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Well I'll be a monkey's Uncle

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Summary: Response to challenge 3095: Uncle Gibbs. After his mother's death, Xander goes to live with his Uncle Jethro. Gibbs/Dinozzo, Xander/? in later chapters. FR18 just to be on the safe side.

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NCIS > Xander-CenteredMiekaFR1868,547710555,3508 Jul 0815 Sep 08No

Home sweet Hellmouth.

Disclaimer: I own nothing! If I did, I wouldn’t be living in this crappy apartment and getting up at 6 am to get to my crappy job. Joss is God. Bellisario is God.

Set at the end in Buffy Season 2 and mid season 2 of NCIS (Kate’s still alive). And through the magic of fan fiction, these take place at the same time. To make the story work let’s just say that season 2 of Buffy took place in 2005 and Xander is 17.
Warning: Here there may be Scooby bashing . . .

Author’s note: This is my first fic . . . be gentle!

Alexander Lavelle Harris, known as Xander to his friends, walked down the slowly darkening streets of Sunnydale towards the place he ruefully referred to as home. He should be floating on cloud nine right now. The world didn’t end last night like they were sure it would. The bad guy who had been haunting his dreams and hunting his friends was gone for good. Best of all, school was out for another year and when it started back up again it would be his final year.

But all was not happy in Xanderland. He had gone to the library in the late afternoon to see his friends and rejoice in their continued existence. Willow had been released from the hospital and asked Xander to meet her there. Neither of them had heard from Buffy yet and they decided to grill Giles to find out where she was. Unfortunately for Xander, Willow arrived before he did.

When he entered the library he was elated to see Buffy alive and well sitting at the table. Willow sat next to her with a frown on her face as Giles leaned against the wall, cleaning his glasses. That’s when the shouting began. Buffy tore into him before he could even say hello. A stream of rage and accusations stream out of her mouth, included some words that no nice slayer should know. Willow had obviously let Buffy know about the spell attempt and its success as well as that fact that Xander had been sent to her with the message. He tried to speak up several times. Each time he only got a word or two out before Buffy’s rant began again. She accused him of pettiness and jealousy, seemingly forgetting all of the evils that Angelus had brought down on them with the hope of Angel’s return. In her eyes, Xander had killed her one, true love.

When she had finally tired enough to stop talking, Xander tried to speak again, to tell his side. He was interrupted, this time by Giles. The watcher looked exhausted to the bone and in need of a good, stiff drink. He suggested they all go home and cool down before anything was said to completely destroy their friendships. Xander bit back his sarcastic comment that it was a little late for that. The girls both nodded, ignoring Xander as they demanded a ride home from Giles. Willow’s only words to her childhood best friend was an angrily whispered "how could you?" as she left the room. Giles followed behind them with a weary sigh.

Left behind on the hellmouth, Xander quickly exited the school to begin the long walk to his house. Normally not the happiest place in his world, his home had gotten progressively worse in the ten days since his mother’s drunken drive home had ended in an accident and a coma. Fortunately she had hit a tree and not another car. He hadn’t had a chance to tell his friends about his mom. With Jenny’s death and the threat of Angelus and Acathla hanging over their heads, Xander didn’t want to add to their worry, especially since his mother’s prognosis was not good. When he had arrived home the night before, after getting Giles safely home, his father, in his drunken stupor, had managed to inform him that his mother wasn’t getting better. Xander had managed to avoid the empty beer bottles thrown his way then.

But after the emotionally draining encounter with the slayer, he doubted he’d be so lucky tonight. He almost hoped a vampire would pop out of the dusk rather then having to face his father again.

Unfortunately, his front door loomed in front of him. ‘Time to face the music,’ he thought, hearing a loud crash from inside the house.
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