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Chance Encounter

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Summary: The tenth Doctor encounters a sliver of hope. The Red Witch of Sunnydale.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Willow-CenteredKaliaFR1511,684153,4517 Jul 087 Jul 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither BtVS nor Doctor Who. Also I make no money from this.


“’Find a way’ she said. How am I to do that?”

The red haired witch looked lost, standing in the middle of a space station in obviously the wrong place and time. Again.

“Oh Buffy, why’d you go and get yourself lost?”

She felt defeated. Back home, they were counting on her. Buffy counted on her. Everyone counted on her and her treacherous, dangerous oh so tempting magic.

And she’d used an enormous amount of it in a very short time.

Her control was slipping.

Piece by piece the pulse of magic drew her in.

So sensuous, so delicious, so tempting.

She didn’t know or notice but her eyes were as black as the deepest moonless night.

She eyed the button Xander had made her, the one that put her in charge in absence of Buffy all that time ago. When Buffy had been dead.

No, that was wrong. It had only been what? A year? Less?

Seemed a lifetime ago and in a way it was.

She had not been an addict then, nor had she quite surrendered to the darker arts of her craft.

She’d been a different Willow then.

The red head found her way to a window. To space.

Even after living on the hellmouth this was just… wow.

Willow Rosenberg stood on board a frigging space ship. Wrap your mind around that.

Demons? Easy.

Aliens? Now, that was scary.

Maybe because they could also exist in her dimension.

One more threat to the world.

It was time to go, time to get back to finding Buffy.

If she was truthful she had messed up again. Wrong spell. And she had thought herself so clever.

Use a time and space and dimension spell, why wont you Will? Stupid.

The Slayer came from her Universe.

On the other Hand, they knew preciously little of the Shadow Men.

She had thought it safer and surer of finding Buffy if she covered all angles.

It was also way slower than any other method.

Like Spike used to say: Bloody hell.

Willow made her way through the crowd, searching for a secluded or abandoned area where she could perform her spell and go on to another attempt.

It took her a while to find a suitable spot. So many beings were crammed into this spacecraft.

She sat down and tried to centre herself.

The pulse of this universe was so soothing, so powerful, so tempting.

It would be easy to loose herself in it, but she must not. Her friends, her world relied on her.

Still she could not resist to connect with this universe.

Just for a few minutes, she thought.

Her mind and her magic ran trough all things, everything was connected in all worlds and all universes and so was she.

She felt it all.

The joy, the anger, the love, the hate, everything good and bad.

And the loneliness, oh that terrible loneliness.

Willow gasped her eyes solid black, all white gone, and stars danced in her eyes.

“You poor bastard!”

Worlds and years away the Doctor almost fell to his knees.

The TARDIS had been acting up, refusing to go any further. Or back for that matter.

We’d been in the middle of scanning and trying to find the malfunction or the reason for the behaviour of his girl, when suddenly he connected to another mind.

A mind that knew loss, and darkness, despair, shame, guild, love and power.

So much dark power.

Frantic he locked the TARDIS onto the source of that power, cooing to his girl to take him to this potential threat.

Or this potential friend?

A strange noise and a gust of wind surrounded the gasping girl on the floor as a blue box materialized out of thin air.

And that is how the Doctor first encountered Willow Rosenberg.

Keeled over, gasping, eyes like the night sky with the stars burning in them and strands of black woven through ginger strands.

“Well hello there. I’m the Doctor and who might you be?”

He took a few steps towards her.

“Are you all right?”

The first impression Willow got of the last Time Lord was way less alarming.

“You got really big hair.”

Her eyes flashed from black to green.

“So alone, how do you cope? How can you? How are you not mad?”

Her voice was raw.

Taken back the Doctor crouched down before her.

“And how do you know that. What species are you? Never seen one like you before.”

Willow frowned.

The black bled away from her.

“I’m human. Is that optional? I guess with all the aliens I’ve seen around here, I schouldn't rule it out. Are you an Alien? You don’t feel quite human, but you look it. Then again looks are deceiving. Lesson I learned a long time ago. And I babble. Which I’m going to stop. Yep, shutting up now.”

The Doctor watched this strange girl quite bemused. A moment ago she seemed, she felt dangerous.

He would see what darkness she could bring and now it had all gone away, as if she was an entirely different being.

“Yes, human is optional for me. What’s your name?”

She took a more comfortable position on the floor.

“My name is Willow. Willow Rosenberg.”

He felt her eye him cautiously.

“And what, Willow Rosenberg, might you be doing here on the lovely station Parkech 6?”

The caution didn’t fade even though he gave her his most charming grin.

“I’m looking for my friend. She got kinda lost. She is not here. Got the wrong univer… ähm, I mean place again.”

But he caught her slip of tongue. Couldn’t be. Naw. Then again… He fished his 3Dlike glasses out of his pocket.

Oh hell! She was drenched in Void stuff. Almost dripping with it.

But he’d scanned, she had no significant technology with her.

“You are not from this universe. But that’s impossible. The Walls are closed. Even if it wasn’t impossible, a human can’t have the technology to cross dimension, not for another 3 billion years or so and I should know. Been there, destroyed the plans, thank you. So how come you are here. You are not a paradox, I would have picked that up on the scanner. So how’d you do it?”

The Doctor had fished his sonic screwdriver out and was pointing it at willow, scanning away as he got on one of his techno-rants.


Willow swatted the screwdriver away.

“Stop that! That’s not a weapon is it? Cause I really don’t wanna hurt you, could turn all sorts of nasty for this universe. Butterfly effect and all that, but anyway point that thing elsewhere Mister!”

She was quite flushed now.

“You are very rude!”

He had a hard time to shake it off, he was just too curious. She could very well hold the key to get Rose back.

“Sorry, afraid it’s a habit. Now tell me, how do you do it?”

Willow sighed. Busted. By an alien. On a space station. Xander would love this.

“I’m a witch. I travel trough universes and time via portals that I make using spells. You know like prayer? Only it’s just a means of focus. Spells are, I mean. Pretty much it’s just power.”

He didn’t believe her, she could see it. Hard to miss as he was looking at her like she had just announced herself Cleopatra.

He spoke very slowly.

“There are no such beings as witches. There is no such thing as magic.”

He looked at the sonic screwdriver.

“Your readings imply you’re human though. Fascinating.”

“And there are no such beings as aliens.”

She scoffed.

“Look, there may not be witches in this universe, which would explain the sheer amount of unused magical energy that’s driving me near the edge. In my universe we probably don’t have aliens. But I am here, and I shouldn’t be. I’m just looking for my friend. I don’t want any trouble. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be gone. I should get going anyway. So many more possibilities and I have to find her.”

Ok, he’d do like he had with the beast. He’d accept her ability to travel without machinery through the void, he’d accept her existence. Yep. Anything in that way, if it could get him back with Rose.

“Right, ok. You travel between dimensions. Good for you, Willow Rosenberg. I…”

How did one ask for such a favor.

The man of words at a loss of them.

Willow gasped anew as his longing, his helplessness, his love assaulted her.

“I… when I get to the dimension She’s in, I’ll send her back to you. But I can’t make your Rose my priority. The sake of my world relies on my friend. I’m so sorry.”

That jerked him out of his thoughts. How could she?

“You are screaming it to all the worlds. Doctor, was it? Everything is connected. And I can feel you more clear than anything in this universe.”

She gulped.

“I… I know how it feels… To loose someone… Someone you love that much. It drove me mad, into a very dark place. But I think, somehow you know that. If I can I’ll help.”

She took his hands inheres and green eyes locked onto brown ones.

“If I don’t find her in my search for Buffy, then I will start a search for her when my home is safe. I promise you that.”

And he believed her. He really did.

“I need something of hers and you though. Otherwise I won’t be able to find her and send her back to you.”

Could he really trust her? He had to be sure. So he raised his fingers to her face and gently probed her mind. Willow let him in. she felt such shame for her dark actions, but she felt she could redeem herself a little in aiding this strange, lonely man.

He saw all Willow was, the truth of her and finally he dared to hope again.

Because the Red Witch, the Threefold girl, would bring him back his soul.

The End

You have reached the end of "Chance Encounter". This story is complete.

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