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the Winchester Brothers

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Summary: My answer to Aisu´s "Big Brother Xan-man (BBX)" challenge. Xander learns the truth about his family.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real FamilySwedishFrogFR18711,48303630,21311 Jul 083 Sep 14No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter 6

Note: John´s thoughts about Giles may seem like I´m going to “slash them together” but I´m not because I´m trying to write this fic without any actual romantic pairings. But that doesn’t stop me from implicating stuff however * grins evilly*

And it doesn’t stop me from mentioning a past relationship such as “y” was together with “x” but then “blablabla” so please have this in mind while reading from here on.

I would like to thank whoever nominated this fic in the Best Challenge Response category at the crossing over awards.

I thought I would have to write a few more chapters on this and wait a few more years before anyone would even consider nominate any of my work for something like this.

As a small celebration I am now posting the sixth part of this fic.


Oh and one more thing. For those of you who might not have noticed this: I am slowly increasing the length of the chapters and if you don´t believe me then check the statistic.

Part 6

Three nights later a group of four people were leaving a store called The Magic Box. The older one had bought it the night before because the previous owner had been found dead.

“I´m so happy you bought it, Giles!” said Willow with a big smile on her face and her green eyes sparkling.

“Yeah! Now we don´t have to deal with the Snyder troll anymore,” said Xander with an even bigger smile on his face than that of Willow´s.

“Oh, what a joy. More books,” was Buffy´s comment at the same time as she staked a vampire that had tried to sneak up on her.

Giles just sighed and started polishing his glasses. They had just begun their nightly patrol and already were they complaining, talking and behaving like they were 16 and not 26. It would probably take an apocalypse or two before they started acting their age thought Giles as he sighed again.

It was barely two hours later when Buffy very discreetly called Giles to her side with an almost invisible movement of her hand.

He went up to her from his place at the back of the group, hoping it wasn´t anything seriously wrong.

“For the past half hour we´ve been followed,” was quietly whispered.

“How many and in what direction?”

Buffy stretched out her Slayer sense in every direction.

She felt a soft tug.

“Behind us, slightly to Xander's right side. Three of them. Human.”

Giles turned around to look at where Xander walked beside Willow with the red-haired woman to his left.

“Everything alright?” asked Giles as an excuse to have turned around while he tried to spot their stalkers.

Willow giggled at something Xander had just said.

“Just fine G-man. Although it seems to be a very quiet night. We´ve only seen three vamps so far and that doesn´t make me feel very good if ya know what I mean,” said Xander with a frown.

Giles nodded.

“You´re right. It does not feel very good at al.”

And just then two vampires crashed through the bushes right in front of Buffy only for one of them to trip over a pretty small rectangular tombstone. Buffy raised an eyebrow while Willow just laughed outright.

Giles sighed, wondering why it seemed as if the minions in Sunnydale just got dumber and dumber by the week.

“Oh, very intimidating guys, really. I´m shaking in fear.” said Xander mockingly as he looked at the vampire on the ground.

The two clumsy, stupid and with no fashion sense, according to Buffy that is, vampires were quickly dealt with and the four moved on to the next cemetery which was very inappropriately named Restfield Cemetery. This cemetery was some sort of gathering place for vampires because they often found more vamps here than in any other cemetery.

“They should rename it to Un-Restfield Cemetery,” mumbled Xander as he spotted the seven vampires heading right towards them.

“Think they might need some help with those guys?” asked Dean in a whisper.

“Of course we have to help. He´s our brother and those are his friends. We don´t even know how well they can fight yet. Do you want him or the redhead to get hurt?” asked Sam not including the older man and the short blonde in his mini speech because he could clearly see that those two could take care of themselves.

“No, I just want to fight. I´m going crazy doing nothing over here when I can be over there having fun kicking fangy things asses.”

“As much as I don´t really approve of your choice of words I have to agree.” Said John as he rose from their hiding spot and walked quickly to the group.

Dean and Sam followed with weapons in hand. Dean with his favorite sword and Sam with a stake in one hand and a silver dagger dipped in holy water in the other. John himself had a sword too, only his was a little bit bigger than Dean´s.

“This is not how I wanted us to meet but it will have to do, right?” said John as he stopped right behind his oldest son.

The man turned around, showing just how fast he could move as his body went into a fighting stance before his eyes and brain could register who the man was.

“Has no one ever told you to not just appear like that when there are vampires coming right at us? You could get something pointy shoved in your chest.”

Dean smiled. This guy seemed to be a lot of fun.

“Let´s save the explanations and introductions for after we have gotten rid of those guys.” Said the blonde girl who was now holding a stake in each hand.

“Fine by me.” Said John.

And then the vampires were right in the middle of the group.

Damn they´re fast, thought Sam as he barely ducked a blow from ´his` vampire even as he stabbed the vampire in the stomach. When the vampire doubled over he took the chance to stake it before it had a chance to recover.

“Why can´t you just stand still so I can stake you?!”

Sam turned around to look at his now eldest brother who had been the one yelling. ´ Must remind myself to call him by his name` thought Sam as he once again ducked a blow from a vampire.

“Don´t just stand there like an open target!” yelled Dean in his face as he staked the vampire that had tried to hit Sam.

They glared at each other before looking around for more vampires and then glared at their father and the older man as the two teamed up and staked what was obviously the last vampire in sight. Apparently the little blonde was a damn good fighter and had taken care of the rest of the vamps.

Buffy looked around and when she found no more threats she turned to the three newcomers.

“Thanks for the help now who are you?”

“What a warm welcome, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.” Said the short dark haired man with a sneer.

“That´s what you get for crashing my party.” Shot Buffy back.

Giles sighed. ´I better stop those two` he thought and walked to his Slayer.

“I apologize for her behavior but she does have a point. I too would like to know who you are.”

The Winchesters didn´t know how to answer but just when the quiet was starting to get uncomfortable they were saved by their newest family member.

“Well I guess I can do the introductions since Willow is the only one who have seen them, if only on photographs. The oldest one is my dad, John Winchester, and the two others are my younger brothers Dean and Sam with Sam as the youngest.”

Xander allowed a brief pause before he began again.

“Guys, the beautiful blonde on my left is Buffy Summers, the cute redhead is my oldest friend Willow Rosenberg and the stuffy British man (Willow giggled while Buffy tried and failed not to) is our mentor Rupert Giles.”

John looked closely at the group. The redhead, Willow, was clearly not a fighter so she had to be a witch. The blonde, Buffy, was a true fighter even though she could use more hand to hand training and he could see the predatory looks she cast at their environment which marked her even more firmly as such. The man, Rupert, was a fighter too even though he obviously used his sharp mind as a weapon more often than a sword. Lastly he turned his eyes to his eldest son, Xander. From what little he had seen during the fight with the vampires his son could fight very well but was untrained and had not reached his full potential. John turned back to Rupert.

“So you are the Watcher and Buffy the Slayer?”

The say that he had shocked the Scoobies into silence was an understatement. Giles was polishing his glasses while the rest of them were just staring at this unknown man who knew, really knew, who they here and what they did.

Giles cleared his throat two times before daring to speak and when he did it was with a subtle coldness that was almost but not quite covered by his usually soft tone.

“And how, if I may ask, did you come across this information which is supposed to be secret?”

John heard it though and found himself wanting to know more about this man who looked like a librarian but had the eyes of a hunter.

“When you´re a hunter you learn how to gather the information you need or you die.” Said John simply.

“I agree that too little info can get you killed but can we please talk somewhere else because ya know how hard it is to have a conversation while trying to keep fangs away from your neck?” said Xander as he pointed to the two vampires which had tried to sneak up behind Dean. Dean quickly turned around, dropped to the ground and kicked out with his right leg and tripped the vampires. As the vampire closest to him went down to the ground he staked it through the back while Sam staked to other.

“I now know what you mean,” was Deans comment as he brushed the vampire dust off of his clothes.

It was a very uncomfortable walk to Giles apartment as no one said anything and no more vampires or other things attacked them. At least an attack on the way would have been better than the thick blanket of silence that seemed to have covered them all. Not even Xander or Dean, the two most talkative of the group, said anything.

It was almost like reaching heaven itself when they finally arrived and Giles let them all inside. They divided into little groups with those they seemed to have the most in common with. Sam and Willow quickly went to a secluded corner of the living room to talk about books and computers while Giles and John went into the kitchen leaving the younger ones to themselves for a moment. Buffy, Dean and Xander had a moment of indecision before they found common ground by talking about weapons. Dean really liked Xander's favorite axe and took a few test swings against Buffy who had taken up a sword from one of Giles weapons chests while Xander admired the handiwork of Dean’s sword. It was a pretty simple sword but still beautiful in its own right.

In the kitchen.

Giles started making a pot of tea while John took a seat at the table and they shared a comfortable silence while the kids talked about weapons, demons and how to kill ghosts instead of just vanquish them, neither of which the Scoobies had done so far.

“So, you are the leader of this little bunch of ´vigilantes´?” said John and managed to keep a straight face while saying it.

Giles didn’t like the laughter he could see in the mans eyes so he decided to ´go a little Ripper on him´ as Xander had once called it.

“Oh, so saving the world by breaking into a military base to steal a grenadelauncher to blow up a demon, with the power to burn humans to ash by touching them I might add, who was summoned by a level 8 Black Mage makes them, us, vigilantes? Then yes I am the leader of these vigilantes as you call them.” Said Giles icily to the Hunter.

John really liked this man now. The way he could just switch from being all politely British to this cold counterpoint made him both frustrated and fascinated.

“I´m not the one calling them vigilantes. The Sunnydale police are.” John responded.

“The police in this town are useless.” Said Xander from the door.

John and Giles turned around to look at him, both equally surprised he had managed to sneak up on both of them like that.

“How come?” asked John.

Xander took a deep breath before explaining.

“They are so corrupted it´s beyond funny and have become dangerous. The police turn a blind eye every time they see someone with vampire bite marks on their neck and won´t help anyone if they are coming out of the graveyards at night with blood on their clothes and screaming for help. That´s where we come in. We help those people that nobody else gives a crap about or just doesn´t care about and at the same time we kill every bad thing we come across. And if that makes us marked as vigilantes, renegades or whatever, then I´m proud to be one of those people.”

“Well said, Xander.” Said Willow who stood beside him. Buffy nodded with a grim look on her face that made her look older than she was.

John looked at the faces of these children, no, young adults that did the same job as the Hunters and paid the price of their lost innocence. It seemed as if his hopes of having at least one son with a normal life was now nothing more than a distant fantasy but somehow he couldn´t bring himself to wish that things had been any different from how they were right now.
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