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Friendship Lasts Forever

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Summary: Response to the Buffy and Sam: The Lost Chronicles Challenge

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Friendship(Past Donor)kayleyFR722,8780144,90910 Jul 0810 Jul 08No

The Beginning

Disclaimer: I don’t own either the Buffy franchise or the Stargate franchise; therefore I am not making any money from this story.

Answer to the "Buffy and Sam: The Lost Chronicles" challenge

* denotes time passing in the current timeframe
*** denotes change in time whether in the past or the future


“Buffy! Sam’s here,” Joyce called out to her daughter before letting Sam head upstairs. She knew before long the sound of giggling would be drifting down to her. Sam ran up the stairs to Buffy’s room and shut the door; she didn’t want anybody to overhear their conversation.

“So, spill already…” Buffy prompted as Sam settled on the bed with her.

“He asked!” Sam squealed.

“Excellent,” Buffy replied. She was happy for her friend, knowing that Sam had liked Michael for so long. “Where are you going?”

“I don’t know, but we’re going to the movies tomorrow night… which is good cause Dad’s not back until Saturday. You know what he’d be like if he knew,” Sam answered.

Buffy nodded, she thought she had it rough when her Dad tried to stop her from going out with Tyler but Sam had it worse. General Jacob Carter knew how to scare boys off with a single glance.

The two girls giggled long into the night, neither realizing that it would be several years til they next got to do so.


Several Years Later
O’Malley’s Bar & Grill

All Sam wanted to do was work on bringing Colonel O’Neill home but Daniel and Teal’c had joined forces with Janet and dragged her out to dinner. She hated the fact that they couldn’t understand that she needed to be working on her project; O’Neill was depending on her to bring him home. Sighing, she glanced around the room. Two people were at the Pool tables, one who looked awfully familiar.

“Buffy?” she whispered before making her way over to the tables leaving the others staring after her.

Buffy had just taken her shot when she felt someone watching her. She looked up and noticed a familiar face. Her face lit up as she smiled.

“Sammie!” Buffy almost squealed, making Sam feel like they were 15 again.

“Buffy!” Sam called back and the two women hugged. “Oh my god, I’ve missed you.”

“I tried to call you when I got released but no one would let me know where your Dad was stationed,” Buffy babbled.

“I was so angry at him for that,” Sam explained. “When I found out he was refusing to let you contact me because it would potentially look bad on my application to the Air Force, I tried to call you but no one knew where to find you.”

The guy Buffy had been playing was trying to grab their attention. When neither responded, he went to grab the money on the table. Sam quickly grabbed him and shook her head.

“Oh yeah, you think you could stop me?” the guy sneered at them.

“I don’t have to, he will,” Sam said pointing behind the guy to where Teal’c was watching. The guy gulped and put the money back down on the table.

“Just a moment Sam,” Buffy said. “Let me just finish this game…”

She nodded to the guy and within moments had sunk the rest of her balls. She pocketed the money with a smile and the two women went back to Sam’s table.

As they sat down Sam went on to ask, “So why are you in Colorado? I never thought I would see the day you would leave LA?”

“Just travelling, seeing the sights, you know… all that kind of thing,” Buffy explained motioning with her hands. “What about you?”

“Got stationed at NORAD just on the outskirts of Colorado Springs,” Sam replied. “You know how it is, they decide, we move.”

“So true, I could never keep up with where you were,” Buffy agreed before looking at her watch. “Anyways Sammie, I have to go cause my ride’s out front but catch up?”

Sam quickly scribbled down her address and handed it to her.

“Any time, like normal ‘kay?” Sam asked.

“Deal,” Buffy answered. “Probably later tonight.”

“I’ll get the booze and the popcorn ready then.”

They hugged before Buffy raced out the door, leaving Sam with three very curious colleagues.


Spending the whole night awake catching up with Buffy probably wasn’t the best way that Sam could have spent her time but she didn’t care. Buffy and she had been as close as sisters back when they were growing up. No matter where Sam had to move because of her Dad, they stayed in contact. Sam was just lucky that they kept moving back to LA so regularly.

The two had laughed over everything, shared horror graduation stories and gossiped over the lack of love lives for both of them. Sam was shocked and cried after being told of Joyce’s death. Joyce had been like a mother to her after her own mother had died. She was amazed at the achievements that Dawn had received even though there was something niggling in the back of her mind that she didn’t actually know Dawn.

Walking into the SGC, she had a bounce in her step as she went about the project making sure that it would work. Finally making the breakthrough she needed, she proceeded to General Hammond.


Opening the door, Buffy saw Sam in tears. She drew her inside and sat her down, listening to what had made her cry. She soothed her best friend before deciding the next night that they would go out on the town.


Jack hated what he had done to his team; he had said some nasty stuff to Daniel and Carter. After he returned from the mission he had hoped they would understand and move on. Carter especially, since she knew he was only following orders. But when he went to her lab to find her, she wasn’t there. Checking around the base, no one knew where she was except that she had signed out.

He headed for her house, and there was no answer when he knocked. He tried calling her phone, but no one answered. He was tempted to call her cell but knew she would yell if she was trying to avoid him. Instead he decided to head to a bar and have a few before trying again.

Upon entering the bar, he noticed that there was a dance floor set up and groaned. He hated when the bar tried to become a nightclub but others enjoyed it. He found a stool free and sat down, ordering a pint of regular. He watched the dance floor while waiting for his drink and almost fell off his seat. There was Carter.

She was dancing with another woman who had long blonde hair and a similar muscular build even though she was quite a bit shorter. The two looked to be thoroughly enjoying the attention that the males around them were paying them. He looked away as Carter looked up.


Sam was having a ball, Buffy had made her over for the night and the two were determined to break more than a few hearts with their, as Buffy put it, untouchable hotness. It was exactly what she needed to get over her ass of a Colonel. She had briefly explained the situation to Buffy about him as much as she could without giving away massive chunks of state secret information. After that, Buffy had declared a Girls Night Out.

At first, Sam had been a bit uncertain of her friend’s idea but as Buffy pouted, Sam caved. There was only one person who could affect her that way and it was Buffy. She could only imagine the shock on her teams’ faces if they could see her now.

She was wearing a pair of tight, black jeans with a silver halter neck top. Her face had been made up to look smoky and sultry. Buffy on the other hand was wearing a black mini skirt with a tight purple top that showed off her toned midriff. She was wearing black boots with stiletto heels that came up to her knees. Her hair had been loosely tied back and her eyes had been colored to match her top.

Sam looked around their many admirers before focusing on someone near the bar. Her eyes swept passed him before coming back to settle on the man. Her CO. Colonel Jack O’Neill.


“What’s up Sam?” Buffy asked searching around to see what had upset her friend.

“My CO is here.”

“The one who you were crying over last night? Where?”

Sam motioned to him and Buffy maneuvered them so she could check him out. He was exactly as Sam had described him in appearance.

“Well, there are a couple of choices for you,” Buffy said. “We can… a. leave, b. ignore him and hope he goes away or c. make him extremely jealous.”

Sam paled at the thought but then grinned. She wanted pay back that wouldn’t get her court marshaled. And Buffy had just given her the means.

“Jealous it is,” she said and Buffy laughed, it reminded her of the time when Sam had encouraged her to make Tyler jealous.


Several Years Earlier
Hemery High

“Sammie, he won’t talk to me,” Buffy cried to her friend.

“He’s a jerk Buffy, why do you want to go out with him any way?” Sam asked.

“Cause he’s hot, duh!” Buffy replied.

The two girls sighed briefly before getting back to the point. How to get Tyler to go out with Buffy.

“How about paying Tyron attention, you know… make Tyler jealous over you paying Tyron attention and not him,” Sam offered. “You know how much those two hate each other.”


Jack almost spat out his drink when he noticed the way Carter and the other woman were dancing. They were so close to one another. The other guys were watching as well. Jack wouldn’t be surprised if many of them were drooling.

He couldn’t let anyone else see her this way. The Air Force would look down upon her, thinking she was in a public relationship with the female, going against the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell unspoken policy. He had to find a way to stop her before she ruined her career. At least, that’s what he was telling himself as he made his way through the crowd forming.


Buffy could see Sam’s CO heading their way. He looked pissed. She smirked at him, when she could.

“Sam, he’s coming this way and he does not look happy,” Buffy gave her friend the heads up.

“Shall we go?” Sam asked not wanting to face him so soon.


The two headed off deeper into the crowd as they made their way towards the exit. To anyone who wasn’t them, it looked as though they were going to make out. As they left the bar, the two of them burst out laughing and made their way to Sam’s car.

“Oh my goddess,” Buffy sighed out while trying not to laugh. “You should have seen his face.”

“10 to 1 he shows up at my place later tonight,” Sam said as they drove off.

“I’m no sucker,” Buffy replied.

The rest of the drive was filled with the sounds of the two of them laughing.


Jack was beyond annoyed. He knew whoever it was dancing with Sam had told her that he was coming over. And so the two of them left. Together.

He was confused as anything because he had never seen his 2IC acting in that kind of manner. She was looking happy, and extremely hot. He’d never seen her wearing anything remotely dressy in the few years he had known her. He had to find out what was going on. And to do that, he had to enlist some help.
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