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A New Mission

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Summary: He just wanted a drink and a place to relax.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Threesome & Moresomes
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CaliadragonFR1511,4876198,59814 Jul 0814 Jul 08Yes
Fic: A New Mission


Author: Caliadragon


Fandom: BtVS/SPN/Charmed


Category: Crossover, Humor, slash


Warnings: AU, Unbeta’d, slash, language


Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me.


Spoilers: None really.


Rating: FRM


AN: This is a one shot as of right now.  I have no idea when or if I will continue it.  My Muse wanted it and so it happened.  I think this is the closest my Kink muse is to cooperating.


Feedback: or on list if you would like to.


Archiving: Anyone with prior permission, BC and WwOMB.


Part: 1/1


Summary: He just wanted a drink and a place to relax.





He sat at the bar tired, but oddly comfortable in a roadhouse that held no memories or people he had to impress or save.  It was just another place on the road and one quick stop before he was on his way.



Two young men watched him; Sam had had a vision about the younger boy.  In the vision, he died and hell had literally come to earth.  The vision was so horrific that Sam had literally wakened Dean and Missouri with his screams, but Sam was forced to live the entire vision, Dean had been helpless to do anything to stop it. 



Dean wasn’t sure what it was about the boy in front of him that made him someone that could bring the end of the world, but the visions made it clear, Dean and Sam were to become his guardians. 



Six months earlier Dean, Sam, and their father had been convinced that Sam’s visions were demon influenced, but after running into a seer for The Powers that Be and a White Lighter for the Elders.    One who had healed John before he could die on them; they learned that while the others seers fell to the infection from the Demon Sam was a chosen Seer for Dean and John.  The White Lighter had informed them that someday soon they would be meeting someone who would be a balance between several groups of demon fighters and would be more.  What more that was they did not know and Leo wouldn’t tell them. 



Brought out of his musings, Dean looked over at his friend and nodded; Sam saw the communication and stood.  Tonight there were only fellow hunters and those who stayed within the Supernatural community.  Ellen watched as they came to sit on either side of the dark-haired kid and Sam shrugged, leaving it to Dean. 



Several other hunters looked at the pair and wondered what they were going to do with the stranger in their midst.  “I’m Dean and this is my brother Sam.  He had a vision about you dying during a fight with a demon, and then the world goes to hell.” Dean said bluntly.  Sam and Ellen rolled their eyes and waited for the denial and protestations of Dean’s insanity. 



The boy looked at him for several moments and then swore.  “Did you see what killed me, where it happened and when it happened?” the boy asked.



“You aren’t freaked?” Sam blurted out.



“Why would I? I was born on the hellmouth! This shit happens to me all the time! After the first ten apocalypses, you get pretty jaded.  So what is it that kills me?” the boy asked again wearily.



Ellen looked at him with wide disbelieving eyes and shook her head in wonder.  John, who until then had stayed in their booth stood and walked to the boy turning him to face him.  For his trouble, he got a knife to his throat and a growl of warning.  “Easy boy, I’m no threat to you.  My name is John Winchester and these are my sons.  Is your name Xander Harris?” John asked urgently.



Xander put his knife away and nodded, “Why?” he asked warily.   Dean and Sam gapped in shock, for that matter so did Ellen and most of the hunters in the room.  It wasn’t ever day you met a legend in the underworld of Demon Hunting, especially not one that had four or five armies looking for him, wanting him to join their side.  Not to mention being on the top hit list among the demons. 



“Rupert Giles is looking for you.  He and several other hunters have it among the underground that if you are found to send you home or contact them.”  Ellen answered before John could. 



Xander rolled his eyes, “Mother freaking Hen! I’m 22, I’ve been fighting demons since I was 14 and they still can’t let me out of their sight without having a panic attack.”  Xander shook his head in exasperation and sighed. 



“Look we just want to protect you from the demon that uses you to bring hell to earth.  We won’t tell the Council where you are if you don’t want them to know, though they aren’t the only ones hunting you.”  Dean said calmly, though he was amused by the younger boy’s rant. 



“Sure, far be it for me to let the world end.  It would really make the last 8 years a worthless fight.”  Xander said with a shrug. 



Dean frowned slightly and was about to respond to that when Leo orbed in.  No one in the bar was surprised to see the White Lighter.  Since he had saved Sam and John the Angel had appeared to them several times and Leo’s wife and her sisters had turned out to be a godsend when it came to magickal back up for some of the really hard cases.  “Hey Leo, long time no see.  How are the Sisters and the boys?” Xander asked in greeting not the least bit concerned by the arrival of the Angel. 



“Their fine, but I’m here with an assignment from the Elders and the Powers that Be for… you.” Leo said hesitantly, knowing that this wouldn’t go over well.



Xander smiled pleasantly, “I like you Leo, but they can fuck themselves.  I don’t take orders from the Dildo’s that Fuck Us All or the Wrinkled Old Balls.” Choked sounds filled the bar and Dean cackled in response, he could really learn to like this guy, plus he was pretty and Dean really liked pretty people.  Sam was looking wide-eyed, while John just gapped.  Leo blushed to his feet and ducked his head in embarrassment but looked back up at him with soulful eyes, silently begging. 



Xander sighed at the kicked puppy look Leo gave him and slumped.  “What is it?” he asked.  Leo gave him a gentle smile pleased that Xander didn’t growl at him, he had done that once before.



“You are so Angel whipped.” Dean said while smirking at the resigned boy thrilled to see someone else brought down by puppy eyes, Dean fell for Sam’s every time. 



“Well yeah, but I can’t help it.” Xander readily admitted, grinning slightly. 



Leo smiled at him again, “They want you to travel with the Winchesters.  Actually, they want the Winchesters to become your guards and have you assist those making alliances with the different groups of demon fighters, especially the ones that you have found yourself.”



The Winchester men shared a look, “What’s in it for us?” Dean asked bluntly wondering if all of the saving Leo did was a lead up to this.



Leo blushed again and shifted, Xander’s eyes widened remembering the vague vision that Phoebe had the last time they were around each other.  “Oh fuck me! You cannot be serious!” Xander exclaimed.  Leo’s blush deepened.  “Oh GOD! You are serious!”



“What the hell are you going on about?” Dean demanded looking between the embarrassed Angel and the shocked boy.



Sam however, swallowed and shook his head, thinking of the vision he had, but never shared with his Dad or Dean.  “I think I know.” he whispered causing Xander and Leo to look at him.  Leo nodded. 



“So which one?” Xander asked eyeing the brothers and John. 



“Dean and Sam,” Leo answered. 



“This is just to fucking much, I just learned their names and you’re telling me that I’m going to be the creamy center in a Winchester sandwich.  Maybe I should just let the demon kill me.” Xander said with a groan covering his face while everyone just gapped at him.  Why was he never allowed to have a normal relationship? 



Dean however cocked his head to the side and licked his lips.  “I can handle that.” 



No one knew quite what to say to that.  Demon hunters as a bunch were open to anything.  Life ended all too soon and the danger of their lives made it so that having hang-ups about sex just didn’t make sense.  Xander and Sam just blinked at him and then Sam looked at Xander and gave him a slow sexy smile while John grumbled.  Ellen laughed at the group and shook her head.  John glared at her and sighed when she smirked in reply his son’s were just weird.    

The End

You have reached the end of "A New Mission". This story is complete.

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