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Summary: He was never gonna live this one down. FFA Xander/John Winchester

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OthersupercrossnaturalFR131559063,26410 Jul 0810 Jul 08No

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke

Spoilers: Post “Chosen”

He was never gonna live this one down.

Unless of course he managed to stop the gossip from starting at the source, which would be his youngest ward, Ashley, and that was impossible now. With him chasing after a demon he let escape, he just knew that his two best slayers were deciding when to come to his rescue, and Ashley was taking their momentary distraction to text every slayer in her phonebook, one of which being Buffy, who would, in turn, send it to Willow, Dawn and Faith.

So in short, no, he was never gonna live this one down.

It wasn’t his fault the demon managed to break through his defense, machete in hand or not, because it knew the slayers surrounding him would easily stop him.

“Why is this demon so fast?” His question fell on deaf ears as he continued his pursuit through the forest. Knowing what was ahead, Xander pushed himself even more, but he didn’t notice the tree root in his path. Tripping over that gave the demon enough time to escape the forest and make it to the road.


They weren’t in a major city, so exposure wasn’t that bad of a problem, but Xander refused to let this demon go. Pushing himself up, Xander continued his pursuit, coming out of the forest to see demon’s considerable lead over him. Before he could start running again, he heard a noise behind him and stepped out of the way just in time for a pick-up truck to stop in front of him.

“Need a hand with that demon?”

Not really caring at the moment how the guy knew, Xander nodded and got in, the truck speeding off toward the still running demon. Questions could come later and they probably would. Upper body hanging out the window, Xander pulled his machete back, as if he was swinging a baseball bat and swung just as they caught up to the demon. The head went flying while the body dropped, dead. Pulling himself back in the truck, machete resting on his lap, Xander nodded.

“Better than hitting mailboxes any day.”

The man didn’t even laugh.

“I should probably get back to my people,” Xander spoke, keeping it vague. He wasn’t letting anyone near the slayers who might mean them harm, possible demon hunter or not.

He managed to get a nod from the man as the truck slowed and was put in reverse. He was taking him back to where he came out of the forest.

“Anyway I can repay you for the ride?”

He must have been giving off a vibe or something because the next thing he knew he was in the guy’s motel room! Stupid demon magnet curse can apparently also translate to humans.

He made sure to call his girls first, which was a mistake because sometime during the night with John Winchester, Buffy, Willow, Dawn and Faith had called, each leaving their own unique voicemail messages.

Oh yea, he was definitely never going to live this down.

I normally don’t like John Winchester that much, so instead of killing him off or just not having in a story, I figured, just make him gay! This way, I simply adore him!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Grapevine" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jul 08.

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