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TV + Wish = Bad Idea

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Summary: Answer to ”wishing whilst watching tv = much badness” . Faith and Andrew make big mistakes, and a little trip.

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Stargate > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)LiastraLeeFR1541,95403810,9529 Jul 089 Aug 08Yes

Chapter One


Disclaimer: If only I did own Stargate and Buffy, life would be SWEET.

AN: Like so many others, I find myself answering challenges instead of doing my WIP. Blame the Summer Challenge. EDITED FOR ERRORS THAT WERE ANNOYING MY NICE REVIEWERS

Summary: Answer to ”wishing whilst watching TV = much badness” . Faith and Andrew make big mistakes, and a little trip.

Time line: Post Buffy and Angel, Season 9 Stargate. Air dates and the Buffy time line aren’t going to gel, but just go with it. It’s not important to the story anyway.

Spoilers: Anything at all for all three shows. (Including “Ark of Truth”, but not “Continuum”)

Chapter 1

Andrew’s mistake was innocent.

“Andy, seriously, I’m gonna kill you soon.”

“Oh come on Faith. You’ve watched every single episode with me already, and the first movie. Just watch “Continuum with me and Dana and I’ll leave you alone. I promise.”

“Just shut up about it!” Faith yelled as she, again, left the room to get away from the irritating little nerd. Just her luck to be caught out on her ONE Sci-Fi guilty pleasure by the person who would not only announce it to the whole damn house, but pester her about it for days on end.

It was Dana’s fault. Too bad the girl was too loony to beat down over it. Faith had been looking after her one Friday night after she had been brought in, and Dana had sat down and watched Stargate with her. Faith had assumed that the girl was just bored, but Dana had actually been trying to find something she could get Andrew interested in talking about to her. Apparently she had developed a little crush. And she just HAD to tell him who she had seen it with.

Andrew continued to follow her down a hall and into another room. “I’ll lend you my Season 9 DVDs.”

Faith stopped short of the door to Giles’ office, causing Andrew to nearly knock into her. She was quiet for just a moment. She loved the last 2 seasons of SG-1, but she had only been able to find her season 10 discs when she had left Robin, and she hadn’t had a chance to replace season 9. Damn, Andrew knew how to get someone in their weak spots. She had planned to watch the stupid movie anyway, just not with his never shut up ass. At least not the first time through. She kind of liked nitpicking with him about stuff the second or third viewing. Well, crap.

She turned. “Fine. First the Season 9 marathon, then “Continuum”.


Faith, Andrew, Spike, and a much recovered (after 3 years of extensive therapy) Dana were all piled into the TV room the next night for their Stargate marathon. Xander was just coming in with popcorn as the DVD booted up. Faith had invited the rest of the group on a whim. They already knew about her addiction to the show, and she liked hanging out with them when they were all in one place at the same time. Plus they all watched the show and could nitpick and heckle with the best of them.

The show hadn’t even started when Xander had started in. “I don’t get why you love these seasons so much. There’s no RDA. This show is nothing without O’Neill.’

Spike huffed. “Please, MacGyver had been phoning it in for years before he left. ‘Least Browder wanted to be there.”

Dana giggled. “Xander’s just mad because he was a Jack/Sam shipper.”

Xander made a face. “Hey! They were perfect for each other. Besides, they could have gotten together off screen.”

Everyone snickered at him as the show started.

The running dialog was like an episode of MST3k


“OOOOHHH pretty boy!”


“That’s quality gate porn right there.”

“No, gate porn is those super gates. Now that’s some dirty imagery.”


“And there’s the 4 seconds of Carter for this episode, get your fill Xan.”


“That scruffy look just doesn’t work for Michael Shanks.”


“Ha! Please, these people can be such amateurs.” Faith grumbled as the scene of Vala’s entrance began. “Even Andrew would know better than to let her on the base like that.”

Spike scoffed. “Easy for you to say. Not like you would ever be in that kind of situation. You just kill all your enemies on sight. Can’t go showing back up later if they’re dust. And Andrew would be too busy droolin’ over ‘er to have a single intelligent thought.”

This is where Faith made her, much bigger, mistake. “Yeah, right. Wish Andy and I really WERE there. Then you’d see.”

She knew her mistake almost immediately, but it was too late and in a blink Faith and Andrew were gone.

“Oh, bloody, buggering, hell!!!” Spike shouted as he looked around the room vainly for his friends, or a demon to return them.


Meanwhile Faith and Andrew appeared in the SGC gate room, in the middle of an argument between Vala Mal Doran and Daniel Jackson.

Faith looked at the men in front of her, and the woman and Gate behind her and said the only thing she could think of. “Fuck Me!”
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