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What's Been and Gone

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Interventions". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: 'He watched as she unfolded the drawing. ''Thought you might want some help if you're gonna save the world...''' Late Buffy Season 7 crossover.

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PenfoldFR15934,626102315,65010 Jul 0810 Jul 08Yes


Night – Abandoned warehouse, Glasgow, UK, Present Day... A Few Months Later

She was a mess.

Her right eye was swollen shut. Not that it mattered; a wicked cut to her right eyebrow had bled freely and would have blinded that eye with blood anyway. Her lips were cut in several places and blood ran from her nose. She wondered if it was broken. It hurt like hell. The creature hadn’t neglected her body either. Her ribs were bruised and - judging from the pain of just breathing - cracked in places and three of her fingers were broken. Any thoughts she might have had about how she might repay the beast in kind were forestalled by the wire bindings cutting into her wrists, ankles and upper arms that fixed her firmly in the heavy iron seat.

On reflection, she decided, rushing in without waiting for the others had been all kinds of dumb. Now she had no idea where she was and the others probably didn’t even know she was missing yet. So the chances of getting out in one piece were sinking faster than a cold beer on a hot day. A massive horned fist caught her again across the jaw. She gave the world a couple of seconds to stop spinning then inspected the damage to her mouth with her tongue. Two teeth loose.


Then she felt the connection, a gentle caress of her consciousness.

It took the creature a moment to realise the helpless beaten Slayer in the chair was grinning.

''Why smile, Slayer,'' it hissed from a mouth not designed for human speech, ''when you’re going to die so very soon?''

Then she actually laughed. Not a hysterical, terrified laugh but a genuine throaty chuckle.

It slapped her across the face for having the temerity to mock. ''Why does the dead Slayer laugh?!'' it roared.

She spat blood from her mouth before she replied. ''Just realised I’m gonna say somethin' I would’ve sworn blind would never pass my lips.'' She looked up at the thing with an impossibly cocky grin plastered across her swollen face. '''My boyfriend is so gonna kick your ass.'''

''Nothing can threaten me, human child. I am forever. I am inviolate.''

She snorted. ''How nice for ya. One thing though; I’m Faith. I’m a Slayer. I'm the last of the Chosen Ones. I’m the gal that staked Kakistos. Hell, I helped take down the First Evil. But you know what? Of the two of us, it’s my boy that’s the bad-ass.'' The look on whatever passed for the creature's face showed that he - it, whatever - clearly wasn’t convinced, assured it must be some pathetic ploy. ''Seriously, dude. Oh, you’re the Big Bad, huh? All huge and snakey and spikey? You’ve got game, sure. You’ve got some right on ya, I’ll give ya that. But my boy? He can wipe out a whole city in about half a second.'' From the creature’s look she insisted. ''I swear, cross my heart.'' She looked down at her chest and the tight bindings. ''If I could. Hey, what the hell do you think happened to Sunnydale, anyway? Leprechauns? That was my man.''

Outside the room she could here the sounds of the minions dying. Why were there always minions? Then the heavy steel door that blocked the exit shook. For a moment it resisted, then with a deafening squeal, it tore from its housing and crashed to the floor.

''He’s hee-re'', crowed Faith.

Her captor tensed, massive armoured limbs rippling with corded muscle, as it prepared to tear this interloper to pieces. Yet a surprisingly normal looking human appeared in the doorway. It was... disappointing. It was... It was a human that didn’t even spare him a glance as he entered the room. The Slayer was his entire focus.

It was infuriating.


''Hey lover! How ya doing?''

''Better than you. What did we say about back-up?''

''Are we gonna do this now? Really? 'cause I think I got the message this time, ‘kay?''


''In, like, giant Vegas neon.''

''Silence!'' roared the beast, its dense chitinous armour chattering ominously as it rippled in fury. ''Why did you come here, human?''

Peter looked in bemusement at Faith, who could only shrug against her bindings. He answered as if he was talking to a simpleton. '''Cause you’ve got my girlfriend. And I want her back.''

The creature showed a mouthful of razor-like teeth. ''And how do you propose to achieve this feat?''

''Planned on killing you.''

The beast showed more teeth. ''No human is faster than I.''

Then the Slayer piped up. ''Oh, hey. I forget to tell you? He can freeze time.''

Before the thing had a chance to formulate a reply a spasm twitched its body and blood-red eyes rolled back in its skull. It collapsed heavily to the ground, a massive gaping wound in the back of its head. Peter stood alone with a fist covered in black feculent demon brain matter.

''Oh yeah; and he can put his fist right through your brain. My bad.''

The End

You have reached the end of "What's Been and Gone". This story is complete.

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