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Exchange: A Lesson in Normal

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Exchange". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander teaches his new slayers an old lesson and more of his past is discussed.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other SlashCaliadragonFR1511,585195,9029 Jul 089 Jul 08Yes
Title: Exchange: A Lesson in Normal
Author: Caliadragon
Fandom: Buffy/Supernatural/CSI: New York/CSI: Miami
Category: AU, Angst, Crossover, Humor
Warnings: AU, Angst, mild slash, mild violence, unbeta’d
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me and the original idea for male slayers came from Scorpio.
Part: 1/1
Series: Exchange
1st story here:
Archive: Any list I send it, those with prior permission, BC, TTH, and WwOMB
AN: This series will eventually have three more Fandoms, NCIS, Modern AU Mag 7, and the Sentinel. I will also be Slashing Xander with one of the characters, though I have yet to make up my mind which one. If you have a request for pairings let me know.
Summary: Xander teaches his new slayers and old lesson and more of his past is discussed.

The running was beginning to get old; he was tired and needed to rest. As he ran to where his backup was supposed to be waiting he could hear the hard pounding of footsteps behind him. He cursed and increased his speed. He knew he wasn’t going to make it; the men after him had mostly chased him in cars and now on foot.

He rounded the next corner and avoided being tackled by one of the hunters; he kicked him in the chest and kept running. Speeding up once again, he ran into an ally and jumped the fence landing in a run. Just as he passed the meeting point with his backup he was pulled backwards off his feet grunting in pain as his ribs were squeezed by the arms holding him. “Gotcha!” A voice called triumphantly, Xander kicked backwards and slammed his foot down on the inside of his attacker’s thigh. The man holding him grunted and let him fall, shocked by the strength in his kick.

Xander took off running again and jumped in through the open window at slayer central. He rolled to his feet and calmly walked over to the nearest sofa and sat down with a tired sigh. The door open and the men chasing him trudged through the door. “Hey guys, good hunt.” He said with a sweet grin. Dean groaned and holding his ribs sat down beside him. The others, Ryan included sat on the nearest pieces of furniture all of them pouting slightly. “What did we learn tonight?” He asked looking at all of his slayers.

Xander had only been in the new world for a few months before Slayer egos tried to take over. It wasn’t all of the slayers, but Xander knew he would have to do something to break through their ideas that he was weak and that just because he had knowledge he wouldn’t be a help beyond research. He had had to do it with his girls and now he had to do it with his boys.

“Xander is a slippery bastard and he kicks really hard?” Danny Messer, one of his slayers answered with a grunt.

“Don’t under estimate a normal human?” Horatio Caine asked, while his mate Speed grinned at Xander.

“Right on both accounts!” Xander said with cheerful sarcasm. The other slayers, the younger slayers in particular, nodded as they pouted at him. “Remember I may look 17, but I am in my thirties and I have been fighting with a slayer since I was fourteen. I’ve been bait, I’ve been brother, father, confessor, and general pain in the ass that whole time. I’ll respect and protect you with all that I am, I only ask that you remember that just because I’m normal doesn’t mean I can’t help you. In my reality I gave up an eye, both my legs, and three women, and more friends than I care to remember and I loved most of them beyond all reason, to the fight and nearly died for the cause more times than I care to remember. I’ve killed for my slayers and if I have to I’ll kill for you. Follow my rules and we’ll get along well.” Xander said calmly a gentle smile on his face.

“What are your rules?” Sam, Dean’s brother asked. Sam was also a normal human and extremely intelligent. Unlike in his world Sam was not a seer and both John and Mary Winchester were still alive.

“Rule number one, don’t die. Rule number two, don’t disrespect the watchers. I’m saying this only once. The next slayer to talk down to Sam will be doing the nastiest, most putrid job I can find. Sam is smart, capable, and kind. He is here to help you if you can’t handle it that’s tough.” Xander said coldly.

Colin, one of the more mouthy slayers sneered. “What was he your lover in the other world?”

“No actually he tried to kill me and was responsible for me losing my legs. Dean cut them off, but it was Sam that turned the demons on to me. Of course he was possessed at the time, so it wasn’t his fault.” Xander said matter-of-factly.

Colin paled and he wasn’t the only one. “What happened to that world’s Sam?” Colin asked softly, regretting his snide remarks.

“He killed himself when he found out what happened to me, I never forgave my council for telling him what he did while possessed and it was one of the reasons I was ready to die when the Powers offered me a chance to come here. I loved Sam; he was as close to a brother as I had since I staked my only male friend when I first learned of vampires. Sam’s death drove Dean to recklessness and it killed him too. My world lost two of its greatest hunters and two of the finest human beings I had ever had the pleasure to meet.” Xander said sadly.

Xander had decided in the beginning that he would talk frankly of his final days in his realm, he had lost a great deal towards the end and the pain was draining him as surely as his injuries were killing him. He had blamed Dean for saving him and then hated him for leaving him behind to live a life without his two best friends. He blamed Vi and Rona for Sam’s death. If they hadn’t told Sam about what had happened then Sam and Dean would still be alive in his world. He knew the Powers had a plan, he could only hope that plan included the pair being together and at peace.

It grew quiet after Xander spoke the group looking at him in contemplation. Xander had been very gentle with them since his arrival and had adopted Sam as his second and helper immediately. He was respectful of everyone and playful with Dean. No one could fail to notice he was at ease with the pair and that he was making a point to get to know them.

The other slayers were all treated with a gentle respect that bordered on amusement and annoyance depending on the time of day. Xander’s way of training was a combination of play and fighting. The senior slayers respected him even as they wanted to protect him. The younger slayers had no idea how to treat someone who was older than them, but looked and acted their age. It was a paradox, but then so was Xander.

He was old, but young, gentle, but cold. On his second day in their realm he and Danny Messer were attacked by a large green demon that no one knew what it was. While Danny was trying to fight the creature off and the others were going for weapons, Xander calmly kicked the creature in the back and knocked it off its feet. He then pulled a knife and stabbed the creature in the middle of the head, killing it. As a final act he spit on the creature and the slayers watched in confusion as it melted away. “Their allergic to human saliva, just spit on it next time.” Xander told them quietly. That was the only time until tonight that they had seen Xander in action.

Horatio looked at his mate and smiled slightly, Xander had just proved what he had been saying all along. Horatio had been telling the other slayers that Xander was more dangerous than they thought and that he needed to be treated with respect and as a hunter. Tonight proved what he had been staying and he was one of the few that Xander hadn’t set out on the hunt for him.

Dean and Sam shifted nervously and looked at one another in worry, and then they looked back over at Xander who smiled at them in gentle reassurance. While they looked like his Sam and Dean, they were not. Dean and Ryan’s relationship, which had lasted for nearly ten years, was proof that Dean was different from the man he had known. Sam had no visions and neither Dean nor Sam had the darkness in them that the Sam and Dean he knew did.

John and Mary were alive in this reality and the hatred of demons that the Winchesters had festered for the majority of their lives was not present in either of the brothers. Xander liked them on their own merits and didn’t compare them to the men he had called friends and adopted as brothers.

The truth was Xander saw them, the slayers, as they were to this world. Xander didn’t look at them and try to see if they were like the women and girls he had trained. There was times when he was amused by how alike they were to the slayers he was used to. For instance all slayers had a love of weapons and a naughty nature that came out in the oddest of times. Still Xander wouldn’t give up his new life for anything. He liked working with the slayers and was coming to love them as much as he had his girls.

The End for Now

The End

You have reached the end of "Exchange: A Lesson in Normal". This story is complete.

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