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Wolf, Wolf, Cat, Alien?

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Summary: Oz in the Sentinel verse. Brief SG1 appearance. Some non sexual touchying. Stand alone at the moment. May expand later on.

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ChaoskittenFR1522,6776335,93012 Jul 081 Jul 09Yes

Dingo Zone

Disclaimer: I don't own Sentinel, Stargate or Oz.

AN: well. . . .I really am alive. This because I was asked so many more times for more. Be happy.

A zoning ex werewolf, a grumpy air force general, an alien, a oh hell, this won't even make a believable joke, even if the narrator could think of a punch line. It was a crowded loft however with the group sitting around on anything from chairs, couches, a pile of books and the floor. Oz watched on engrossed as Jim and Jack had a stare off, only broken by Daniel hitting Jack hard.

“What was that for.” Jack complained loudly, slouching back into his seat and glaring at the archaeologist.

Daniel gave a low sigh. “Stop being a pain in the mitka and trying to isolate the only person who can help with your senses Jack.”

Oz's head tilted to the side as a slight smile flickered across his face. “Jack-ass” he offered the big black alien guy.

Teal'c inclined his head in the petite mans direction. “Indeed Daniel-Osbourne, or so I have been told. I found the explanations inadequate. How does a donkey relate to the mitka?”

Oz settled on the floor next to the large man “Jack-ass is a term for a male donkey. Ass is also the same phonetically as arse which is” the young sentinels lip tilted into a smile “mitka”

“Wow, three Sentinels in one room.” Blair was scrabbling on paper, watching intently the interactions between the three Sentinels. “I have to get this down.” he muttered. Looking at Oz he frowned. “Why aren't you acting like, well” he waved his hand at the other two.

Oz considered a moment before pointing at Jim. “Alpha.” he pointed at Jack. “Alpha.” then to himself. “Beta. No need to posture.”

Blair just blinked at that explanation before giving a nod and motioning Daniel to follow him towards the kitchen. Reaching into the fridge he pulled out a jug of chilled water which he passed to the other man before pulling his own out. Giving a grin he marched back into the lounge room and both he, and Daniel, in perfect synchronization, tossed the contents of the jugs onto the now growling pair of Sentinels.

Oz's lip twitched at the expression on both older Sentinels faces before looking away, intrigued by something niggling at the edge of hearing.

“Oh fer cryin out loud.” and “Thanks Einstein” were the exclamations to hit the air from the dripping pair.
Blair put on an innocent look. “Well, it always worked with dog fights. Figured it might work here.”

Jack gave a growl, quieting at Jim's glare. “I am not a dog.” he muttered.

“Even if you do growl?” Daniel asked with a grin “And if you can scent better then any damned dog I've met.”

Jack looked at the floor. “Even then.”

Teal'c watched the teasing with his usual stoic expression on his face before he the stillness of his companion caught his eye.

“Daniel-Osbourne, you must come back.” Teal'c rested one hand on the slender young man's shoulder before stepping in front of him and crouching down, touching his face.
“Daniel-Osbourne.” the Jaffa frowned, a quick flash of expression even as he felt a deep sense of frustration at not being able to help the young man.

“Oh man, he's zoned.” Blair whispered, silencing the jokes, at least for now. He made to step closer to the beta Sentinel only to find himself cut off by a growling Jim.

“Stay Chief.” was the command. Ellison's eyes a steely blue.

“I gotta help him.” Blair complained.

“No Chief, let them work it out.” Jim added in a softer tone “They'll get there.”

Teal'c was focused on his young friend “Oz” he used the nickname in his frustration. “Come back to us my friend.” the usually stoic man was just about ready to pull his non existent hair out. “We would miss you if you were to stay in this zone.” he noticed a small twitch in his Sentinel and added even lower “I would miss you should you stay zoned. Please, accept my aid, may I be your Shield, Guardian.”

Oz gave a slow blink and leaned into the hand before meeting the Jaffa's eyes. He gave a slow nod, telling him, in his own way, that he had accepted him. Taking a slow breath he cupped the Jaffa's face and answered more formally.

“Teal'c, my shield, my armor, my guide. I accept your offer.” he finally stood, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

“It was the water, wasn't it?” Blair was gnawing his lip. “I just wanted to stop them growling, I didn't mean to make you zone.”

Oz gave a shrug. “No big deal.” he told him with a secret little half smile. “It wasn't the water.” he added. “Three blocks down, two across, they're listening to the Dingoes.” he explained, not that anyone really understood that particular reasoning.

The End

You have reached the end of "Wolf, Wolf, Cat, Alien?". This story is complete.

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