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Reaching Detente

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Life After". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Angel/Batman Begins. A series of encounters in Gotham between two heroes who work in the shadows.

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DC Universe > Batman > Cordelia-CenteredKylieLFR13611,90733012,7646 Jul 0811 Jul 08Yes

Interesting Times

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They say: May you live in interesting times.

"What's your opinion of Jim Gordon?"

They're on the roof of Cordelia's offices. He's in the suit, and Cordelia hugs a wrap tight around her shoulders to ward off the penetrating chill of Gotham's winter. This has become a regular ritual.

He considers the question for a moment. "He's a good man. A good cop," he tells her. "Why do you ask?"

"He came to see me today."


"For me? No." He saw her shiver. "A mutual friend from New York gave him my address. Someone has been attacking the Brachen community in the Narrows."

He considers that for a moment, mildly surprised that Gordon knows about demons. But then, the man had been a beat cop for 7 years, and wasn't blind or stupid. "A demon?"

"Not as far as I've been able to find out," she says, shaking her head. "The people I've found, who are willing to talk, all described a human. A sick and twisted human, but human never the less."

"I'll look into it. Might be one of the Arkham escapees we haven't caught yet."

"Be careful. Whoever it is, he's smart, strong and sadistic." She advises him of the description she's elicted from witnesses. "Let me know when you find him."

He nods. "When do you patrol next?" he asks.

She cocks her head at him, curious. "A general sweep? Or a specific patrol?" There is a difference. Normally when she goes on a specific patrol she'll wait until she has some kind of backup, unless it's urgent. It's her concession to Alfred nagging and him asking -- though she would call it nagging -- her to be careful.

"Specific patrol," he clarifies.

"Spike should have recovered from his hangover and jet lag by tomorrow night. Any place in particular you'd like me to investigate?"

"South Hinkley. I think that Savatore DiMarco may be using vampires as thugs."

She smirks a little. "Not recovered enough to try it yourself?"

He winced at the reminder. He'd tried battling a vampire a little over a week after having the wall dropped on him, and only gotten another broken rib for his trouble.

"I know when to leave a job to the professionals." Meaning that his ribs weren't healed enough to want to try it again until she'd shown him the best way of taking a vampire out. More injuries would only hamper his effectiveness as Batman amongst the criminal underworld. That and Cordelia refused to train him until the ribs were fully healed. The woman wasn't above using bribery and his own intelligence against him. Not that he couldn't figure it out, but still. Vampires were her turf.

Her smirk widened into a grin as he muttered, "You're as bad as Alfred."

"Oh, I'm much worse than Alfred," she advised, her grin turning smug. "I have much more experience with stubborn, nocturnal men."

"Don't be too pleased with yourself," he advised. "You can only push me as far as I let you."

"Mm-hmm." She knows it too. Her skill lies in getting him to allow her to push him further than he'd normally allow. He let's her because he's come to realize that she thrives when she's got someone to care for. She manages Alfred as well, which is entertaining.

He turns to leave, to start his own patrols, but her voice stops him.

"Happy hunting, Bruce."

"You too, Cordelia." Then he steps off the building and into the night.


A/N. Big thank you to everyone who reviewed. There may be a few more stories to come related to this one, so keep your eyes open.


The End

You have reached the end of "Reaching Detente". This story is complete.

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