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The 13 Lives of Xander Harris

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Summary: When Xander's plan to dress as a soldier for Halloween goes out the window he decides to go as everyone's favorite Time Lord, after that the Scoobies' lives will never be the same.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredbigkahunaFR1815,8682235,92611 Jul 0811 Jul 08No
Disclaimer: I own nothing, Joss owns all the characters, DW is owned by the BBC, please don't sue me.

AN: This something that's been kicking in my head for awhile and I thought would be a nice twist on the standard Xander/Halloween story, read on, enjoy, and if you think this is worth developing further let me know. Also some of you may have read my other story Hero and realized I have not updated it in quite awhile, I have not abandoned it, I'm in the process of finishining it and then I'll release it in parts over time. And now we join our favorite scooby in the midst of slight problem.

Feedback: Sure, why not.

***Ethan’s Costume Shop October 30th 1998***

Xander wandered through the costume shop looking for different ideas for a Halloween costume. His original plans to dress as a soldier were pretty much out the window when in a rare moment of parenting his mother had cleaned his room trashing most of his stuff. Xander was fortunate enough to save his comic books, but the fatigues he had were now enjoying their new resting place at the Sunnydale dump.

As he was moving through the aisles looking for an appropriate costume (i.e. cheap) he accidentally bumped into none other than Cordelia Chase, self proclaimed queen of Sunnydale High School, and the rest of her flock of sheep.

Cordelia pushed Xander and snarked, “Excuse me, can’t you see that I’m standing here, loser!”

Xander looked at her with a mock expression of snootiness and replied in a very Giles like voice, “Forgive me my dear Cordelia for being of such low standing to dare try and share the same oxygen of one of high class and good standing. Please grant mercy to one as low as I so that I might be able to go on living” ending with a bow to further infuriate the girl.

Cordelia stared daggers at Xander and huffed, “As if you’d know how we of high society apologize, News Flash, we don’t! C’mon girls, let’s go to Party Town, obviously this place is only good for the Sunnydale trash.”

While walking away she looked over her shoulder and shouted, “You’re in the wrong aisle, the $2 costumes are at the other end of the store, hey if they have a garbage man’s costume that’ll give you a good preview for what you’ll do if you manage to graduate.”

With that statement Xander glared and muttered to himself, “May not be the smartest, but I do try I just wish they’d-”

“Can I help you young man?” a voice asked from behind. “Allow me to introduce myself my name is Ethan and I couldn’t help overhearing the comments your girlfriend made and if you need help with your costume I’d be glad to give it.”

Xander turned to him and chuckled sarcastically, “I’m Xander and Cordy isn’t my girlfriend, she and I have developed a nice mutual loathing of each other, and as much as I hate to admit it she’s right, I only have about $20 to spend so I don’t think that will get me much in the way of a costume.”

“Nonsense, I do believe we could work out something, tell you what you pick out a costume and if you promise to tell everyone where you got it I let you have it for $20. Now let’s see what we can find for you first. What would you like to go as a superhero, a villain, a monster, a movie star?” Ethan asked Xander hoping the boy would pick something original and not the standard vampire or Superman costume.

Xander looked at some of the costumes in the store and gave the question some thought. He didn’t want to be a superhero and definitely not a villain, as he was walking down the aisle he noticed that their were not just costumes, but also props from sci-fi movies and TV shows.

On one of the shelves he noticed something that was a little longer than a pen and asked “Hey this looks pretty familiar, is this a sonic screwdriver?”

Ethan’s eyes lit up at the mention of the prop, “Yes actually that is exactly what it is I had no idea they had that program here across the pond, I actually had one person think it was a tire gauge, Hmmm Americans.”

Xander laughed out loud replying, “Are you kidding me I used to watch Doctor Who all the time with my uncle when I was a little kid, and I loved the movie that came out a couple of years ago with Paul McGann, although I thought Eric Roberts was kind of a joke.”

Ethan smirked “I agree with you The Master was always English, but it was nice seeing Sylvester McCoy play the 7th Doctor one last time though, he was always my favorite.”

“Yeah the 7th doctor was always pretty cool, but my favorite was Jon Pertwee, he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and was always very protective of his companions” explained Xander. He looked at the prop again and thought it would be pretty cool to go as The Doctor he looked at Ethan and said. “I’ll take this.”

“Excellent choice young man, although I don’t really have any costumes that are specifically for any of the doctors incarnations I do have an long overcoat and scarf that appear similar to Tom Baker’s 4th doctor to add to the screwdriver, would that do?”

Xander smiled at Ethan, “That’d be great! I’ll just pretend I’m like the 12th Doctor.” Looking at the sonic screwdriver and imagining how cool it would be to dress as one of his favorite characters.

“Hold on one second and let me go get the coat and scarf.” Ethan went behind the curtain in the back of his store and smiled to himself, “Oh that boy is going to have a night to remember; tonight a Time Lord will rise.”

***Later that night, streets of Sunnydale October 31st 1998 shortly after ***

“Now this is interesting where am I?” said the Doctor as he noticed he was on the street in a small town and apparently surrounded by some of the strangest and rowdiest aliens he had ever seen in all of his lives.

“Xander, thank goodness we need to find Buffy!” cried out a red haired teenage girl running up to him.

He looked the girl over smiling he held out his hand, “I’m sorry miss I’m afraid you have me confused with someone else. I’m the Doctor.”

“Quit goofing around Xander we need find Buffy and get somewhere safe.” She stepped forward only to pass right through her childhood friend. This caused her to gasp and Xander to look at her astonished.

“My word what planet is this? It can’t be Earth holographic messaging wasn’t available until RoseMac Industries perfected it back in 2013 and all these aliens running around in front of people didn’t start happening until 2058 it can’t be any later until around the late 1990’s.” the doctor asked.

Willow took one look at her friend and realized she wasn’t talking to Xander anymore, this actually was the Doctor. She took a deep breath and said, “Xan-eh Doctor, this is earth and it’s 1998 I’m not a hologram I’m a ghost.”

“Amazing I’ve never seen a ghost able to keep their natural shape as well as you have my dear, you look so solid.” Giving Willow another once over that was making the girl seem even more self conscious about what she was wearing he asked, “What exactly are you a ghost of?”

Willow blushed deeply and said, “I’m not a ghost of anything, this is what I was dressed as under my costume, I was a ghost and Buffy was dressed as, OH MY GOD BUFFY!” Willow screamed looking over the Doctor’s shoulder.

The Doctor spun around only to see a girl of no more than 16 dressed as a 18th century noblewoman shrieking at a car, “Demon! DEMON!” While shrieking away from the car the girl tripped and fell on her butt causing her to breakdown crying.

Raising an eyebrow and looking back at Willow the Doctor asked, “I take it you know this girl?”

Willow looked shocked at Buffy’s reaction to the car and just nodded at the Doctor.

Deciding to take the initiative he walked over to the cowering girl and introduced himself, “Greetings young lady, I’m the Doctor can I be of some assistance.”

The weeping girl looked up at him, “Yes can you take me home, I’m supposed to be going a dinner party my Daddy is throwing for my 17th birthday and now I’m here in this strange place with demons, rogues, and harlots.” She said looking warily at Willow and suspiciously at the Doctor.

“Now young lady there’s no need to be rude, believe it or not this young woman over here is a friend of yours and I’d like to help you get to where you need to go if you’ll allow me.” He said smiling.

Turning to Willow the Doctor stated, “With all this chaos going on we need to get to somewhere safe my TARDIS would be the best idea.”

Not being able to keep the charade up anymore Willow responded “Doctor your TARDIS isn’t here, in fact your not really the Doctor, there are no Time Lords, Buffy is the Slayer, and we really need to get inside!”

The Doctor was taken aback by the girl’s words, “What do you mean the TARDIS isn’t here and there are no Time Lords, I think I would know who I were or were not.” He put his hands on his chest and felt that he had two heartbeats something that was common for Time Lord biology.

“No Doctor-Xander look, Buffy and I dressed up as different people for Halloween and you dressed as The Doctor, you’re really my best friend Xander and you wanted to dress up as your favorite character from Doctor Who and now I’maghostandBuffy’sadimwitandyourenglishandweneedtofindGilessohecanfixthis.” Willow babbled.

“My dear child if you weren’t a ghost I’d suggest you take a deep breath before you pass out, however since I don’t think your making this up let’s find this Giles character to see if they can “fix this” as you so eloquently put it.” He leaned down and helped the frightened girl up. “Now where can we find this individual?”

Willow looked at him and Buffy and said, “At the Library, follow me.”

***Sunnydale High School the exact same time***

As the group made there way across town carefully avoiding some of the other students that had been affected by their costumes a blue Police Box materialized outside the steps of Sunnydale High School. After it had appeared a dark haired man in his mid 30’s wearing a brown pinstripe suit and red trainers stepped out from inside the box.

Looking carefully around, he thought aloud, “What am I doing here?”

Spike and Drusilla’s Warehouse also the exact same time

“Oh my Spike the stars sing to me.” Drusilla danced around Spike. “The two faced god changes everything the Slayer will be just a girl again.”

Spike shot her a weird look, “What’s that Pet, what about the slayer?”

Drusilla embraced Spike smiling, “The naughty man has had the two faced god take the slayer away, you can have her my spike and all she’ll do is cry for cake and her Daddy!”

“You’re saying I can kill the Slayer?” Spike finally understanding, “She won’t be able to fight and none of her friends will be able to stop me?”
At the mention of the slayer’s friends Drusilla screamed aloud and then suddenly clutched her head, “MY KITTEN NO! He will no longer be a kitten, he will be the chameleon always changing to protect his loved ones, always in harms way, surrounded by family but always alone, he is the destroyer of darkness, the oncoming storm, the seer will run from him, the raven will kill him, and the girl who is not a girl will love him, No, No, No!!!!!”

Spike stared at her ravings, “Stay with me here luv, where can I find the Slayer and then we’ll work on your kitten.” Normally he wouldn’t have the patience for Dru’s mindless rambling, but if he could kill the Slayer he’d put up with her for now.

“She’s with the evil watcher, if you kill her now Ms. Edith and I can have cakes.” Dru whimpered.

Smiling Spike yelled, “Marcus, get everyone together I got me a Slayer to kill.”

***Sunnydale High School library***

Rupert Giles was just sitting down to cup of tea and a little pleasure reading when he heard voices coming from the hallway, sighing he closed his book and waited for what was no doubt his young charges to appear. When the doors open he was greeted with one of the strangest sights he had ever encountered Xander wearing a long overcoat and scarf trading barbs with Cordelia who was in a rather tattered cat suit and Willow and Buffy trailing behind them with Willow looking ready to scream and Buffy looking terrified at the two bickering teenagers.

“Geez Xander you can’t even pick out a cool costume and how did you get that vampire off of us with that stupid pen light?” Cordelia sniped.

“I keep telling you it’s not a pen light it’s a sonic screwdriver and it works by, oh why bother. Are you Mr. Giles?” Xander asked.

“Of course I’m Mr. Giles although you usually shorten it to the annoying G-Man and why are you speaking with a Northern accent?” Giles asked.

“Lots of planets have a north, and my name isn’t Xander as I keep trying to explain to these two.” Waving at Willow and Cordelia. “I have no idea how I ended up here, one minute I’m on the TARDIS about attend the Venusian Concert on Menos Korba and the next thing I know I have one ghost, a very confused noblewoman from the 18th century, and this annoying trollup following me around!”

“Who are you calling a troll you scruffy looking geek?” Cried Cordelia: no one could mistake the venom in her voice.

Giles noticed the by play happening between the two when several words stuck out in Giles head, “Sonic Screwdriver? TARDIS?!” Looking Xander up and down again, “Doctor, is that you?”

Xander turned from the cheerleader and grinned, “Finally someone recognizes me, pleasure to meet you and you are?”

“Sorry, Rupert Giles of the Council of Watchers, this is Cordelia Chase, Willow Rosenberg and that is my Slayer Buffy Summers.” Giles smiled at the Doctor shaking his hand.

“The Watchers, astounding I worked with your group back in the 1500s, I must say it’s nice to know you chaps are still around. Tell me does the council still have an estate in the Costwalds?” Xander asked.

“As a matter of fact yes they do, I had just been there a little while ago and then suddenly the TARDIS brought me to this town. Now I think I know why.” Claimed a new voice from a man who walked out of the stacks.

All eyes looked at the newcomer warily sensing distrust, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am also the Doctor.”

To say the next few minutes were confusing would be great understatement Willow and Cordelia were screaming out wanting to know what was going on, Buffy had fainted, Xander was looking at The Doctor and Giles had started rather furiously polishing his glasses.

Xander looked over at the Doctor and smiled, “Nice to see an old face you were one of my better regenerations, I must say I did wear that suit well. Tell me is Donna still with you or are you at your in between stage before you met River and Taryn?”

The Doctor looked dumbstruck for all of one second before replying, “I’m in between so to speak, however you’re not really me Alex.”

“Oh don’t start with this again, I already explained to these kids that costume from TV show I’m a real person.” Xander explained. “In fact with the Watcher here we can confirm that right now, Mr. Giles do you have a copy of the Torchwood Chronicle?”

Looking between Xander and the other man Giles answered, “Yes I do Willow would you go into my office and retrieve a large red volume on the second shelf.”

Willow walked up to the office before she remembered what had happened to her, “Giles I can’t do that, that’s the whole reason we were on her way over here we all turned into our costumes.” To prove the point she walked right through the closed door of Giles office and that back out again.

“Good Lord, how did this happen?!”, Giles screamed.

“I don’t know, one minute we’re all out with those kids and next I’m a ghost, Buffy is a scared little girl, and Xander, well Xander is the Doctor.” Explained the red haired ghost.

The Doctor finally spoke up, “That would explain why the TARDIS brought me here if Xander became me then the TARDIS would have brought me here, I have it programmed to go to anyplace a suspected Time Lord might be.” Turning to Xander, “Do you believe your friend now that even though you may think you’re the Doctor, you’re not really me?”

Xander, looking more than a little annoyed, shot back, “No I don’t believe it for starters I have two hearts, here feel.”

Giles examined Xander’s chest and indeed was able to detect two heart beats, looking at the Doctor he replied, “I hate to deny this, but he does indeed have two hearts, whatever happened tonight could have changed his biology to a Time Lords.”

Before the Doctor could reply Willow asked, “Giles wait a minute how can The Doctor be real, it’s just a stupid TV show that I used to watch with Xander and that guy doesn’t even look like any of the doctors from the show, this has to be some kind of spell.” No way could a fictional character come to life, it was just a TV show.

Giles looked at everyone and started to explain, “The Doctor is indeed real the reason it became a form of entertainment, or “stupid TV show” as you put it Willow was because in the early 1960’s a young man by the name of Cecil Weber came across a thought to be lost volume chronicling some of the Doctor’s adventures with the Council. Being a writer himself and realizing the entertainment value of the chronicle he began developing a television series for children that eventually became Doctor Who. Since the Watcher’s realized no one would believe it was real they allowed the program to go forward.”

When Giles finished Willow was shocked, Cordelia was bored, and Buffy was still out cold. Both Xander and The Doctor were nodding in agreement with Giles summary. Taking the silence, Giles continued, “Now you say that all of you were transformed into your costumes, however I see that Cordelia is still human and not a feline, why is this?”

Cordy finally entered the conversation snottily by saying, “Because I got my costume from Party Town, duh. Do you think I’d get it from the creepy guy Ethan’s that place was nasty.”

Giles looked sharply at the cheerleader, “Wait did you say Ethan’s?” at her nod Giles face got much darker.

“Willow I need you to show me where this place is-” looking over at Xander and the Doctor, “Gentleman can I ask that you stay here with Cordelia and Buffy and keep them safe.”

“No problem.” Both men replied at the same time which caused them to grin.

Walking over to the weapons cabinet Giles retrieved an Axe and two daggers and proceeded to the door looking back to Buffy who was still unconscious, “Xander would you put her on the sofa in my office hopefully we can have this fixed before she comes too.”

Rather than try to argue about who he was the young Time Lord nodded his head and picked up the girl placing her in the Watcher’s office. When he returned to the main area of the Library the Watcher and the Ghost had both left and he was staring at his past self. The two men looked at each other not saying a single word.

Not being able to stand the silence anymore Cordelia asked, “So what happens to dweeb-boy after all of this is over?”

Both men glared at the immature girl with Xander finally asking, “You know for someone who calls him so many names and claims to detest him so much you sure seem concerned about him, why is that do you care for him?”

Scoffing at such a thing, “Care about Xander I don’t think so, the dork saved my life and if something happened to him I’d never hear the end of it from Willow.” Cordelia turned from both men not wanting them to see how concerned she actually was for Xander, ever since the incident with that Frankenstein wannabe Daryl Epps Cordelia had been seeing Xander differently. Rather than admit she had feelings for him she had just started sniping at him more, it was easier that way.

Xander then turned to the Doctor and asked him, “If this is all part of a spell there’s a good chance that this body will return to normal after it has been broken, don’t you agree?”

The Doctor looked carefully at the boy and nodded, although the he had come to accept his position as the universes last Time Lord having this boy as one of his fellows was nice if only temporarily. Taking a deep breath he said, “In all likelihood things will reverse and all those affected by the spell will return to their normal states. It’s a good thing this happened on Halloween as the Watcher’s would put it a dead night for the undead.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that I’m feeling pretty frisky myself.” Said Spike in full game face surrounded by over a dozen vampires.

***Ethan’s Costume Shop same time***

“Tell me how to break the spell Ethan.” Rupert Giles said while kicking the prone form on the floor.

Giles had wished they had gotten there sooner, but before arriving at Ethan’s Giles and Willow had stopped and retrieved the girl’s body. If the spell or whatever Ethan had done to cause this mess was broken Willow would be restored and the other would be safe. After arriving Giles had instructed Willow to wait in the car while he had gone into the store to find his former friend. Giles knew that trying to reason with Ethan was out of the question so Giles fell back on his old stand-by: he started beating the tar out of him.

“Same old Ripper, tell me do your new friends know about the old you?” Ethan sneered from the floor.
Kicking again in the ribs Giles asked, “If you don’t tell me how to break the spell I’m going to start cutting off your fingers.” To prove his point Giles took one of his daggers and slashed Ethan across the face.

Ethan finally looked at Giles and pointed at the statue of Janus, “Smash the statue.”

Upon destroying the bust of Janus a barely visible wave of golden light shot out from the store. Giles turned to Ethan bent down and said, “You have 1 day to leave this place and never return, pray that you never see me again Ethan.”

“Oh, Ripper you always were one for the dramatic, tell me if you have Slayer have you had a chance to nip that litt-”Ethan never got to finish his sentence due to Giles kicking him in the face with the heel of his shoe. As Giles left the store he started to make his way to his car where he found Willow waiting for him.

“How do you feel?” he asked the young girl.

Willow being extremely happy to be solid again launched herself at Giles hugging the man, “Thank you Giles.”

Giles hugged the girl back and smiled, happy to know that one of his children would be okay, “Let’s get back to the library and we’ll see how the others are, okay.”

***Sunnydale High School Library 10 minutes before the spell was broken***

Cordelia watched the oncoming melee from the relative safety of the Watcher’s office. Upon Spike and his cronies arrival, Xander had grabbed her and then locked her in Giles Office using that stupid sonic screwdriver thing.

After that he had immediately gone to help the strange guy calling himself the Doctor try and stop Spike and the other vampires. Both of them had started using there screwdrivers to send the vamps crashing through the library doors after which both men ran to the weapons locker to retrieve swords to better fight off the undead.

Xander turned to the Doctor, “I’m guessing trying to reason with these things is pretty much out of the question.”

“Goes without saying, let’s just try and keep them from the girls as long as possible, Xander, no Doctor it’s been a pleasure.” The Doctor grinned at the boy.

“Like wise Doctor.” Upon saluting each other with there swords they waited for the vampires to come back into the library.

They were not disappointed, Spike had sent four vamps in as a suicide attack, Xander kicked one in the groin and swung around with his sword to behead another vampire turning it to dust. The Doctor had used his sonic screwdriver to knock both vampires to the ground and with a clean swish decapitated them both as well. As the only remaining vampire looked about ready to run Spike and the rest of his group re- entered the library and began surrounding both the Doctor and Xander.

Both the Doctor and Xander put up a strong fight but within minutes were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of Spike’s forces. Both men were held by two vampires each while Spike made his way to the office and broke down the door. Grabbing both Buffy and Cordelia he dragged them into the main library and threw both to the floor. Cordelia tried to get up and attack but one of the vampire but was quickly subdued, Buffy meanwhile cowered on the floor too terrified to do anything.

“Well looks like Dru was right, poor little Slayer is just a frightened girl.” The blond vamp quipped.

“Please sir don’t hurt me I’m just a girl, why don’t you attack that tramp over there you can tell by her clothing that she is used to that sort of thing.” She pointed towards Cordelia.

“Great, nice to know that even though I’m gonna die I can still be called a hooker, this night really sucks.” Bitched Cordelia.

As Spike started grabbing Buffy to drink from her Xander managed to break free from the two vampires who were subduing him, “Don’t you dare touch her-” Before Xander could finish his sentence he heard a loud bang and felt a horrible pain in his chest. Looking down he saw blood seeping from a bullet wound and turning to his right saw that one of the vampires had shot him.

“Xander!” screamed Cordelia.

The Doctor looked from Xander to the Spike and saw Xander collapse on the floor of the library blood seeping from his wound. Just as this occurred he saw what almost looked like a strange golden light spread through the door of the library to the surrounding area.

After seeing the boy go down Spike turned back to the Slayer, “Now where were we?”

The frightened girl looked back at the vampire and asked, “Guess what?” punching the vampire and knocking him on his feet, “Normal services have resumed.”

Smiling Buffy began to slay the vampires Spike looked up from the area of the floor from where he had been hit and decided now would be a good time make a hasty retreat. While Buffy slayed and Spike ran the vampires let go of both Cordelia and the Doctor who went to Xander’s prone form on the ground. Turning him over as gently as they could they saw that the bullet had impacted around where one of his two hearts would have been or near his heart if he had been human. As the doctor examined him he realized that Xander had returned to human form.

The girl Cordelia knelt down by Xander and placed his head in her lap, “Xander, Xander can you hear me?”

With great effort Xander opened his eyes, “Cor-Cordy is that you?” he asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Of course it’s me you big dweeb, who else would it be?” She said softly trying to smile tears starting to stream down her face.

Xander looked between her and the Doctor, “I don’t feel so good, my chest hurts…am I gonna die?”

The Doctor looked at the two of them and nodded his head, “I’m sorry Xander, I truly am.”

Buffy had just finished slaying the last vamp and then ran over to where they had Xander, at the exact same time Willow and Giles had returned to the library.

“Buffy is everyone all-” Willow asked and then saw Xander was lying on the floor. “Oh God, Xander!” she ran over to where her friend was, “Oh no please, please no. Please don’t die.”

With great effort, Xander reached up and grabbed Willow’s hand, “Willow, I-I’m sorry.” He said weakly. “I have to go now.”

“No, no Xander please hold on.” Willow sobbed she looked at the Doctor and begged “Please help him, please.”

The Doctor looked at all three girls and shook his head, “I’m sorry it’s too late, he’s going to die.”

Willow looked back at Xander only to see his eyes starting to shut, she grabbed his face in her hands and screamed, “Xander I can’t lose you!”

Xander opened his eyes and stared at his childhood friend and the rest of his friends, in very weak voice he said, “I love you all-” and closed his eyes.

All three girls were sobbing now and even Giles had tears in his eyes. As the Doctor looked at the boy his face began to glow with a golden light, faintly at first, but then it started to grow stronger. Realizing what was beginning to happen, the Doctor grabbed Willow and Cordelia and dragged them away from Xander’s body.

Buffy grabbed the Doctor by the lapels of his suit coat and screamed through her tears, “What are you doing?”

The Doctor looked from the boy to the rest of them and stated, “All of you need to get back quickly, you need to step away from the boy.”

Giles looked at Xander and noticed a strange golden light that was starting to surround his face and also his hands. “What’s happening to him?”

“Apparently the spell didn’t reverse itself completely. I think he’s about to regenerate.” At the blank looks he received he explained further, “He dressed as me I’m what’s known as a Time Lord, we have an ability that when we’re greatly injured or close to death we have a way to repair ourselves.”

“So he’s gonna be okay?” Cordelia asked, looking as light surrounding Xander’s body started getting brighter.

The Doctor looked at the cheerleader and sighed, “Yes, but it means he’s going to change both in body and appearance that’s how it works for a Time Lord.”

At that exact moment the light surrounding Xander exploded with a bright golden light causing everyone to look away for a brief moment. When they looked back they saw Xander’s wound begin to close and the light surrounding his face started to subside. As this occurred Xander’s body and face began to change, when the light finally stopped the girls ran to his body to see if he was okay.

The body of Xander Harris had gone through a very dramatic change where Xander had been tall and lanky with black hair there was now a very muscular looking light brown haired man with a slight stubble on his face. While the girls were looking over the changes that had happened their friend began to sit up.

Opening his eyes for the first time they noticed his dark brown eyes had changed to piercing blue eyes, “Hi…eh, Willow, Buffy what, what’s going on?”

***Apartment of Rupert Giles November 1st 1998 morning***

Rupert Giles looked in at the sleeping form of Xander Harris. After waking up from his first regeneration the boy had not taken the news well that he no longer looked like he had at the beginning of the evening. Giles had taken the boy into the men’s room and Xander almost had passed out again at the sight of his reflection. Luckily both Willow and oddly enough Cordelia had managed to calm Xander down as the Doctor explained what had happened and what it meant for him.

Late into the evening the Doctor had examined Xander and found that although he still had human biology the spell Ethan had cast had caused him to pick up the regenerative abilities of a Time Lord meaning that Xander’s body would allow him to regenerate 12 times if he was ever critically injured or close to death. When Xander had asked if he would be able to ever change back to his original appearance the Doctor had sadly shook his head causing the boy to go into shock.

Willow had spent the rest of the evening reassuring him that no matter what he looked like he would always be her friend, with Buffy and Cordelia stating the same thing. After his explanation The Doctor had taken Xander aside and given him a mobile that he could call the Doctor with if he ever needed anything and also a copy of his Sonic Screwdriver, although Xander had stated that he could probably build one himself now causing the Doctor to arch his eyebrow. It seemed Xander’s intelligence had also been augmented along with obtaining the regeneration cycle. Before leaving in his TARDIS the Doctor took Giles and Xander aside to warned them that a regeneration could sometimes cause a mental instability before the body finally adapted to its new form. The Doctor recommended that Xander lie low for the next few days just to get used to the changes his body had gone through, after that the Doctor bid his goodbyes to the group and soon left in his TARDIS.

The group had gone to Giles apartment to figure out what they could do next. It was decided that Xander could not return to school with his new appearance and hope no one would notice, the students (as well as the faculty) of Sunnydale High were oblivious to the truth, but they weren’t completely stupid. Xander’s family also would be of little help, Xander had told the group that no explanation would help them understand what had happened and it was better for them to think he had run away or were dead.

Willow, with the help of that dreadful machine, would make Xander Harris into another Sunnydale statistic and Alexander Taylor, Rupert Giles recently orphaned nephew from Chicago, would be starting school at Sunnydale High. Giles only hoped he could help the young man adjust to his new life so to speak and wondered how in the world he would record this in his Watcher’s diary.

End Prologue

AN 2: I don't think this has ever been done for a Halloween crossover so I thought, "Why Not?", as usual I've left several clues to how this story will develop, can you spot them?

The End?

You have reached the end of "The 13 Lives of Xander Harris" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jul 08.

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