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Damn Vengeance Demons

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Summary: Faith uses the W word while watching TV

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Stargate > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR743,25312712,6429 Jul 0829 Sep 08No


Faith groaned, it was all going wrong. Her being in the SGC had changed the timeline. Things were happening that shouldn't have happened for at least another year. Even then, they were occurring without other events she knew of happening amongst them were:

SG1 had met with the Tok'ra but Sam was never taken as a host by Jolinar.
Sha're had returned to Abydos pregnant, but she died while trying to give birth. The infant was found by Apophis.

It was confusing Faith and leaving her coming up blank when the others looked upon her to grant some inside into what would occur. Jack accused her of not wanting to assist them, Teal'c had taken to almost frowning around her and wouldn't spar with her, Daniel was too upset at losing Sha're to talk to her at all. Sam on the other hand was fascinated by the changes occurring and would regularly seek her out to discuss what was happening. When Sam noticed the way the others were behaving around her, she tried to explain that just like with time travel, knowing too much or even slightly changing an event would instantly create new pathways. The battle with Hathor and then the subsequent training of teams with Faith had led to different SG teams being sent out on trips that would have gone originally to SG1.

Faith took comfort in knowing that at least one of them was still interested in keeping her company. Hammond had agreed with Sam's theory and gave her permission to allow Faith to still be allowed to accompany her into town.

So Faith's life settled into a routine that was kind of boring to her but she was following Sam's advised to stay out of Teal'c and Jack's way until they understood it wasn't her fault. She tried to comfort Daniel but wouldn't answer his questions about whether Sha're and the child survived in the television series; she didn't think he needed to know that he would still have lost her and wouldn't have been able to look after the child. She trained the SG teams and started to hang around on base with the Marines of SG3. On the weekend she would head out with Sam and meet up with Janet and Cassie to go shopping or to see the latest films or just have a movie night at one of their houses.

Janet reminded Faith of Joyce; she was so maternal and welcoming. She mothered everyone around her.

Cassie reminded her of Dawn; wanting to grow up so fast but not being allowed to do so at the speed she wanted.

Whereas Sam reminded her of Fred and Willow; good with sciences and computers.

In a way, Faith always knew that things would be almost too good to be true. With her past record, she should have known that things would turn sour and so should have predicted the split from the way she knew things.


However because of the split, Sam never had to undergo the horrors of having someone possessing her like she would have if Jolinar had managed to take her as host. That was a positive. However there was a negative. She didn't have naquadah in her system to be able to operate Goa'uld technologies. This meant that because of their new alliance with the Tok'ra, Sam had to hand over any technologies that had been found; which led to the Tok'ra known as Anise to regularly come to Earth.

Faith warned Sam in advance that not all that Anise would tell them would be the whole truth. She also knew to stay out of Anise's way to ensure she didn't become a test subject. But the Anise that arrived on Earth was not completely the same either. She seemed to hesitate a bit more when questioned. Thought over her answers some more before responding. To Faith, it sounded like a bit of an act but as Sam advised, if the timeline had changed, couldn't Anise?

But ultimately things came back down to a means to solidify their alliance. The Tok'ra wanted someone to become a host. No one seemed willing to do so, except one.

“General Hammond, I volunteer,” Faith announced. “I mean, you have no records of me which means that no one will really miss me when I'm gone. Add to that, the timeline has changed too much for me to make an impact.”

The others at the table stared at her in shock. After hearing of some of the things she had told Sam about the Tok'ra, hearing her volunteer was surprising to all. Sam tried to inform her that she was wrong, the SG teams would miss her but Faith shook her head.

“Seriously, I'm not one to let others boss me around,” she explained. “You all have a responsibility to this world and technically so do I. I can do this and still save the world, just in a different way to the rest of you. I can help Daniel more by spying on Apophis and knowing where Sha're's son is; I can help Teal'c more by assisting more Jaffa to become free... and I can help the rest of you by not being in your way.”

“Are you certain you want to do this Miss Lehane?” Hammond asked gently.

“Give me one day to say goodbye and then I'm all theirs. Trust me, it's the right choice.”


After spending time with the Marines and with Janet and Cassie, Faith found her way to Sam's lab. Inside she found not only Sam but Teal'c and Daniel.

“Did you mean what you said?” Daniel asked. “About spying on Apophis to find the location of the child?”

“Daniel, if I am able to I will find his location for you,” Faith answered truthfully. Daniel nodded and smiled at her.

“Thank you.”

“No probs, gotta get my kicks in somehow and I know finding the boy will definitely hurt the Goa'uld invasion. Add to that, he would gain an awesome father in you... yeah I have no probs in trying to find him for you.”

She looked around and winked at Teal'c. She knew that he wasn't one for words but the fact he was there meant that he supported her decision.

“So Jack still isn't happy with me?” she asked with a sigh.

“Nope, Jack went to get cake,” a voice answered from the door. She turned to see Jack standing there with the cake he had mentioned. “Can't have a farewell without cake now can you?”


The group huddled around eating cake and wondering what was to come with Faith's decision. She just hoped she made the right choice.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Damn Vengeance Demons" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Sep 08.

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