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A Helping Hand

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Summary: While reading the Harry Potter books. Dawn decided that Harry needed a 'helping hand'.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredTpelFR1831,152062,9036 Jul 0810 Aug 08No

In which Dawn explains things...

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Dawn awoke with a groan. "Remind me never to create an uni-dimensional portal ever again."
"I just may hold you to that. Allow me to introduce myself... I am Albus Dumbledore headmaster at the school you are currently in. I believe a few questions are in order. Now, an uni-dimensional portal you say? Of course you'll have to tell me all about that my dear... along with who you are exactly, among other things. But first I believe Madame Porphyry here would like to see how you are doing."
"Is she well enough to eat something, Porphyry?"
Madame Porphyry waved her wand over Dawn. "Most remarkable, all of her wounds have disappeared... I don't see why she can't eat something Headmaster. However she should eat just soup and crackers for now."

"Did anyone get the name of that hippogryph that sat on me?" groaned Severus. Madame Porphyry rushed over to where Professor Snape was laying a few beds away. "No, you shouldn't move yet Severus, the portal caused some internal damage that may take a few days to heal. You need to rest." Dawn got up and walked over to where he lay. "That goes for you too miss. I know you feel better but you should stay in bed for at least a day."

Dawn snorted, "I'm perfectly fine, besides I can heal him likity split." Dawn snapped her fingers to illustrate her point. She then hovered her hands over his body and a glow emanated from them. Chanting softly in Latin, Dawn swayed slightly. The glow stopped. "I think I need to sit down... wow that drained more than usual."

"As I thought", Madame Porphyry exclaimed, waving her wand over Dawn again. " The portal you did practically drained you of all your power, and using wand-less magic on Severus didn't help matters any."

"Am I missing something here?", asked Severus. "Last time I checked the girl I rescued had brown hair and blue eyes. Suddenly she has black hair and green eyes?!"

"When you caught me from falling, you must have activated the spell the Monks of Dagon put on me for me to have a protector," Dawn said.

"You see I kinda cast a spell using my blood to come to this world, so I could help Harry."


Of course I own nothing. Not even the computer I'm typing this on.

UPDATE: This story is up for adoption.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "A Helping Hand" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Aug 08.

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