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The Witch and The Warrior

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Summary: When Xena and Gabrielle's lives are threatened by a mystical evil, the shaman Morgar exchanges Gabrielle's and Willow's spirits into each others' bodies, hoping that Willow's magic can save their lives.

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Willow's Recap

Chapter Twenty One

Willow's Recap

While she ate supper, Willow started on her narrative.

"Well, when I first woke up, they had me drugged because they thought I might use my magic to, I don't know, kill them, I guess. Xena kind of explained what was going on, but then I went out again. And I guess my mind must have accepted what had happened, because the second time I woke up I didn't freak out like you'd think I would."

"Wait a minute," Dawn interrupted, then ran out of the room and returned a few seconds later with the drawing of Gabrielle and Xena. "Is this what you guys looked like?"

Willow took the drawing and looked carefully at it. "Where did you get this?"

"I did the Seeing-Inside spell with Gabrielle and that was what I drew," Tara explained. "Gabrielle said she and Xena were soul mates, so that's why I drew both of them."

"It's too bad you didn't do it in color because Xena had the most amazing blue eyes. Oh, I know."

Willow laid the page down on the counter then passed her hand over the paper and a full color, photographic quality picture appeared.

"See? Gorgeous blue eyes. Anyway, back to my story. I did a few magic tricks so the Amazons would know it was me and not Gabrielle. I even did a Glamour so they would know what the real me looked like. And then I met Morgar briefly. But I think he kinda got pissed when I was doing the tricks and no one was paying any attention to him. So he left in a huff."

"So what about the big fight?" Dawn asked. "There WAS a big fight, wasn't there?"

"Yes, a very big fight, but not a very long one. Xena was suspicious of Morgar, and I really didn't like him very much. He was wearing these animal skins with claws and a head with tusks, and his face was painted red and black and yellow. He was really creepy looking. So we went to see him to find out about this Great Evil. And the more questions we asked him, the madder he got. So when we left his hut, I guess he decided we were getting too close to the truth and he threw this ball of blue electricity, I guess it was – something like that. But Xena must have know something was up because she pushed me out of the way just in time."

Willow was expecting some kind of comment, but when none came, she continued.

"So before he could throw another one with his glowy hands, I did a thickening spell. And while he was trying to break it, which he did – he HAD some power, let me tell you, I made his hut fall down on him. And before he could make the pieces of the hut fly off in all directions, I did a Glamour to make me look like Xena. You can't see it in the picture, but Xena's got this amazing weapon. It's a flat ring about so big." And Willow used her hands to form a circle the size of a dinner plate.

"I never did know what she called it. But it had an 'S' in the middle of it. So when she threw it, I threw an illusion of it, and made it fly like hers. They made a big loops and then headed right toward Morgar. So, he aimed orbs at both of them. Mine, it just passed through, but when it hit Xena's, it split it into two parts and then looped back around again. Well, then he threw another energy thingy at us. I didn't have time to do the first spell again, so I used the one to thicken the air in front of it until it burnt out."

"That was good thinking," Tara said.

"Well, it wasn't good thinking so much as good reflexes. Then I caused roots to climb up his legs and tie him up. But just as he broke THAT spell, one of the half circles hit him in the head and he was out like a light. Then Xena ran over to him and started stabbing him all over his arms and legs and body with her finger tips, and paralyzed him."

"That sounds like some kind of extreme acupressure," Buffy commented.

"And then the coolest thing," Willow continued. "was that the half-round thingies put themselves back together into one piece again and Xena snagged it out of the air without even looking. Oh, Buffy, if you had one of those, you could trash your stakes. Vamps wouldn't stand a chance."

"It does sound like a cool weapon."

"What happened next?" Dawn asked impatiently.

"Well, after he woke up Xena started interrogating him, and we found out what was going on. It turns out that he was some kind of religious fanatic, and he was exceptionally pissed off because Xena killed the gods while protecting her daughter from them."

"Xena killed God?" Dawn exclaimed.

"No, not God, the gods -- the Greek gods. I never did find out about it because things got – crazy, and the spell was broken." Willow cast a sly smile in Tara's direction, which both Buffy and Dawn caught, but thought better than to ask. "I don't remember all the gods she said she killed, but she did mention Hades, Poseidon, Athena, Artemis, and one that started with 'H'."

"Hera?" Tara suggested.

"No, not her. And not Zeus, either. But another thing he said was that he lured them out to wherever we were because if he tried to kill them in Greece, Ares would protect Xena because he was in love with her. And Aphrodite would protect Gabrielle because they were friends. Kind of blows your mind huh?"

"Why did she kill the gods?"

"I never did get the story, dammit, but it had something to do with the gods wanting Xena's daughter dead. And she was just protecting her."

"I guess we'll never know."

"I guess not. Anyway, while we were trying to decide what to do with him, he recovered and threw yet another energy ball at us. But this time Xena used her ring to reflect it right back at him and he vaporized. But the thing is, when it hit the ring, it must have hit Xena's fingers too, but they weren't burned. I asked her where she got the power to kill the gods, and she said from the one-god of Eli. Do we know of anybody named Eli?"

"There's no telling," Tara answered. "Way back then there were so many prophets running around, it could be he was one who slipped through the cracks of history."

"Well, it looks like Morgar picked the right witch after all," Buffy said. "Is that all that happened?"

"Just about. I was really worried when the spell wasn't broken right away after Morgar died. Xena said it was going to take a month and a half to get back to Greece, and then she was going to ask Ares to switch us back. But then after some other stuff happened the spell ended and here I am. But the thing is, I still don't know why Morgar chose me. It seems like Xena and I were talking about it, but I can't remember what she said."

"You know," Buffy said. "Gabrielle was saying something about that, too, but I can't recall any of it. Tara?"

"No. I don't remember, either," she replied. Then to Willow she said, "Maybe you'll think of it later."

"So, Zeus and Hera and Ares and Aphrodite were the only gods left alive?" Dawn asked.

"I can't say," Willow told her. "I'm sure she didn't kill ALL of them. From what I remember there were dozens of Greek gods. I'm just surprised we've never heard of Xena."

"Maybe because we just never had a reason to research her," Tara said. "Or maybe no one's found any writings or tablets that mention her."

"Could be. But I'm sure there HAS to be something somewhere. Maybe there are some scrolls hidden away in some cave, just waiting to be found."


A.N. I just want to say thanks to everyone who stuck with the story right to the end. when I started writing it, I had NO idea it would run for 21 chapters and over 22,000 words! I hope the wait for each chapter was worth it to you.
Thanks again,

The End

You have reached the end of "The Witch and The Warrior". This story is complete.

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