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The threefaced One

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Summary: Spoiler for Journey's End. Alternate Ending.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Willow-CenteredKaliaFR1811,5252122,0467 Jul 087 Jul 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither BtVS nor Doctor Who. Also I make no money from this.

Davros had won, or so he thought as he held his flippant victory speech.

After all he had captured the Doctor. Well both of them, however that worked.

“I was wrong about your warriors, Doctor. They are pathetic.”

He rolled nearer to what he deemed the ‘real’ Doctor after the words that were spoken.

In a few moments victory would be his.

“Stand witness Time Lord. Stand witness humans. Your strategies have failed, your weapons are useless. Oh, and the end of the universe has come.”

The countdown ticked down, the Doctor and his Children of Time unable to stop the impending doom of all of creation.

Suddenly the lights flickered, the reality bomb powered down and some kind of portals opened.

Davros rolled back in shock.

“What is this time Lord treachery?!”

From the portal stepped a slender young woman with long red hair, which moved in a breeze unfelt by anyone. Behind her more girls emerged, all of them armed with ancient weapons. They did so all over the crucible. Laughable. Useless against Daleks.

“Exterminate them my Daleks!”

And they did. Or they tried to. The eyes of the redhead flashed black and her hair bled to white.

“Contego!” (Protect)

Her voice echoed through the entire artificial planet and the death rays of the Dalek bounced of invisible walls before they ever hit flesh.

“This is impossible. What have you done, Doctor? Dalek Caan? Who is this abomination?”

The now ethereal looking girl waved sheepishly at the creator of the Daleks, ruining her goddesslike unearthliness.

“Hi, I’m Willow.”

Davros stared at her, tried to blast her, but to no avail as his lightning bolt bounced was absorbed by her shields.

In the meantime the girl knelt beside Donna, frowning.

“This is not of the good.”

She glared at the Daleks and at Davros.

“You know it’s not nice to blast people for no good reason. It’s rude.”

The Doctor actually snickered, both of them and his companions could barely contain their mirth. What a strange girl. But they were still worried about Donna.

“She’s not hurt, is she?”

Of course Rose would ask that first.

The former redhead smiled reassuringly at them.

“Nothing I can’t fix. Just a moment.”

She held her hand over Donna.

“Vigoratus!” (heal)

It seemed like Donna began to glow the same radiant ethereal white as this Willow-Person.

Then she was awake.

“Oi, who the hell are you?!”

She jumped up and saw all those young girls and women trying to beat the Daleks into pieces… and failing.

“Willow, you are welco… ARGH!”

Willow nearly fell.

One of her Slayers had just died. She made them, she was connected to them in a very special way.

Donna supported her. Now worried for the girl.

“Are you all right?”

The glowing girl forced an assuring smile.

“Buffy? What is wrong?”

A sort of communication device flickered to life.

A casual and slightly detached voice answered.

“Diane just died, the protection spells are wearing down. Our weapons are no use. Well beside the Scythe and the hammer. So make with the mojo Wills, kill them so we can go. I have a date later you know.”


The Doctors couldn’t help but yell.

The glow had drained right out of Willow at those words and before anyone else could say anything she did.

“Are you making jokes, Buffy? I can’t just kill an entire species?! Do you have any idea what you’re asking?”

She sounded absolutely terrified.

“Oh come on, Wills. You know you are my big gun. This is no different to killing demons. We do that all the time. So get to work.”

Still the voice sounded so trivial, like murdering so many was not worth a notice.

A rather crass contrast to the pained voice of the now red haired and green eyed pixie.

“Buffy, I can’t. The amount of black magic… I can’t handle that. And for record I don’t destroy an entire race just about everyday. Those we kill are hurting people. Killing them. We stop them. We don’t just go and kill all demons just because they are demons. Or Vampires. Buffy, please… Don’t ask that of me. Please.”

The last was but a whisper.

Before the Doctor could get a word in the voice of Buffy replied, now rather irritated and angry.

“Don’t be such a baby, Will. You’ve gone dark before. You can do it. And hey, we stopped you before didn’t we? I promise to even kill you if you go on a killing spree again. I mean after you got us rid of those tin cans from hell. You owe me, Willow.”

The guilt and pain that flitted over her young face nearly broke Donna’s heart.

“You are one heartless bitch! What kind of friend are you?”

Donna Noble was going to have a word with that self-absorbed bitch when this was over, that was for sure. She looked kindly upon the girl.

“You don’t have to. The Doctor’ll think of something.”

Tears streamed down Willows face.

“No… She is right… I… I owe her. I’ll owe her forever.”

She was sobbing now.

“I am so sorry Tara. So sorry.”

The girl closed her eyes.

“Don’t do it! Donna’s right. I am the Doctor. I’ll think of something, I always do.”

But she didn’t seem to hear.

“And the three faces of the witch will be revealed as she ends all things Dalek and the most loyal of companions will be broken.”

The insane Dalek Caan laughed.

But the humans and Davros all watched the girl and didn’t seem to hear. Donna took a step back. It seemed to become so cold around the crying girl. And dark. Frightening.

The skin of the witch became unnatural pale, black veins appeared and the red of her hair bled to a black as black as a black hole.

Then her head snapped down again.

She looked upon Davros, her pools of darkness except a corona of fire where once her iris had been, her lips bloodless and slightly black tinged smirked.

“This” she intoned in a voice devoid emotion. ”is going to be fun.”

She cocked her head to one side in a predatory fashion.

“Bored now.”

Her arm shot out and red and black lightning flew in a steady stream from her hand into Davros.

The Doctors and the Children of Time looked upon the face of pure evil as they heard Davros screamed in unearthly pain and suffering caused by the girl that had mere moments ago, healed Donna .

Soon all his creations screamed with him. The entire crucible was awash in Screams of pain and terror.

Then it was silent.

The head of the black Willow shot to the only survivors, the other girls she had come with had retreated while their foes died in pain.

“Now, what do I do… with you?”

She eyed them like a cat would a mouse, swaggering their direction.

Then she halted, screwed her eyes shut.

“No. I won’t be you anymore. I won’t. I am in control now. I control my power, not my power me!”

Shaking from the sheer amount of volitition it took to rein the dark magic in again she forced herself to stop moving.

Sobbing and shivering she crashed to her knees.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

And there it was again that casual voice.

“Good work Wills. You don’t need slaying do you? Cause I’m already going to be late. No? Good. Knew you wouldn’t let me down. You never do. Never had this loyal a friend. You’re great Willow.”

The line went dead. The Portal began to close.

“Good old reliable me.”

Although whispered those bitter words were understood by all.

Willow tried to stand up.

“Sweetie don’t”

The elder redhead had deactivated the holding cells and knelt now beside Willow.

“How can you let her do that to you?”

The Doctors walked her way, an unreadable but determined expression on their face.

Willow whispered.

“Because… because I… I’m evil. I… I just got better… But… Buffy needed me to…”

She sobbed uncontrollable now.

Rose took hold of one Doctors arm.

“Can’t we help her?”

She obviously ached for the girl on the floor.

“Yeah Space boys. That friend of hers got her brainwashed or something. We can’t send her back to that bitch.”

The two Doctors voices were carefully neutral.

“She just committed genocide.”

“She might be just as big a danger as Davros.”

Rose stepped between both Doctors and the crying girl.

“She didn’t want to, Doctor. Look at her! She’s not evil! She’s totally broken over it! And she did save the whole of creation. Surely you can help her. It’s what you do. You take a human and make them a better person!”

He considered it, but what finally convinced him was Willow herself.

“Go on. Kill me. I deserve worse.”

The look in her eyes was so hopeless…

The portal to her home closed and the children of time idly wondered when Willow’s ‘friend’ would notice she was missing.

The blue clad Doctor had a very thoughtful expression on his face.

The End

You have reached the end of "The threefaced One". This story is complete.

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