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Friendship Lasts Forever

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Summary: Response to the Buffy and Sam: The Lost Chronicles Challenge

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Friendship(Past Donor)kayleyFR722,8780144,90910 Jul 0810 Jul 08No

Acting Odd?

The first time Buffy had met Sam, she was in Junior High. Sam was in High School and was there to tutor the younger Buffy. There was only a few years difference between the two but Sam had skipped a level earlier on in her learning and so it seemed a much further gap between the two; at least educationally. Buffy had the street smarts whereas Sam had the book smarts. Buffy was a popular girl whereas Sam was looked down upon as a geek.

Hank had promised Buffy that if she managed a B- in her physics test and continue to achieve the marks; then he would allow her to join the ice staking team. Although to many the mark seemed extremely achievable but to Buffy, it was pure torture. She had never gotten anything above a C in the class.


Jacob had told Sam, that if she was going to get into the Air Force Academy after High School she better do some 'community service' to make her application stand out. Sam grumbled over it, because she knew that her grades would get her accepted and if not, her father was likely to pull some strings much to her disgust.

So it was two very bitter teenagers who met up in the local library after school.


To everyone at the SGC, Sam was acting perfectly normal for herself... came in early, worked herself to the bone while trying to solve another scientific problem and forgetting to eat. Teal'c had come in to drag her out of her lab at one stage.

Only one person thought she was acting odd but he needed Daniel and Teal'c to help. He mentioned part of what he had seen to both of them and asked if they knew who the woman was. Neither knew but Daniel mentioned that it might have been the girl they saw Sam with at O'Malley's when he was away.


Sam could tell that he was watching her again and it was beginning to annoy her, even more so than whenever he played with one of her 'doohickeys'.

“Can I help you Sir?” she asked without looking up.

“Just wondering who your friend was the other night?” he asked. Since the others had wanted nothing to do with his scheme, he decided to ask outright.

“She's an old friend of mine,” Sam answered without going into too much detail.


Buffy looked at the paper in front of her. She had managed to score a B on her test. It was the highest she had ever managed to achieve in school. She looked around for Sam, she had to thank her for getting her through it.

As soon as Sam arrived, Buffy rushed over to her, babbling the news about her grade. Sam took the time to smile at Buffy before sitting them down to continue with the subject. She worked with her for the next hour before Buffy's yawns stopped her.

“Boring you?” Sam asked slightly annoyed.

“You're not, but the topic is,” Buffy answered truthfully. “Hey Sam, do you think we could study at my place next time?”

“Umm, yeah I guess... why?” Sam queried.

“I'm not having a shot at you, so please don't think this is an insult cause it's not and you're kinda cool and all... but I really don't want the boys to see me studying,” Buffy rushed through her explanation. “Plus Mom would have all kinds of study snacks if we studied at home.”

“Oh... okay. Yeah I think that will be fine,” Sam replied.



“Was there anything else you needed to know?” Sam asked him.

Jack felt a bit guilty about prying into her private life but he had never seen her so happy except when she had made some major break through. He wanted to see her happy but she had acted so strange when she was with the other girl. Made him feel like he didn't know his 2IC as well as he had believed.

“No, I'll leave you to it,” he replied and headed out the door before stopping. “Actually how about a team poker night on Friday?”

“Sure Sir,” Sam answered with a small smile.

“Good,” he said. He knew he had to work on rebuilding the team trust again and maybe the poker night would be the first step.


Buffy lazed around her apartment in complete boredom. Dawn was off at the local university looking for some obscure text about something or rather and Sam was at work. After knowing Sam's father, Buffy knew she would have no chance that she would get any details besides what wasn't classified out of her friend. But she accepted that without issue, it wasn't like she was hiding a major secret either...


After meeting Merrick, all Buffy wanted to do was talk to Sam about it but she had promised Merrick she wouldn't speak out about anything that had happened. It was hard keeping such an important secret from her friend. Then Merrick was killed. After running off with Pike after killing Lothos, Buffy told her parents the truth. She ended up in the asylum and when she got out, Sam had moved away.


Sam tried to reason with her father when she found out why Buffy hadn't called her. She argued that there wouldn't be anything on her personal file about her friend being committed because it only focussed on her. But Jacob stood firm, knowing that he would not leave anything to chance about Sam getting into the Academy.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Friendship Lasts Forever" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jul 08.

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