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Apple Pie life, or something like it

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Summary: 10 years after an AU: Season 7 the Scoobies have all gotten what they deserve: their own families. W/T A/X . Note: Tara never died, Will just thought she was dead but she survived and she and Xander stopped Willow from ending the world. (Temporary Hiatus)

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama
pezgirlFR13117,1100234,7574 Jul 0831 Jul 08No

chapter two

Matthew Rosenberg brushed the shoulder-length red hair away from his face so that he could see where he was going; right out the school gates, thank god.

He couldn’t wait to get home, mommy was making cookies and she always made the best ones.

“Hey, look guys! It’s the weirdo!” jeered Simon with his usual flock of cronies around him; Jenson Hall, Mike Wyatt and Harry White, who were as big as Simon.

Matt gulped nervously and looking for a way out, but there was no way out except the gates which Simon and his buddies were now blocking; oh geez, he was so gonna get it.


The redheaded boy sighed with relief, it was William; he’d cream these guys. Hopefully.

William Summers-Ryan was the son of Buffy Summer and Spike ‘AKA William the Bloody’ pretty cool name, huh. He was ten years old but always managed to scare off eleven year old Simon. He looked exactly like Spike and had the exact personality as well…which meant he was very cool.

William’s parents weren’t together, they never had been really; aunt Buffy and uncle Spike were just friends, very close friends. William’s step-dad was Shane Ryan, a demon-hunter.

The platinum-blond boy strode up to the bullies, “Didn’t I tell you to stop picking on him, now sod off!”

Simon’s lackeys cracked their knuckles menacingly and began moving in towards him and William; bad move, for the bullies.

Most kids at the school knew that taking on William Ryan was a death-wish, the kids around the school, even the teachers, knew that he was freakishly strong for a little kid; even for a person.
He was part-vampire, also retaining some Slayer abilities and that said enough, he had the strength, speed and abilities of a Slayer but none of the vampire weaknesses like holy water and the aversion to sunlight, though it always hurt his eyes and gave him migraines so he wore sunglasses.

Which made him look so much cooler and more dangerous; these guys must be nuts! Or, well, stupid. Which Simon and his lackeys were, they were pretty brain-defective.

William’s black trench-coat, a birthday present from Spike, cuffed against the ground as he walked towards the bullies and then, with the speed of a Slayer, tackled all four of them to the ground. He circled them quickly and then, when they tried to rush him, grabbed them by their clothes and flung them a few feet across the ground.

A moment later the bullies jumped up and ran quickly away from the blond and the redhead their defeat obvious to anyone who was watching.

Matt grinned, “Th-thanks, Will.”

“No problemo,” waved off the blond, as always he had his father’s arrogance and happy-go-lucky attitude. “I don’t think they’ll do that again.”

The grin faded from Matt’s face, “They always come b-back.”

William directed him towards the school gates, “Then, we’re just going to have to do something about that.” He smirked roguishly and led him out to blonde mom’s car which had just pulled up at the gates.

He looked at the blond’s endearing, slightly rude smirk and felt better. Apart from Annie and Kim Harris, who were his age, William was his best friend. Although, he tended to hang around J.J Harris who was also ten years old and the blond’s best friend; everyone called him J.J but his full name was Jesse Jack Harris.

“Will, Matt, wait up!” two girlish voices screamed from behind them. Both the boys turned and saw Kim and Annie Harris running up to them, shoulder-length honey-coloured hair streaming out behind them.

Then J.J also came running out the gates, “Will, man, was that you?!” all three kids crowded the two boys excitedly. “That Simon dude looked freaked!”

Kim grinned, “That was so you, Will!”

“Awesome,” said Annie shaking her head. The twin girls looked at each other.

“Too cool!” they chorused simultaneously.
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