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Summary: A Watcher twice over muses on his Slayer's latest victory.

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Highlander > GeneralMayhemManagedFR151491051,34010 Jul 0810 Jul 08Yes
Last night, my Slayer killed a human. More than one, actually.

She didn’t know it, of course – I lied to her, gave her the Watcher’s Council story that the target was a “K’Morl” demon, capable of masquerading as a human and only killable by decapitation. That was, of course, true – to a point. What he actually was, was Immortal – and a headhunter at that, and one who practiced his beheading skills on innocent bystanders.

Normally, we Watchers do not interfere with the Immortals and their Game. It’s only when someone starts breaking the rules, such as killing civilians, that we act – and then only by surreptitiously getting word to another experienced Immortal about the trouble his brother is causing. Last night, however, there were no other Immortals available – or so we thought.

My Slayer, however, was.

She’s learned her lessons well, at least – the target must have outweighed her by half, and had centuries’ worth of experience with a blade, but she took his head in only a few minutes of fighting. She also never would have done it if she had known what he truly was.

We tend to teach the Slayers a black and white view of the world, painting the demons as black and the humans as white. Usually, they are killed before we get to the grey in the middle. This has the advantage of simplicity, but sometimes it can backfire quite spectacularly.

Like last night.

Instead of dissipating, the target’s Quickening jumped to a young man who had happened to be nearby, if out of sight. My Slayer – clever girl – immediately concluded that he was a “K’Morl”, and thus decapitated him, too. If we – if I – hadn’t mislead her, she might have waited to see if he was actually a threat.

According to the records, the young man had only been Immortal a few months. He never played the Game, never took a head, and possibly never even realized what he was.

And now he’s dead, his Quickening scattered to the winds. There are those on the Council that don’t see this as much of a tragedy.

As far as my Slayer is concerned, last night she prevented two monsters from preying on humanity. The Council doesn’t really care, so long as the Game continues un-won. So why is it that the biggest monster seems to be the one in the mirror?


I read a theory, once, that suggested that if the Watchers in Highlander and Buffy are the same group, they may be have been planning to use the Slayer as a weapon against the Last Immortal, in case he ended up being evil.

Then, I thought, "Would they really wait?"

Regardless, both organizations belong to people who are not me, along with Slayers, Immortals, Quickenings, and any other such copyrighted material. Less generally, they belong to Joss Whedon and . . . and . . . I'm not sure who owns Highlander, really. Not me, that I'm sure of.

The End

You have reached the end of "Monsters". This story is complete.

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