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Harry Hunting

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Summary: Response to NeilDingley's "Faith Goes Harry Hunting" challenge. Faith goes to England to kill Harry, but ends up falling in love with him instead. NOTE: I'm revising this story to make it longer and better written.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Harry PottergothgirlFR1831,3521225,01410 Jul 089 Aug 08No

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.


“When we first met, I wanted to kill him. Sometimes it still seems like a good idea.” –Faith Lehane Potter


“Faith! I have a job for you!” cried Mayor Wilkins as he came striding into the room.

The 17 year old girl turned and looked up at him from her position on the bed. She had been reading, a rare occurrence for her, even if it was a weapons book. “Yeah?” she asked.

“An old friend of mine recently passed away.” The mayor stopped. “Actually, he was killed. Anyway, I made a promise to him, that, if he were to die, I was to hunt down and kill one Harry Potter.”

Faith grinned. “And you want me to kill him?” she asked.

The mayor smiled. “Yes.”

“Awesome! Where do I find him?”

“England. I will have a plane arranged to take you there immediately.” Mayor Wilkins said, smiling. “And don’t worry about the other Slayer, Faith. I’ll take care of them as soon as I Ascend.”

Faith’s face broke back into a smile. “Alright,” she said, nodding. “Where do I go once I get there?”

“I will arrange a taxi cab to take you to the Malfoy Mansion. From there I’m sure you will be able to track him down. I will have a briefing typed up for you to read on your way to England.”

Faith tossed aside her book. “I’m gonna go pack.”


Sorry about shortness. Chapters will get longer, but only if I feel that people enjoy this story and want more of it.

Will not be updating another chapter until I get at least 1 review.
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