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Full Metal Scoobies -- An FMA/BTVS X-over

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Summary: GRAVE ends much differently for Xander & Wilow and the lives of two Brothers with an apocalyptic destiny in front of them will never be the same but our favourite sidekicks have chosen very different sides in the conflict to come

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Anime > Fullmetal Alchemist(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR15310,692275,18412 Jul 0812 Jul 08No

Chapter One

FullMetal Scoobies - A FMA - BTVS x-over

Author: B.H. Ramsay

Email :

Disclaimer: Characters appearing here belong to Mutant Enemy & Filmation

Rating Teen

Pairings(s) various

Spoilers: many

Dedicated to: The Shrine of Heroes...may she endure forever and to Micheal W. who set a Gold standard to which I aspire & spaceman who had a great idea which i butchered for my own use

Summary: GRAVE ends much differently with Xander transported to a strange new world and fate placing him in charge of two brothers with a very apocalyptic destiny in front of them but Xander is not alone in his exile and Willow has chosen a very different side in the coming conflict.


Xander raced up a hillside to find Willow Rosenberg about to destroy the world.

In her defense, the world had not been particularly kind to her the last twenty four hours or so. Her companion and love Tara McClay had, not died, an assassin's misdirected bullet had claimed Tara's life. Willow had made mistakes with Tara, screwed up horribly, but still she had believed and hoped that she might be forgiven, granted a second opportunity. Instead, this town, with its dark and evil nature had robbed her, snatched away her happiness like a cruel bully. Well she was no longer the weak and helpless Willow she had once been. She had power now and with that power she would undo all that had been done.

Xander knew she was in pain and tried to reason with her but how do you reason with a broken heart. how do you placate a damaged soul. what do you say to someone who thinks they have lost everything and is so desperate to get it all back that the world itself and everything in it seems a fair exchange.

He pleaded with her tried to use memories of childhood and tried to remind her how much he loved her, how much he would still love her no matter what. On another day, in another world that might have worked, but today, Willow had had enough. Nothing, not Xander, not this evil town not the whole damn universe would keep her from using all of her power and strength to undo all that she had ever had to endure. Perhaps that was what caused it. Her arrogance, so unlike the woman she had been , the woman that Tara had fallen in love with. An arrogance that made her forget every rule she had ever learned, Every principle Tara had ever clung to or held sacred .

Xander made another effort to get through to her. "Willis, she would not want this. Tara wouldn't want you to do this." He pleaded

Willow made the last adjustments to her spell. It would use the town itself as material, she would create out of that material, a power great and terrifying. Power enough to remake the world to her own desires and whims. She turned to her friend and smiled "...But the problem is Xan, I've already lost everything I care about. Tara is gone, Oz left me and I doubt you and Buffy will never treat me the same, not after today. So you see, there's nothing left for me to lose, this town has taken it all. Now is the time to get it all back. "

As the power flared and screamed around her She could hear Xander shouting at her. She couldn't hear what Xander said in that moment, God knows it might have been important but in those last seconds before the world ripped itself apart she did hear a voice. Was it Tara's voice?... no her voice was always so warm and loving, Now it was cold, spiteful and filled with a loathing that almost made it unrecognizable. "Lost everything have you?" it hissed "You have no idea what loss is, but you will."

Xander reached for his friend and was shocked when something REACHED for him. It picked him up and pulled him into itself and Xander assumed that the world was coming to an end. Granted he had been sincere when he told Willow earlier that if the world ended, at her side was where he wanted to be but this was altogether unexpected. As the darkness rushed in to claim him his last thought in this world was "Well this wasn't quite how I pictured this going."


His next thought was harder to pin down pins and needles raced up and down his body and there was smoke everywhere. next to him was a seething mass. no a body. He looked,"Willis, Will is that you?"

"Mom," A panic filled voice cried out from somewhere "Dammit it wasn't supposed to be like this "

Xander dragged himself to his feet and shuffled forward. His eyes, slowly adjusting to the murky gloom, told him that there was a golden haired boy laying on the ground. Xander moved closer and the kid looked at him in fear before crawling backward away from him. "Who the hell are you? where's Mom, where's Al."

I don't know who Al is and I don't think that thing on the floor is your mother. Where is Willow?"

"What thing? Who's Willow?" the kid started crawling forward "Mom is that you?"

Xander realized for the first time the blond kid's left leg was gone, blood was still pumping out from the gruesome wound staining the floor which was already covered in arcane designs. Xander had not spent several years on the hell mouth for nothing. This was some ceremony and to judge by the shock and terror carved on the kid's face something had gone very ,very wrong. The Boy finally got close enough to see what was in the center of the array on the floor. Whatever it was he had been trying to conjure, the inhuman looking thing was obviously not it. The Boy started screaming Xander looked around for Willow and realized for the first time that something was missing. He knew the name Willow, but the details were not there. why were the details not there? He heard a voice, cold, familiar and yet not..."equivalent exchange." now he knew he was in trouble. He was hearing voices and that was a sign that it was time to pass out.


Three Years later...

The desert sun beat down, relentlessly baking all foolish enough to cross this section of the wilderness on foot. Finally Edward Elric dropped to the ground in frustration. "Its too hot. I hate the desert, if there was grass I could turn it into bread."

"Which would still leave us thirsty." Xander Harris grumbled "How in hell do I end up in these messes."

"Who told you to tag along " Edward snapped peevishly

"Winry, Mustang and Major Hughes who made it clear to me that keeping you two out of trouble would be my singular and inglorious task. Though frankly I was a little more scared of Winry. she seems like the kind to hold a grudge. "

"Oh Winry isn't so bad "Edward said dismissively " Her bark is worse then her bite isn't that right Al"

When silence greeted his question, Edward looked around for the first time. "Where's Al?" he asked

Xander shrugged his shoulders . You'd think we'd have trouble losing track of him, all things considered, I mean he does stand out." A metal fist erupting out of the sand to grasp Edward's leg interrupted Xander. Edward shrieked causing Xander to burst out in laughter before pulling out a mini-shovel that had gotten way too much use recently "Note to self," he muttered "cumbersome armor plus desert sand equals bad."

"Its not my fault, I keep getting filled up " Alphonse Elric sighed

"Filled up with what." older brother asked before directing an annoyed kick at the armored figure whose cheat plate popped open burying in Ed in a pile of sand.

Edward screamed in frustration, and began chasing his brother over the dunes. Xander stopped to re-balance the pack on his back and retied his military long coat around his waist. the gold bars of the investigative branch gleamed on the shoulders and Xander wondered yet again how Buffy and Dawn were doing. Watching the Elric's sometimes reminded him of the weird sibling dynamic between the Vampire Slayer and her little sister. Xander sighed and got up, the sibling squabble was winding down and thoughts of home just made him depressed. especially since he ended up thinking of home For about the millionth time since accepting his exile to this strange world he wished them well, hoped Buffy was taking care of her sister. The trio set out toward a gleaming in the distance that could only be their destination .


Less then a hour later the three arrived in the eastern town of Liore and for a town that was supposed to be on the fringes, the place look pretty good. It was no Central but still looked nice. A large cathedral dominated the skyline.

The trio was camped at a roadside cafe owned by a man who had come very close to death earlier when he had come between Edward and the first likely prospect for liquid refreshment the elder Elric Brother had seen in hours. of course the liquid in question was blood red wine flowing from a fountain in the center of town. Edward was currently sipping juice from a frosty glass while shooting evil looks the counter mans way. Xander was also enjoying a cool juice...sans the evil looks since he was just glad to be out of the relentless dry heat.

So free wine." Xander said conversationally. And I gotta say the place looks way better then you'd expect for a town so far from Central."

Yeah, we do all right." The Counter man explained cheerfully "Just a second," the counterman turned to a nearby radio and switched it on. Music poured out of the tiny speaker yet as Xander turned around and scanned the street he saw that every window around the square had a radio sitting in it and the combined sound from all the speakers broadcasting simultaneously had the effect of loudly playing the program throughout the city.

That's freakish " Edward muttered as he took in the surreal looking street scene.

Suddenly a deep voiced man stared speaking his worlds carried out in the street and as Xander watched every head at every radio including the counter guy had their head bowed in supplication. this was a religious broadcast and it was apparently quite popular.

Edward asked for the identity of the speaker and the counter-guy looked at them like they were simpletons. His name they were told was Cornello and the people could not say enough good things about him. He was a worker of miracles and saver of souls. he had made the townspeople richer , and healthier. Xander was about to tune it all out when someone mentioned the greatest if Cornello's miraculous abilities. It made Xander sit up and take notice and it got Ed's attention as well.

"Wait a minute did you just say raises the dead?" Edward asked. his eyes narrowing.

"The Sun God Leto has granted Father Cornello the ability to resurrect us if we are faithful."

At that point the people took Ed's curiosity for interest in the religion and some of the townspeople who had gathered around started trying to convert the decidedly nonreligious Elric. The diminutive Edward finally seemed fed up with the street preaching and motioned to Al and Xander that he was ready to leave. Al hopped off the stool but bumped the counter hard enough to dislodge the radio sending it crashing the ground.

"Sorry" the young boy apologized sheepishly but the counter man was apoplectic.

"Sorry, you broke it , that's what you get for walking around in that stupid armored suit.

"Don't bust a lung Grandpa," Xander snapped " He'll fix it "

"How," the man screamed, "It's in a thousand pieces. "

Edward was moving toward the pile of parts when Al held up his hand. "Can I try?"

Edward smiled "Sure why not?

Xander was secretly disappointed, Al was a great alchemist and Xander would have been the first to admit that Alphonse rarely got the chance to shine like his brother, but Edward 's alchemy was something else and Xander never got tired of watching Elric do his thing.

Al dropped to the ground and began drawing circles in the dirt while Xander and Edward helped gather all the pieces of the radio into the center of Al's hastily drawn array.

Ed struck a pose and went into what Xander had long ago labeled his Great-Teacher-Elric mode "its a transmutation circle."

"What's it for.?"

"You'll see in a second." Edward replied

Xander checked the ground for any last pieces before nodding to Al who bent to the circle, touching it. The circle flared brightly there was a cloudy burst and the radio seemed to pull itself back together. as the smoke faded, the radio was sitting in the circle in one piece, broadcasting the Cornello show as if it had not been broken a moment before. "Awesome work big A" Xander said approvingly

The rest of the crowd was also amazed, though their reaction was slightly different.

"This is a land of Prophets" shouted one

"He works miracles like Cornello." cried another

It's no miracle" explained Ed "It's alchemy, me and my brother are alchemists."

"I've never seen alchemy before."

"I fix things for a living if you guys are looking for work."

"He doesn't need work " An attractive woman supplied. " That's Edward Elric, the Full Metal Alchemist. They say he's a real prodigy. The solder boy with him is the Military's all-purpose trouble shooter Alexander Harris."

Xander no longer found it odd that his reputation had risen along with the Elric's. but he did find it odd that an attractive woman could sat down at the counter and he not even notice. An oddly familiar one as well, but such thoughts were driven away by the wildly excited crowd that gathered around the trio asking amazed questions and wanting to touch the Full Metal Alchemist...unfortunately the crowd mistakenly assumed that Alphonse was the State's famous child genius. Alphonse sheepishly directed their attentions toward Ed. One townsman looked at Ed strangely. Wait , you mean that Little guy is famous."

He's just a runt." joked a loudmouth

"God please no,"Xander sighed, seeing an all too familiar look on Edwards face."Edward calm down...." Xander's pleading entreaties came too late.

Edward screamed in frustration, grabbing the loudmouth and using his small size and compact muscles to maximum advantage, began hurling the man around the plaza. One of the larger men headed toward the spinning tornado obviously intending to help his friend but Xander stuck his foot out, tripping the man and sending him sprawling to the ground. "Trust me bucky, you don't want to get into that. Xander snapped as the man climbed back to his feet.

The Confrontation was about to get serious when the scene was interrupted by the arrival of a cute dark haired girl with two crimson pleats framing her open face. Xander noticed more then a few of the guys openly checking out her pretty figure.

"Well looks like there's some excitement around here today." The Girl commented brightly . her name was Rose and she was obviously a popular figure around town as well as being yet another devotee of Cornello. Her arms were loaded down with supplies for the church were she worked as a kind of secretary and maid.

Xander and the Elric brothers introduced themselves and the shop owner convinced Rose to take the trio to the temple. Edward spoke up before Al or Xander could veto the idea proclaiming such a plan to be an excellent idea. Ed beckoned the others to join him with that LOOK of his.

Al walked up beside Rose and chatted amiably with her as was his way with people he was just meeting. This left Xander to hiss in Ed's ear."Last Time I looked you hated faith in anything you can't stick a pin into, why are we doing this."

"I'm curious about this prophet, aren't you." Edward said simply

"Curiosity is strangely not one of my stronger traits might have something to do with me being a cat lover." Xander

"By the way," Edward asked him "Who was that woman at the counter, the one who knew us, have we met her before."

Xander shrugged his shoulders "I think I remember her but I'm not sure, does it matter, between our mystery woman and you chasing this Rose ... Need I remind you what Winry would do if she knew you where chasing desert maidens?"

"That's not fair, I am not chasing a girl." Edward snapped defensively

"Poor Winry, " Xander continued "Waiting at home and pining away for her sweet Edward. Nothing to do all day except tone up those awesome arm muscles of hers and that wickedly good aim..."

"Will you lay off." Edward snapped, his face already turning crimson. "it isn't like that."

"Are you kidding I saw the way you two were looking at each other in Central."

"Stop that, I'm serious. I want to find out what this Cornello is up to."

Xander sighed "I wouldn't count on the Locals being very giving with the details. This Cornello seems to be pretty popular."

"That's why I was hoping you could do that thing you do. " Edward replied smoothly

"You mean not flying off the handle at people so they like me."

"Besides," Edward replied as if he had not spoken, "Hughes made you an investigator, so investigate."

"Why is it you only remember my military rank whenever it's convenient."

"I don't know, " Ed said with mock-innocence "Why is it that everywhere we go you seem to stumble right into the midst of trouble."

Xander smiled ruefully "Because trouble follows the Full Metal Alchemist like thunder after lightning or haven't you noticed the trail of chaos and mayhem we've left behind us. "

Edward nodded, "Then we're agreed, it would be a much better idea for you to get to the bottom of this ...after all, I might get into trouble."

Xander sighed "Fine, I'll check out the place after we get settled. Why do I get the feeling I've been conned."

But Edward was already jogging to catch up with Al and Rose. Xander would have grumbled more at being maneuvered but Rose took the opportunity to cut loose with a short comment and Edward's deranged ranting the rest of the trip was sweet sweet payback for his wounded pride.
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