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Lost and Found

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Summary: Sequel to Chance Encounter

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Willow-CenteredKaliaFR1512,350042,20811 Jul 0811 Jul 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither BtVS nor Doctor Who. Also I make no money from this.
AN: Thoughts

Every Year she stood on this beach. Every year Rose Tyler returned to the very spot her heart had died. The spot her hope had vanished. The same sand under her feet as in the moment that she’d lost him.

Her Doctor.

Her family could never talk her out of it. She insisted and they were worried. Rose Tyler was a mere shadow of the girl she had once been.

No more smiles, no more enthusiasm, no more life.

She just existed.

Get up, eat, do research, go to sleep, repeat.

And this every year ‘vacation’.

She’d be nearly catatonic for weeks after those journeys, only to launch herself into her project with a fervor that showed her despair.

Silent tears ran down her cheeks.

One would’ve thought she would run out of them eventually, but no, she still cried. The day she stopped would be the day she gave up.

She had to find a way back. She had to.

Pete and Mickey had stayed in the hotel with her little brother. They’d stopped coming to this spot after the second visit here. They couldn’t bear to see Rose break down like this.

Jackie had to. Rose was her daughter.

Oh, how she’d hoped Rose would get over it. Get better. This day 4 years ago it had been and now Jackie was very afraid.

She’d wanted her girl away from danger when she was with that blasted Doctor, to live a normal life. Now she prayed that said man would find a way to get her girl back.

Before… Before Rose gave up and just stopped. Died.

Measured to before she already was.

He wasn’t coming. Again.

Why did she still hope?

Because he’s the Doctor. He can do anything. And he promised to never leave me behind.

But maybe he couldn’t find a way? No she’d just have to wait a little longer and keep working herself.

They were the stuff of legend.

They belonged together.

But those thoughts had become hollow over the years.

How many times more would she be able to stand the build up of hope only to be crushed?

She’d seen her reflection this morning.

She wouldn’t last that much longer.

With a defeated sigh she turned to go back to her mother.

It had been hours, five and a half hours, no point in staying longer.

Time to go.


Rose had been about to get into the car as she … felt a voice in her head. A female voice.

She spun around the same time as her mum.

Seemed like that call had gone to both Tyler women.

There on the beach was a young woman running towards them.

Without a jacket.

In a T-shirt.

Given it was rather cold in Norway that was way odd.


The woman had red hair in a messy bun, sparkling green eyes and beside her tee she wore only green leather pants and trainers.

Very odd indeed.

“Are you Rose Tyler? Of course you look like her. You could be an alternative version. That would kinda suck and not in a good way. And I’m starting to babble again. Anyway the Doctor sends me and do you think we could take this somewhere inside? I’m not exactly dressed for the weather. Didn’t stop to think I’d find you in such a cold place. He didn’t mention any cold places. Then again he didn’t really know where I’d…”

“Well it would be that Doctor again! Get into the car girl, you’re turning blue already! Rose, you too.”

Rose had been too stunned to say anything but the woman was really turning an interesting shade while her words were accompanied with the chattering of her teeth.

But while Jackie was willing to accept that this was the workings of the Doctor, Rose wasn’t so sure.

“How do I know it’s really the Doctor who send you? My Doctor?”

The red heads eyes widened.

“Oh… right. I’ve gone on babbling. Here.”

She shoved a shirt at Rose. A purplet shirt. The purple shirt she’d been wearing on New Earth.

“Can I get into the car now? I’m freezing?”

Rose took the shirt an opened the car door stunned. The woman really came from the Doctor. He hadn’t forgotten her.

The ride to the hotel was silent.

Well Jackie talked but the two girls in the backseat were not listening.

Rose was lost in thought and hope and the read head was occupied with stopping to shiver.

Some twenty minutes later they sat in the hotel café and the red head nursed a cup of hot chocolate.

Jackie had gone off to find the men.

Rose eyed her carefully.

“So, who are you? Why didn’t the Doctor come himself?”

Green eyes met hazel.

“Because he can’t. I mean he could have come with me. It’s just, the search was … massive. You have no idea how many dimensions I had to cross to find you. And he’s needed in your dimension. He couldn’t just go off and follow me. I wouldn’t let him. To your dimension the Doctor is a vital part. A champion of good. Besides, coming with me wouldn’t save any purpose. I get around alone just fine. Found you after all. And my name is Willow. Willow Rosenberg.”

Rose had problems following Willows speech. She talked as fast as the Doctor. Well at least this Willow spoke in words Rose understood.

Most the time.

“Ok, so… Willow. The Doctor told me.”

Rose gulped. She couldn’t quite believe it yet.

“He told me dimension travel, travel between universes were impossible. So, why can you? And how? I spent all my time trying and… nothing.”

A moment Willow screwed her eyes shut.

“Right. If you’re anything like him you won’t believe me. At least not the how. See, I’m a witch and no I don’t ride a broom and I don’t wear funny hats. The Doctor really can’t travel universes, because, well… he has just technology and even given that magic is based on physics in some ways it’s so much more than that. I can do things he could never dream of, because he doesn’t believe them possible.”

Willow eyed the reaction of the blonde woman and indeed, Rose looked at her like she’d just gone mad.

She held her hand up.

“I can prove it. Later. And maybe not in such a public place. Might get burned on the stake and it’s not as fun as it may sound. I promise you a demonstration.”

Rose nodded. And she would be prepared to unmask any hoax. She’d learned a lot travelling with the Doctor, she wouldn’t let herself be fooled.

“So, you’re a witch. How come you know the Doctor? He never mentioned ya. Never even hinted once. He would have knowing you could get me back.”

She crossed her arms and waited for Willow to explain.

Willow pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes.

“I only met the Doctor a few months ago, quite by chance. I was searching for a friend of mine. Someone really important to my world. A champion like your Doctor. She got… misplaced. Kind of like you. I set out to get her back where she belonged. Whole world in danger, you know? But I didn’t know where she’d ended up exactly so I set out to search the multiverse. I ended up on this space station. And aliens…”

The red heads eyes had gone big.

“Couldn’t believe it. I don’t think my world has any. Mind you we get demons instead. So there I am, searching for a secluded spot to do my mojo and get on with the search. But then I kind of connect with this man and he’s so terribly alone, so in pain and…”

Willow stared into her cup.

“I know that kind of pain. When you just lost the most precious person, the most important person in your whole universe. The person to makes the dark less dark, the one who…”

Willows voice had gone throaty and she stopped a moment to collect herself and resumed speaking in a cheer that was obviously fake.

“Next moment there he is, asking questions and pointing a big silver laser pointer at me. We had that witches don’t exist argument and well, we agreed to disagree on the subject. I believe he still thinks I’m just some kind of super fancy alien. Anyway, I promised I’d help him find you. Because I know his pain and in effect I knew you felt the same. And I’d do almost anything to spare someone that kind of despair. It destroys you.”

Anew the witch had gone into a dark mood and fought her way out.

“But first I had to find my friend. Took me some time and then I had to rescue my dimension first. I’m sorry, but… priorities you know?”

Rose nodded. She felt a strange kind of bond to Willow. Maybe because the other woman really seemed to be able to understand her pain. The Doctors pain.

“The world comes first. That goes without saying.”

Rose gulped.

“You can really take me back to him? Really? It’s not… It’s not a dream? Or a hoax?”

Still she couldn’t quite believe it. She prayed to any higher power, that this was real.

Her and the Doctor in the TARDIS again.

Could it really be true?

The witch gifted her with a dazzling smile.

“Sure. I’m your ride back to the man in the blue box. Not exactly childs play but I’ve got plenty exercise after all these months. Whenever you’re ready.”

The blonde nodded carefully.

“I think I’d still like that demonstration first. With my family. And I have to get my things.”

She always came packed for the leave of this world.

She loved her family, but she loved the Doctor and travelling more.

Willow nodded.

“It’s your call.”

Back at the beach they were. Fairly private. None seemed to really come here.

Jackie hugged her baby son to her like a lifeline. Her daughter was leaving her and it hurt. At the same time it was good to see her girl smile again, to live again.

Mickey watched silently. He had lost Rose a long time ago. It hurt to see her leave him behind for good but he was glad, because she’d bee happy.

Pete Tyler was in a bind. One hand he had learned to love Rose Tyler like his own, but she never quite belonged, even though her mother would be sad, he knew that this was right.

Rose faced Willow.

“I choose here. I checked no tricks hidden. You want me to believe in magic. Show me.”

The witch smiled.

“Oh you’re going to love it.”

Taking a few paces she looked at stones, polished and smoothed by the waves.


A number of stones rose into the air and flew over the sand, landing and marking a space.


And with that the Stones began burning, flames licked at them and left them inscribed with burning mystical letters.

Rose gasped as Willow faced her again.

Looking into the witch’s eyes was like looking into the night sky all darkness and starlight.

“Need any more demonstrations or shall I get this show started?”

Rose could only nod. This was it. She was going home.

Unnatural wind came and the air got warmer as the witch began to chant.

“Ex unus universitas ut alius ego subpono pontus. Addo nos ut is mulier alius dimidium. Iunctum digredior. Permissum nos obduco. PATEFACIO! “

Willows skin seemed to glow in translucent light and then the fiery runes rose into the air and rippled an teared trough the fabrics of reality, opening a door and suddenly they could see the inside of the TARDIS like looking trough a open door.

And there he was, the Doctor. Staring at them as hope and joy began to fill his eyes.

“Wha.. Willow? Rose? Rose! Blimey! You found her, you really found her!”

He was taking large steps toward the tear but as Willow raised her arm he seemed to walk into an invisible wall.

“No Doctor. Stay there. You could land anywhere and I think I’ve had quite enough transdimensional person hunts for a while. We’ll be with you in a moment.”

She looked at Rose.

“Say your goodbyes and take my hand. Don’t let go until we’re through. It’s not the smoothest ride and I don’t want you to get lost.”

The blonde teared her eyes away from the Doctor and glanced at her family, committing them to memory.

“I’m sorry mum, but I’ve got to. I’ll miss you. I love you, all of you. Goodbye.”

No hugs, no kisses and no tears.

Her heart had said goodbye to these people a long time ago.

Rose grabbed her bag and took hold of Willows hand, her eyes holding the Doctors.

“Take me home Willow. Please.”

Together the two women stepped into the portal.

Not smooth didn’t quite describe it. Rose felt green, disoriented until she was in the arms of the man she loved. The man who was hugging the living daylights out of her.

“Doctor! Can’t breathe!”

Instantly he stopped hugging her, but he didn’t let got.

He held her at arms length, grinning like there was no tomorrow.

“Rose Tyler.”

Her name, two simple words that said so much more.

She smiled, drinking in the sight of him


And before she could say anything else, his lips descended on hers and he kissed her like he always meant to do, like she was everything.

And that was the least the Tylers saw of Rose and the Doctor, as with a wave of her hand and a few low spoken words, Willow closed the portal.


“Ex unus universitas ut alius ego subpono pontus. Addo nos ut is mulier alius dimidium. Iunctum digredior. Permissum nos obduco. PATEFACIO! “

(From one world to another I forge the bridge. Bring us to this womans other half. Unite the devided. Let us pass. OPEN!)

The End

You have reached the end of "Lost and Found". This story is complete.

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