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Charlie's Hunt

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Summary: A multi-crossover in its infancy. No pairings are forseen yet. For right now I wish for a miscellaneous other or a work in progress category.

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Miscellaneous > Freak ParaderothosFR151698013666 Jul 086 Jul 08No
Disclaimer- I do not own Joss Whedon’s creation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

However, I own Charlie and if you want to use him ask me by e-mailing

Posting Distribution: and any other site that asks by inquiring at the above e-mail.

Blades slipped out from wrist sheaths as he gaged the amount of resistance he would get from his next prey, a vampire leading a young girl from a club. Ever since he had barely escaped with his life from the vampire that had claimed his bride-to-be he had hunted them. Blades were only a small piece of his arsenal of deadly weaponry that included other implements of destruction. This one seemed to be a fledgling; dead a year at least.

He slipped the blades back until they caught the catches and rushed the girl. He sent her stumbling to one side and triggered the blessed blades into the undead carcass.

The vampire fell on one leg from the charge; and he sent the blades at the bared neck.

The explosion of dust was barely over when he slid the blades back into the sheaths.

“You dead who feast on the loved of others shall not exist to blight this world any longer.” Charlie said.

He turned on his heel and offered the victim who was still on the ground a hand up.

She was barely out of high school and definitely blonde; strangely she had little meat for a predator such as a vampire. With little more ado, he rounded the corner and slipped down an alley. This was a good town to hunt in; maybe it would let him forget a little the death that kept him going and move on. Maybe he could find some gainful employment in the morning. He went back to his house and wasn’t surprised to find a criminal trying to break in. The thermal vision said the man was all to alive; even though a little large.

With that in mind, Charlie did something most normal men would consider insane. He flicked on the finger safeties and tapped the man on the shoulder. His sixth sense screamed danger and he barely managed to pop out the blade on his left hand. What he had caught on the blade wasn’t metal; it seemed a bone spur. The blades glowed blue as the holy blessing started to burn at the demon. Charlie popped the second catch and nailed the demon in the femoral artery. Greenish goo poured down his arm and Charlie ducked before a bolt nailed the demon in the throat.

“Demon ichor tends to stain bad; I’ve ruined several pairs of leather pants on them.”

a shadowed figure said.

Charles wondered who would back up a vampire slayer.

“I’m Buffy; I slay things that go bump in the night and this is my town.”

The shadowed figure said.

“With all due respect, I will have my vengeance.” Charlie growled.

“It’s my way or the highway mister.” The shadowy figure said.

Charles decided to end the conversation; by opening the door and entering his house.

Buffy shouted at him to turn around, and he closed his door. Charlie just stalked away from the door and down the stairs to his vampire-killing lab. He smirked at the latest designs for a new weapon. This was inspired from the movie Van Helsing, the difference was that he had the foresight to include electric motors instead of tensile springs. Fortunately, he had been his fiancés sole beneficiary since the death of her parents and that had allowed for the diamond-sharpened carbon steel edges and the nice donation to a priestly order to have them blessed. He began designing a special incendiary flechette launcher. That wood was used made it perfect for vampires and by using balsa he allowed for the flaming chemicals to stop those wood resistant demons. Charlie yawned and climbed the stairs to his room.

A/N: Well, chapter one is at the logical stopping point. Comments and criticisms are appreciated, please be no flames though. After I gauge the response to this chapter I’ll post another taking reviews into account.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Charlie's Hunt" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jul 08.

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