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the Winchester Brothers

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Summary: My answer to Aisu´s "Big Brother Xan-man (BBX)" challenge. Xander learns the truth about his family.

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Chapter 1

Title: Big Brother Xan-man (BBX)
Or as I call it: the Winchester Brothers
Authors Note: First of all I have only seen season 1 of Supernatural and it was several months ago so please don’t feel the need to “correct” any mistakes you think I made regarding characters personalities, places, time-lines or other things because I WILL ignore them.

I don’t know in which season of Buffy I will place this fic but it´s AU anyway.

Second of all it is the year of 2007 in this fic.

Xander is 26 years old and I don’t remember how old Dean or Sam is in season 1 but in this fic Dean is 25 and Sam 22. It will be AU so most of the stuff that happened in BtVS will not happen/haven´t happened at all in this fic. All the things in season 1 of Supernatural happened so you can say that my fic is like the second season of Supernatural but with the AU/BtVS twist.

Disclaimer: If I owned BtVS or Supernatural I would actually have money….which I don’t so don’t sue me.

Part 1
Xander sat on the floor in the attic of his house staring at the papers in his hands.

It had to be impossible.

He read it again just to be sure.

It still said the said the same thing as the other five times he read it.

Father: John Winchester

Mother: Jessica Harlan

Baby: Son, Alexander LaVelle Winchester

His always-drunk-and abusive father really wasn´t his always-drunk-and abusive father.

Gathering himself and the papers he slowly went down the stairs to search for his mother, hoping against all odds that she was sober enough to remember he existed and able to answer his questions.

After a few minutes he found her in the kitchen. Amazingly enough she actually seemed sober although tired.


His mother blinked and after focusing her vision she finally saw him standing in the doorway.

“What is it now?” asked Jessica tiredly.

“I found these papers in the attic,” said Xander as he put the papers on the kitchen table.

Jessica looked at him and then at the papers. She knew without looking what the papers were. In a way she was happy he had found them but if Tony found out it would be very bad to say the least.

“It´s good that you found them. I would have told you sooner but I had forgotten where I put those papers.”

To anyone but Xander it would have sounded like a crappy excuse but since his father, no, Tony liked to beat up both him and his mom when he was drunk, which was all the time, it made sense that she had forgotten where the papers were.

Taking a deep breath Xander asked his next question.

“Where is he? John, my father, I mean.”

“I don’t know, we almost lost contact after he had to send me away. It was necessary but it still hurt. You were only a year old then.”

Jessica smiled even as she wiped away a tear. Her son finally knew that he his father wasn´t the failure of a man, and human, who beat them up and treated them like personal property.

Xander sat down on the chair across from his mother.

It seemed as the more he found out the more questions he had.

“Why did he have to send you away?”

Jessica smiled.

“To protect us of course.”

She saw Xander's frown and continued.

“I don’t know much about it but I´ll tell you what I do know. John had been working and had just gotten home when we heard two cars pull up the driveway. We didn´t expect any visitors so I ran up to the second floor and to your room to get you as John pulled out his gun and put it in the back of his pants. I came back down and hid with you in the kitchen. I had a good view of the rest of the floor so I saw when John opened the door. Outside there stood two men dressed in suits. They looked serious even though they sort of smiled. I say sort of because it looked more like they were in pain then smiling.”

Xander smiled at that image.

“So they were standing there and no one said anything. Then the men pushed John inside and looked around as if they were looking for something, or someone. John started fighting with one of them while the other was getting closer and closer to us. John told me to take you and run so I did. I was too scared to look back.”

Xander took the time to let his mind melt the information for a while before asking the thing he really wanted to know.

“Did he die?”

“No, he didn´t. I´ve received a few letters and postcards now and then. We both decided it was best that we moved on. He married a girl named Mary about the same time I married Tony.”

“Why Tony?”

“He was a sweet man back then but then life happened and he just isn´t one of those people who deal with it very well. Not like you and I,” said Jessica with a secretive smile that made Xander ask his next question.

“Do you know about the nightlife in this town?”

Jessica sighed.

“I knew the first time I sat foot in this town that I needed to be careful and not long after that I learned the truth so yes I do know about vampires, demons, magic and that kind of stuff.”

“Do you know about Buffy?”

“Is she the Slayer then?”

Jessica saw Xander's eyes widen and smirked to herself. ´Your old mother isn´t as clueless as you thought, huh? ´

´Whaaat? Since when is my mom sober enough to notice things like that? ´ thought Xander even as he smiled.

Xander wasn´t very comfortable about talking about Buffy so he decided to change the subject.

“Do you have any contact with John, my father?”

Jessica hesitated but then decided that it was time that Xander found out.

“Yes, I do. In the last letter he sent to me he said that all was well.

And Xander….you have two younger brothers.”
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