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Damn Vengeance Demons

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Summary: Faith uses the W word while watching TV

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Stargate > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR743,25312712,6429 Jul 0829 Sep 08No

Pop Goes the Stargate

A/N: You asked, I finally had an idea to follow through with. This time it's the episode Singularity.


Faith was beginning to settle in to her little slice of prison at SGC. No one had believed her story, not that she blamed them... who in their right mind would believe her story about a demon sending her into their reality... which was based off a television show in hers. She was mindful of saying too much about what she knew was coming up even though she wasn't really one to watch her mouth. She tried hard to think of the next episode to come on television. She had discovered that there would be at least one more mission in between... well, considering the mission that SG1 had just gone on didn't match anything in her memories.


She was allowed out of her cell every now and then to head to the cafeteria and the toilets. Her assigned guard was pretty lax around her, mainly cause those who saw the footage from the fight from Hathor knew there wasn't much that would stop her. So Faith decided to go the long way back to her cell and detoured near the door to the Gate room. She was in time to hear the report back that everyone on the planet were dead.

Shit. That rang a big bell... what could see remember about that episode. One survivor who was actually a young girl. Who would be called Cassie. Who would ultimately be a potential weapon against Earth because of the bomb implanted in her. Double shit. This one would be hell to explain to anyone.

The SF tugged her arm to try and get her away from what she was listening to. She allowed him to pull her back to her little cell. Before he could lock the door, she asked him to see if she could speak to General Hammond, as she had some important information to tell him.


Hammond sighed at the request to speak to the mystery woman Faith. She had everyone confused as to where she had come from and what she was. They had seen her arrival, caught on film in front of Sam and her fight with Hathor. She moved even faster than Teal'c could at times. He knew that she was humoring them by staying in the cell but at the same time, he knew that she was aware that she had no one else that she could turn to if she left.

Janet had left with her medical team to investigate what SG1 had reported already, so he didn't have any reason to put Faith off any longer.


"General, thanks for visiting," Faith drawled out.

"You said you had some information?" he asked as he stared at her.

"Yeah, SG1 will bring back a young girl. They'll call her Cassie. Get Janet to x-ray her chest... and then keep her away from the Stargate. Do not try to send her back through the Stargate, things will end nastily. And it's not her fault that its like this," Faith warned, trying not to say too much but just enough to let him know that she was aware of what was happening.

"And what would happen?" Hammond tried to order her to give up the information.

"I can't tell you that much, just... listen, ask Sam what the hypothesis is about going back in time and changing things... I don't know if it's the same with travelling to realities that used to be a television show in the other person's reality but I don't wanna fuck things up too badly."

"Duly noted. If you'll excuse me?"

"Just one thing, when can I get into a VIP room or one of the ones given to those who live on base like Teal'c? I'd like a little privacy and it's not like I have anywhere to run to if I'm not behind bars..." she asked with a hopeful smile.

"We'll see," Hammond said before walking off.

"Well, it's a start," she murmured as the door to her cell closed.


Janet listened to what Hammond asked her to do. She needed to x-ray the girl's chest because of something Faith had said. A warning that the young girl was a danger to them potentially even if she wasn't aware of it. She had some lingering doubts over all that Faith had claimed but the girl definitely had a good knowledge of each of them... even things they hadn't told anyone before.


The x-ray results had come in and showed a possible growth near the girl's heart. They had a closer look and realized it was a bomb. The first suggestion of taking her back through the Stargate was shot down by Hammond himself.

"Faith had warned me that it would make matters worse," he explained. "All we need to do is keep her away from the Stargate. So while we await finding a family to adopt her, Janet do you mind looking after her?"

The arrangements were made and Cassie soon moved in with Janet. That left one further thing to do before Hammond would be satisfied.

"Major Carter, could you escort Faith to a VIP room? While taking her there maybe you can discuss what you believe would happen if she told us too much of what was going to happen in the future?"

"Certainly Sir," Sam replied with a slight frown. She had never considered it except from a time travel perspective... maybe she could come up with a way to test it?
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