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Summary: {Challenge Response} The mayor's last gift is a bit of a doozy: Faith is de-aged and sent to Middle Earth. How will Gandalf cope with a pint-sized ex-Slayer who won't be able to 'get some' for centuries? Mini!Elf!Faith!

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Lord of the Rings > Faith-CenteredamusewithaviewFR13913,2924024640,94814 Jul 0829 Nov 09No

Strange Gifts

Disclaimer: I own neither Middle Earth nor Sunnydale.

Timeline: "This Year's Girl" for BtVS, pre-movies / pre-books for LotR. Not sure what sort of timeline I'm going to be following, but rest assured - all the majoy players will be included.

A/N: This will have intermittent updates. You have been warned. I am working on two ficathon-type deals this summer on top of prepping for school in the fall and working. Be kind.


"... the truth is, after I'm gone - there's really no place left for you." Onscreen, the mayor glanced down and off to the side for a moment, a look of profound sadness in his eyes. Then he shook himself and smiled at the camera again, "But who says I can't provide a little insurance policy for my little girl, hmm?"

Faith grinned weakly and blinked furiously. She would not cry, damnit.

"Now, hon, I know you didn't have the best of childhoods - " He lifted a hand as if to ward off her imagined protest, "Life's not always fair, is it sweetie? People are never grateful enough for the things they have when they have them. Take you, for instance. Here the Council has two Slayers at once for the first time in, well, ever and what do they do? Send you an evil Watcher, not that there's anything wrong with evil, and then an incompetent one!"

The dark Slayer ducked her head and fiddled with the zipper on her stolen jacket.

"Wasted opportunities... ah well, I'm not going to let them have a chance to rectify their mistake." He smiled widely, "I'm going to set things right for you, Faith. Square away the cosmic order, not that that sort of thing really interests you. I know what you're waiting for! Go on, go on now sweetie! Open that little box that came with the tape."

She ripped off the metallic purple paper with gusto, revealing a small wooden box. It was dark and shiny, carved with delicate pictures of woodland scenes and mountain vistas. Faith stroked a thumb over the satiny wood and smiled a little, ignoring the splash and spread of dampness as a tear fell onto her present.

"Pretty little trinket, isn't it? Comes from a far and distant land... but the real kicker is what's in the box. Go ahead and open it, Faithie. I promise you'll like what's inside."

The latch on the front of the box opened with a soft click, the top lifting smoothly to reveal a plush, velvet-lined interior in the same dark purple as the wrapping paper. Nestled inside was a pendant on a silver chain.

Faith frowned as she lifted the piece of jewelry out of the box, tucking the wooden case under her arm while her gaze flickered from present to screen and back again.

The chain was heavy, braided silver that was dark with age and quality. The pendant that hung from it was large, about the size of a silver dollar. A purple stone - much lighter than the paper and the velvet - was in the center. It was round and smooth instead of being faceted: a cloudy, dusky purple that made up most of the pendant's size and weight. Coming out from it were seven small prongs, each ending in a sharp point. Just studying it, Faith could clearly see that there would be no way for the wearer to avoid being stabbed.

The mayor reached behind him and lifted an item identical to the one in her hands, holding it delicately while he stroked the chain. "Rather ominous-looking item, isn't it? But you're gonna love what it does!"

Faith quirked an eyebrow and rolled her eyes.

Wilkins wagged a finger at her, "Don't you give me any of that, missy. Respect your elders, child. We've been here a lot longer than you!" Turning serious, he lifted the chain and slipped the necklace around his head, letting the pendant fall against his suit so that it lay against the middle of his tie. "Faith, you can never be really happy in this world. Too much has happened to you, and you've done too much to other people. So I'm giving you a fresh start. Put the necklace on."

She hesitated, looking dubiously at those shiny silver prongs.

"C'mon, now Faith! If you can survive being skewered by that blonde butcher, you can handle a little pain with your presents." He smiled softly, "I know my Faithie, she can survive anything."

Though the mention of Buffy had her rubbing her stomach and scowling, she complied. The necklace fell with a weighty thump against her breastbone, settling between her breasts but away from her skin. She let it hang over her shirt while she waited for further instructions.

"Now, when the necklace is worn against the skin, the device will activate and start to glow. It needs Slayer blood to operate, so don't worry if it seems a little... thirsty. Go ahead, start it up."

Faith slipped the pendant under her shirt, watching and wincing as the prongs immediately grabbed her skin and pulled the cool metal backing flush against her skin. No blood left the wound and she watched as the purple stone began to pulse in time with her heartbeat.

"Look around you, Faith. This is the last time you'll ever see Sunnydale, not that you'll miss it." The mayor sighed, "I had to pull in every last favor from a witch-doctor friend of mine, but it was worth it. You are worth it, Faithie. Don't ever let anyone tell you different."

The dark Slayer was beginning to feel a little woozy, she scratched at the pendant, but it was firmly stuck. The pulsing was beginning to increase in tempo, the light flooding the back of the store she had broken into.

"You're not dying, Faith. If I have my way, you won't die for a very long time. Yes, the device needs Slayer blood, but it won't kill you. By the time you get where you're going, you just won't... be a..... Slayer....... any......... more..............."

Faith clutched at a shelf as she fell, too weak to shout or scream or curse as the necklace sucked her blood from her body far more quickly and effectively than the oldest vampire. She watched with quickly graying vision as the mayor walked to the camera and blew a kiss, trademark grin firmly in place.

The pulsing sped until she was surrounded with an eerie wash of purple-red-black light. To Faith's eyes it seemed as if the store, the sky, the world was melting into nothing but an ocean of color. She was tossed on its waves.

Then blackness took over, and swallowed her whole.

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