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Damn Vengeance Demons

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Summary: Faith uses the W word while watching TV

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Stargate > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR743,25312712,6389 Jul 0829 Sep 08No

Divergence Begins

AN - very short addition, but something that I needed to write


Things were improving for Faith. She had been let off base a few times with Janet to visit Cassie and shopping with Sam. On base she had set up a regular sparring match with Teal'c to keep her in shape. Remembering how the sparring started still brought a smile to her face.

Teal'c had been keen to test her after he had witnessed the fight with Hathor. Apparently in the weeks between her arriving and her being moved into a VIP room, he had approached Jack to see about arranging a fight with her. Jack didn't want to because he thought Teal'c would beat her too easily having not seen the original fight. So instead, Teal'c got Sam and Janet to speak to Hammond about it.

When Hammond had heard what Teal'c proposed to do, he quickly agreed. He knew that Jack had seen the security footage of the fight but hadn't really paid too much attention to it; mainly because he was too busy scoffing at the idea that they were a part of a television series. So with the idea of pulling one over his 2IC, Hammond was all for it as soon as they were certain about Faith's story.

The day after she had been moved, Teal'c had shown up and asked her if she would mind playing a prank on Jack. She listened to the idea and readily agreed. She knew that it was something that Jack would have done in any other situation.

Word spread quickly of the upcoming fight and betting was quick to take place. Jack hadn't seen anything of Faith's fight since the time they had watched it in the briefing room. Most of the males in the SGC had bet on Teal'c whereas most of the females who had been involved in taking back the base bet on Faith. And that was his first clue something was up though. The second was that Hammond, Sam, Janet and Daniel were witnessed betting on Faith. He privately bet on Faith, knowing that if he didn't he would be set up to loose.

Most of the people on the base were amazed at how hard the two combatants went at it. Neither were holding back much at all. Although no one knew that Faith was just making it look that way. She could have gone a lot harder but didn't want to hurt Teal'c, so she matched his level.

By the end of the match, she had won a lot of fans. The females had known she would win or push Teal'c. She had also managed to impress not just Jack but Hammond as well. They both agreed that having her train with the SGC teams could help in their hand-to-hand knowledge.

Faith knew that for the moment, the training would be the best she could hope for; they had no means of identifying her properly so she knew the likelihood of her joining a team was slim. But at least they were starting to trust her a little more.
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