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Apple Pie life, or something like it

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Summary: 10 years after an AU: Season 7 the Scoobies have all gotten what they deserve: their own families. W/T A/X . Note: Tara never died, Will just thought she was dead but she survived and she and Xander stopped Willow from ending the world. (Temporary Hiatus)

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama
pezgirlFR13117,1100234,7564 Jul 0831 Jul 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: i don't own the BTVS 'verse characters

Note: the Rosenberg kids call Tara ‘Momma’ and Willow ‘Mommy’.


Matthew Alexander Rosenberg (age 7)
Samantha Jenny Rosenberg (age 4)
Nicholas Jesse Rosenberg (age 10 months)
Mischa Danielle Rosenberg (age 8 months) (pronounced “Meesha”)

William Tyler Summers-Ryan (age 10) (spike/buffy) –spike’s only a friend though.-

Jesse Jack Harris (age 10)
Annie Willow Harris (age 7)
Kimberly Emma Harris (age 7)
Charlie Rupert Harris (age 6 months)

Luke Anakin Wells (age 3)


Chapter 1

Matt’s POV

School’s stupid, it really was; well, maybe not the work, I like that…I just hate the stupid kids and the stupid teachers that are in the school.

The kids, most of them anyway, were jerks; really mean. They always teased the stuffing out of me, and me being kinda shy, well, I never stood up for myself much. Or at all.
I was sure that if I did they’d cream me, seriously they were tough, way taller than me and in the sixth grade; did I mention they were tall. This guy was eleven, four years older than me and four times as big.

I’m in fifth grade, I know; I look way younger than everyone else in my class because I’m only seven and they’re, like, ten years old. Double-digits, man.

I skipped three grades ‘cause I’m real smart, too smart; at least that’s what the school bullies think. I got an IQ Test when I was three, that’s what my moms think…yeah, moms. Plural; another reason why I get picked on- but I’ll get to that in a minute.
Anyways, the score was 167, like my mommy.

Redheaded, that’s what I am; one of the reasons guys like Simon don’t like me. I’ve got wavy, bright red hair like my mom (the redheaded one is refer to as Mommy and the blonde one and call Momma), but I got my momma’s blue eyes, unfortunately I also got Mommy’s small and rather skinny frame which also made me a target.

Don’t even get me started on the stutter I picked up off Momma, a real killer.

Now, to the ‘moms’ thing; both my parents are women, I don’t have a dad unless you count uncle Xander as a pretend-dad; I was made from magic so no guy was needed.

My parents are also witches, like me, and are big on the whole ‘don’t hurt the bullies’ topic; that’s the only reason I don’t blast meanies like Simon across the playground when he teases or, Goddess help me, beats me up.

Other that the whole school bully thing, I like school; it got me away from demons and stuff, for a little while I kinda think I’m normal- well, as normal as a smart-person can get anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family; they’re the best, but the demon-fighting gets nasty sometimes and somehow I always get slime all over me.

Oh well, that’s what being a Scrappy kid means.

End Matt’s POV


A/N: I know its short but the next one's just about done
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