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One Shots to the Heart

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Summary: A collection of one shot stories, with mostly Buffyverse & SPN characters, with art. Whatever strikes my fancy and maybe yours as well.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - Other(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR1354,986012,77314 Jul 0815 Sep 09No

Devil’s Bounty

(Disclaimer: I own nothing, but plot.

During Orpheus S4 of Angel, Reaper after S1.

AU for Angel since I want Sam and Angelus interact.

The devil wanted Sam Oliver, his bounty hunter to return a soul rather than capture one.

“It’ll be fun; you and Andi can have a weekend in LA.”

“I’m afraid.”

“Be more afraid if you don’t return that soul Friday night.”

Ted was somehow notified that Andi and Sam were invited to a corporate Work Bench event.

“Did the devil give you any help?” Andi whispered as they retrieved their bags from the luggage turnstile.

“Actually he did, he said I’m on a time table and handed me this.” He handed Andi a business card.

“Angel Investigations, there’s no address.”

“I wrote it on the back,” she gave him a look, “okay, Ben helped me.”

Andi smiled as they exited the airport and hailed a cab. Andi gave the driver the address as Sam pulled out the vessel.

“That’s the vessel?”

“Yeah,” Sam replied as they began to laugh.

They stepped out of the cab in front of a large hotel. They entered the hotel to find a red headed woman, a slim brunette woman and a gruff man all holding books and chanting.

“Uh, excuse me, I’m uh, looking for…”

“Angel,” Andi added.

“This really isn’t a good time," the brunette spoke as she waved a bundle of incense.

“It’s about his soul.” Sam spoke.

They all froze and finally turned their attention to him. “What about his soul?” The man asked.

“I have it, so where is Angelus?”

“What do you mean you have it?” The red head asked.

He held up the vessel, a snow globe, “I’m the devil’s bounty hunter, I have my bounty, so where is he?”

They led him down to the basement and opened the large cage where Angelus lay. The vampire who was still and unconscious earlier now opened his eyes and looked directly at Sam. The Angel Investigations people didn’t make a move to protect Sam, but they did pull Andi from the cage.

The vampire smirked, “are you guys supplying me with food now?”

Sam stood his ground as the vampire stood up amidst the rattling of chains. “They should have never brought you back and the devil doesn’t like Angel taking up space in hell.”

The vampire laughed, “You’re the reaper? The devil’s bounty hunter, you, and how do you plan to re-ensoul me?”

“With this,” Sam held up the globe as it began to glow. Sam threw the globe at Angelus, it exploded as it hit his chest in a shower of red glitter and light. The vampire screamed as the light was sucked into his body.

When the light dimmed the vampire was on his knees gasping, as a young teenaged boy and a haired brunette raced down the stairs. They stopped and stared at Sam.

The vampire gasped as he looked up and stared at Sam and Andi. “Who are you?”

“Sam Oliver, devil’s bounty hunter and you’re welcome, oh,” he turned to the group behind him, “and no more playing with souls. The devil only gave Angel back his soul, because it wasn’t his time. Souls are his and up there’s territory, not yours. He wants you to back off or he’ll do something you’ll regret.”

“Are you the bounty hunter or his messenger?” Angel asked as he stood.

“Does it matter? You played with something you weren’t supposed to and you needed the devil to bail you out.” Sam turned to Andi, “come on, we’re done here.”

They turned to leave, but the group blocked their way.

Sam snapped his fingers and he and Andi vanished.

Sam and Andi hopped in a cab head into downtown LA to their hotel.

“So that little trick was that you or the devil?” Andi asked.

“Me,” Sam replied waiting for her to freak out.

She nodded her head, “and that speech, did you practice that?”

Sam smiled with relief, “not really, he told me what to say.”

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