to calm him. “But you don’t…” he started with a puzzled look.

“No. I don’t change, but I’m still part of the pack. I’ll explain it all later, but right now we need to know how YOU are.” While starting to look over his injuries Jean-Claude alerted Anita that one of the men with sticks was headed her way. Making sure that one of her hands was near a gun, she leaned protectively over the boy and asked who the man was.

“Ms. Blake I am Auror Tyler, I would be equivalent to your policeman, a detective I believe. We were called in response to a Dragon sighting. I am trained in emergency healing. Please allow me to look him over.” Auror Tyler then cautiously knelt on the other side of the boy and pulled out a stick. Instantly he was faced with the barrel of a gun, less than an inch from his nose.

“Please Ms Blake I need to use my wand.” Anita‘s eyebrow rose at that. “To find out everything that’s wrong with him. I can do a full diagnostic with it.” He tried to assure her. Slowly her gun lowered, and she gave him a nod. Cautiously casting a diagnostic spell, he ran his wand up and down the battered child what he saw caused him to pale. He glanced up to the boy’s face just as Anita’s hand pushed his hair off his face. Panic and recognition ran through his eyes for a moment.

“Colfax! I need a healing potion, and two blood replenishers. Quickly one of the men came over, said something in a low voice and a parchment appeared. Anita was trying very hard not to be freaked out by the magic being displayed here. It was like nothing she’d never seen before. The boy was the top priority here at the moment, later she could break down. In the back of her mind she could feel both Jean-Claude and Richard were equally uneasy with these effortless displays of magic.

She was about to ask the boy his name, when Tyler asked him “Mr. Potter, could you tell me what happened here?”

Anita’s head whipped up and her eyes narrowed. “You know him?”

The boy grimaced and all heard him mutter “Damned scar.” Colfax had handed over some vials to Tyler, and Tyler leaned down and gave them to the boy who made a face so bad, everyone knew how horrible it must taste. Dispite the disgust, he immediately started looking better (a little at least). It was obvious he was still in considerable pain.

“I’m very sorry Mr. Potter, we will have to wait a few moments before we can give you another healing potion or anything for the pain. I’m sending Colfax to prepare the healers for your arrival, and to report to the American Ministry that someone tried to kill you while you were in our country.” He then turned to Colfax. In a low voice, though most could still hear he said, “I need this to get to the head healer at Ivy Wilde and they need to prepare a special porky to transport Mr. Potter. He won’t survive a normal one.” He felt the boy touch his hand and then looked down.

“They did this on purpose, you know.” The boy’s voice filled with more pain than just the physical.

The man looked over at the werewolves with a narrow eyed gaze.”No! Not them.” Harry got out quickly as he saw where the man had looked “my uncle Vernon Dursley and his son did this they caught me by surprise. They just kept hitting and kicking…” His voice trailed off obviously upset at having to admit this.

“Why? Why Would They Do This?” Anita asked

“Because I’m a freak; to them, my magic makes me a freak.” He admitted sadly.

“I’m Auror Tyler Mr. Potter; we’ll have them picked up first thing.” He said as he attempted to reassure Harry.

“If we are going to do this can I ask a favor.” Harry questioned.

The Auror nodded, so Harry continued. “They will never feel that the magical world had the right to punish them. This needs to be done in a Muggle courts, if possible, and” he paused fighting to stay conscious and still managing to look a bit sheepish, he continued. “And it would really embarrass them. If you could have the Muggle police pick them up in a very crowded public area.” Looking up at Anita worried. “Does that make me a horrible person to want to humiliate them that way?” He asked her.

“No, no. That makes you very much human” she assured him.

“Mr. Potter.” The Auror started

“Harry, please call me Harry.” Harry said grimacing in pain.

“He needs to be in the hospital now.” Anita said angrily, her pack members and the vampires who had been quietly observing growled their agreement. “I should have called an ambulance.”

Tyler looked at her and asked “would it be here yet?” Anita shook her head no and admitted that it wouldn’t get here for another half hour, if she called now. “It has been long enough that I can give him another healing potion and maybe some pain reliever. Just a couple more questions and Colfax can be on his way.” Looking back down at Harry, he asked “is there anyone we should notify?”

“S... Um” Harry started then sent a worried look at the Auror “How do your people stand on someone being sent to prison without a trial?”

The Aurors eyes sharpened “that’s a violation of human rights and against the law. It’s against the law in Britain as far as I know also.”

“So if someone were to show up and be willing to answer questions under viritasserum would they’d be handed back over to the British Aurors?” Harry struggled with breathing but continues to as he saw a calculating light in the Aurors eyes.

“I’m not in a position to say” the Auror replied carefully, “but I’ll see what can be done.”

“That’s all I ask. I don’t know where he is anyway.” He sighed heavily fading in and out a bit before going on, “I don’t know if he can come this soon after the full moon, they are really hard on him, but Remus Lupin, if he wants to come. Does he need permission to come here since he’s a werewolf?” Harry looked to Anita for this answer.

Anita looked over at Richard and raised an eyebrow “Well, can he come?” the Wolfman nodded. Smiling down at Harry she said, “he has permission to come from the Ulfric” at Harry’s puzzled look she explained that the Ulfric is the leader or alpha of a werewolf pack.

Harry smiled but it quickly dimmed “But only if he wants to. Could the Weasley’s be told too? You might want to warn whoever tells them that Mrs. Weasley can be scary when she’s worried. If they want to come I’ll pay for it, but only if they want to. They may a feel that can’t afford it but just tell them not to worry it’s taken care of.” he kept repeating and was rambling somewhat at this point.

“Of course they’ll want to come” Anita tried to reassure him as she looked over at Tyler to demand he do something but he was already opening another vial.

Auror Tyler gave Harry his potions again and added a pain reliever. Still making a face over the taste of it, but becoming more coherent. Harry went on “I suppose you have to tell the Ministry”

Tyler nodded. “Yes, your ministry will have to be informed. It could cause an international incident, if it’s not handled properly. Of course, with you being who you are.”

{“He sounds as if he’s very important Ma Petit”} Jean-Claude sent, clearly intrigued by the young man. Anita sent back her agreement, adding that they would find out more after he was properly taken care of. She felt a small bit of amusement at the annoyance Harry showed at that statement.

Harry rallied with concern and stated, “Make sure to send different people to inform everyone, that way someone knows who’s been told and the people that need to know get the message. If Fudge is told first he will probably obliviate the messenger that comes to him; hoping to take over the situation or me, by himself.” He gave the Auror a wide-eyed look and said, “He doesn’t like me very much you know. He thinks I’m a liar, but I was telling the truth Voldemort is back. So what’s a bloke got to do to get political asylum? I’ll take viritasserum, if you want me to prove I’m not a liar.” The Aurors eyes widened comically that that statement.

“No need Mr. Potter. We believe you, Fudge is not well-liked by other governments. Even a lowly little nobody like me knows that. He’s got a very bad reputation.” Tyler said with a smile, turning to Colfax “I know that we need to know more about what happened tonight, but we need a hospital room first. Maybe even a whole floor of a Muggle hospital made ready for Mr. Potter, as soon as they can. Go to the healer’s first. Make sure they know who they are treating and that security will be high. Then go and report to Banks. He will know what needs to be done.” With that Colfax disapparated.

“That’s even better than flying,” Asher said with a bit of dry humor. Anita shook her head in agreement. It really would come in handy. She felt Harry try to get her attention and she looked down. “Will Remus need permission to come here? I may have forgotten to mention that he’s a werewolf.” Harry looked at her with worry, forgetting he had already asked.

“Oh, I’m sure we can give him permission.” She said with a smile and looked up at Richard. He gave a nod of agreement so that Harry could see it again.

“Dawn approaches. Asher and I must leave now, we will meet you at the hospital this evening.” With that Jean-Claude took off.

Turning to Richard she said. “You can leave also. Get some rest and meet us at the hospital later. I’ll be fine.” {"It would be better for more people to be away from here that know about this, if they decide to mess with my memory."} She said to Richard silently. He nodded his agreement and then he and the rest of the wolves left. Anita double checked to make sure her guns were near, no matter how she tried to make the others feel that she was safe. She was a little worried about being around these people she didn’t know. She sent a speaking look to Tyler.

“We will explain everything. Once we have Mr. Potter in a secure location. But for now we just need to keep him comfortable until Colfax can return. I think the healing potions have helped some. It should make transporting him a little less dangerous I can’t give him another one for a few more minutes, because I’m not a fully trained healer.” The Auror tried to explain.

“So Mr. Potter, since we have to wait a few minutes, who do you feel would need to be questioned since he never received a trial?” The American Auror asked.

“Well do you know who Sirius Black is?” Harry dropped his bomb...

“The Death Eater and mass murderer?”

“He’s not, you know, they never questioned him and he never got a trial. Could he get permission to come here without being arrested?” Harry looked hopeful, and then added another bomb. “He’s my godfather and legally would be my guardian if he wasn’t wanted by the law.” Tyler sat back dumbfounded. This was unexpected and completely out of his jurisdiction.

Auror Colfax reappeared and rushed over to Tyler, “They’re preparing the muggle hospital now. It will take at least another 10 minutes. How many potions has he had?”

“Two each of healing and blood replenishers, one for pain.” Tyler supplied.

“The diagnostic you sent, threw every healer into frantic preparation. They had to start over when they were told to move to a non-magical hospital. Believe me they were not happy about that. He can’t be moved even with special port key without at least one more of each of those three potions. Here is a stronger healing potion for the next time.” With that he handed over blue vial “You’re to run another diagnostic before you try to transport to be sure.” And with that, he vanished.
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