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This story is No. 1 in the series "SuvwI'". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: She sleeps. Do not wake her. (1st in SuvwI'.)

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationThethuthinnangFR15109,2703231051,0939 Jul 087 Nov 12Yes

Chapter Four

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek: The Next Generation belong to their respective creators, Joss Whedon and Gene Roddenberry.

“D'romok,” shouted Haragga. “Get to the—”

From the first compartment, he heard the Romulan officer shout, “Hyaa-aifv-hnah!”

The understructure of the cylinder exploded in a shower of glass and disruptor fire, and liquid rushed out onto the floor. Cold air escaped with a hissing steam. The hand pressing against the glass disappeared, there were several, jarring blows of flesh against steel and glass, and a body tumbled out through the jagged opening that had been blasted into the machine.

The odor of blood filled the room.

“Captain,” shouted D'romok, from the right corner, where he had been kneeling beside the cylinder's power couplings, “the ship's systems are failing. We must get out!”

“Magh,” snarled Haragga, “Magh!” He could not turn to look, but he heard Magh curse as he left the captain's side, dodging disruptor fire, to go to the girl, heard him growl, “Come, be'Hom—”

—and Magh struck the wall beside Haragga headfirst.

Magh struck the floor on his face, unconscious, disruptor clattering out of his hands. Haragga whirled, his own disruptor up and aiming, slamming his back into the wall, his blood hot and throbbing in his veins.

The girl stood before him, and in her hand was a Daqtagh.

Her hair clung to her face and neck. She was naked, and bloody lines striated her body where broken glass and notched steel had torn her flesh.

The girl was skin and bone, unnaturally pale. The blood of her wounds caught at his eyes, violent and striking where it smeared her skin, and her hair was raw, burnished gold.

Green eyes, empty and unseeing, stared blankly at nothing.

Haragga abruptly became aware of the silence. The Romulans had ceased their firing, and he could hear the officer's voice.

“Sogh!” Kahmar threw himself past the open doorway and took position over Magh. “His arm has been broken!”

The girl stood, unmoving.

D'romok had come around the room and to them. He was covered in the blue liquid, his skin and hair white with cold where it touched him, but he showed no signs of discomfort. His eyes were fixed on the girl, and the Daqtagh in her hand.

“Captain,” he said, “I think she is in shock.”

Haragga opened his mouth to ask What did she do? and two Romulans came through the doorway.

Disruptors came up, Klingon and Romulan both. Haragga snarled, “Surrender or die, romuluSngan!” even as one of the Romulans shouted through the translator, “Surrender immediately, Klling'hanha!”

Then they caught sight of the human girl, and their mouths hung open.

More Romulans were filling the room—two and three, five, seven. Haragga exchanged looks with Kahmar between shouts, who gave him a slight nod to show that he understood. The muscles of Haragga's legs tensed as he prepared himself.

Finally, the Romulan officer appeared in the doorway. He glanced through the room, expressionless—and then he saw the girl, who had been standing, motionless, through everything.

“What?” he exclaimed, and then he looked at Haragga, and his eyes widened. “No, do not—”

Haragga attacked.

The Romulan closest to him was barely an arm's length away. He grasped at the midsection of the Romulan's disruptor rifle, pulled, struck at the commando's face with his own disruptor—

—the Romulan commandos raised their own weapons, taking aim—

—Kahmar charged forward, disruptor in one hand, a meqleH in the other—

—the Romulan officer shouted, in tone that was strange in its panic, “No—”

Haragga was uncertain how it happened. He thought perhaps that the commando Kahmar had charged was pushed backward, into one of his fellows, or that the Romulan he was struggling with over the disruptor rifle knocked into someone's arm when Haragga hit his face with such force that he was flung back, or that D'romok's disruptor shot took someone in the shoulder or hand—

“Stop,” cried the Romulan officer—

—but one of the Romulans managed to discharge his disruptor, and the shot went wide.

The energy blast took the girl high in the left arm, burning away at her flesh. Her shoulder jerked, her body half-turning.

Some instinct made Haragga disengage, pull back. He opened his mouth to shout for Kahmar to do the same, but the first officer was already at his side.

The Romulans did not press the attack. They were all staring, even the one whose nose was broken and bleeding, at the girl.

The officer's face was white.

The girl's head came up.

She lifted the Daqtagh


be'Hom | girl

romuluSngan | Romulans

Klling'hanha | [Romulan] Klingons

meqleH | a blade weapon
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