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Key to the Angels

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Summary: When blood flowed, the end of the world came. When it stopped flowing, the world was saved. Now Dawn finds herself caught in the battle between humanity and the Angels. Neon Genesis Evangelion Crossover. Eventual slash pairing, but nothing explicit.

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The Girl who Fell from the Sky

Title: Key to the Angels

Author: DarkGoddess (aka Empress of the Azure Skies)

Summary: When blood flowed, the end of the world came. When it stopped flowing, the world was saved. Now Dawn finds herself caught in the battle between humanity and the Angels. Neon Genesis Evangelion Crossover. Eventual slash pairing, but nothing explicit.

Timeline: Post ‘Gift’ for Buffy and episode two for Evangelion.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Neon Genesis Evangelion. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Evangelion belongs to Gainax.

This story is on both my account Empress of the Azure Skies and my Twisting the Hellmouth account DarkGoddess.

Author’s Notes:

This story is the first in a series.

There will be slash eventually (don’t like, don’t read), much later, but it won’t rise above kissing in the main stories (onscreen anyway). There may be a side story where the boys get freaky, though.

Het pairings will come in the next story of the series when I have a larger pool of potential partner.

I’ve decided to use honorifics because I feel they can sometimes convey important implications, so I hope you don’t mind a little gratuitous Japanese, though that’s all I’ll be using honorifics. That means no ‘arigatou,’ ‘gomen,’ and especially no ‘baka’ or ‘kawai.’


Dawn spared Buffy one last glance. Huge tears trailed down the Slayer’s face. A part of her, deep inside, wished she had let Buffy take her place. She didn’t want to die.

But she knew this was best. Buffy was the Slayer, the savior of the world. Without Buffy around, another Big Bad would inevitably show up and it would be the end of the world for real. Her life was much more important than Dawn’s. Dawn was the Key, something that existed only to tear down dimensional walls and bring Hell to Earth.

Under normal circumstances, Buffy probably would’ve hit her for saying such things, but now was neither the time nor the place for it. So they argued back and forth for a few all too fleeting seconds and now Dawn was going to save the world.

“I’ll say ‘hi’ to mom for you,” Dawn said, her voice quivering slightly and tears obscuring her vision.

Before Buffy could respond, Dawn jumped. For a split second she thought she might pass through the swirling vortex and fall straight through to the ground below. Any illusions of that happening were quickly dispelled as she hit that twisting mass of energy.

Instantly she felt like she was being ripped apart. It was agony like she had never felt before. She tried to scream, but no sound came. When she tried to inhale, she found there was no air to take into her lungs. She wished that she would just hurry up and die. Seconds stretched into millennia as she waited for her life to end and the agony to cease.

When she reached her limit and thought she would go insane, she began to feel warm. Her body began to glow green. A green spread from her into the rest of the portal. A dull lack of feeling spread through her body. As her flesh turned to pure magical energy, she finally felt at peace.


Shinji grabbed his arm as the Angel pulled on Evangelion Unit 01’s arm. It felt like it was pulling on his arm. He had never been so terrified in his entire life. He never should’ve agreed to this. He should’ve just told his father to find someone else and moved on with his life.

“Shinji-kun! Calm down!” came a voice from NERV HQ, “It’s not your arm!”

He could hear everyone back at NERV HQ talking, but he couldn’t make it out. The fear and pain was too much. He wasn’t ready for this, he couldn’t do it, the Angel was going to kill him.

He felt the Angel snap Eva’s left arm. Pain shot up his arm. The voices came again.

“Left arm damaged!”

“Circuits have snapped!”

The Angel released his arm and hefted him up by his head. It began ramming is head with something inside of its arm. His heart was racing so fast that he thought it might burst out of his chest and he was fairly sure he might wet himself.

“Shinji-kun! Escape!” Misato yelled.

He wanted to tell her that he would if he could, but he was too terrified to say anything. He clutched his eye as whatever the Angel was ramming the Eva with began cracking Eva’s eye. He could feel it.

“The front area of the head is cracked,” reported Maya.

“The armor won’t stand anymore!” said Dr. Akagi.

Finally, the spear of light in the Angel’s arm pierced the Eva and a beam of light shot out into Eva’s head. It flew back against a building and red fluid burst out of the hole. Shinji could feel himself about to black out. He tried to fight it, but he just wanted to give up and run away. He wasn’t meant to fight, it just wasn’t in him.

Suddenly the Angel looked up. Eva inexplicably looked up, too. Falling from the sky was a huge green ball of…something moving at an incredible speed.

Shinji could only watch as an orange barrier appeared over the Angel. The immense green ball hit the barrier and shattered it without losing any momentum.

It hit the Angel, vaporizing it completely. Shinji stared as the ball struck the ground, creating a huge crater. The ground beneath him shook violently and Eva collapsed face down. At this moment, Shinji screamed like he had never screamed, releasing all his fear, frustration, and anger.

Relief finally washed over him like sweet manna from Heaven. The Angel was dead and he had survived. He may not have killed it, but the important thing was that the battle was over.


Back at NERV HQ, almost everyone had identical expressions of shock and disbelief. Even stoic Gendo Ikari looked surprised.

“What the hell just happened?!” shouted Misato, “Was that some kind of weapon?! It punched right threw the AT field!”

“I certainly hope it wasn’t a weapon,” replied Ritsuko, “If it was, it’s not one of ours.”

She left the implication of the consequences of an unknown element possessing a weapon that can easily destroy and AT field hanging in the air.

“Go retrieve any debris from that projectile immediately,” ordered Commander Ikari, “I want a full analysis as soon as possible.”

“What about Shinji-kun?” asked Misato.

“Pilot survival confirmed,” reported Maya.

“That’s not quite what I meant,” Misato muttered darkly under her breath.


Ritsuko scrawled down more notes on her clipboard. The machines spat out information that would’ve seemed completely undecipherable to most people. They made perfect sense to her however, but the results she was getting was what troubled her.

She sighed and looked at the girl in the bed behind her, a pretty brunette that looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, all kinds of machines collecting data about her. She had been unconscious since the Angel’s attack, almost three whole days.

She returned to taking notes from the readouts when Commander Ikari walked in. She blinked, he always made people come to him, he never came to them.

“What have you discovered?” he inquired, “Is she an Angel?”

“I’m still running tests, but so far everything indicates she’s human,” she replied, “however, she gives off a strange energy signature that has gradually been dissipating since the battle with the Angel. I haven’t found anything to explain how a seemingly ordinary teenage girl can fall out of the sky in green ball of energy and not only survive, but walk away with only a few shallow stab wounds that appear to have come from prior to the fall. Even that odd dress she was wearing wasn’t damaged at all other than from whatever cut her.”

“When she wakes up, I want her to try to pilot Unit 00,” he said.

“You want this girl as the Fourth Child?”

“There’s obviously something special about her and I want her right here where I can keep an eye on her,” he turned to leave, “Make arrangements for her to stay Captain Katsuragi.”

Ritsuko was about to leave when she heard the girl stir. She suddenly sat upright, looking around the room frantically.

“Who are you?” the girl asked in English, “Where am I? Where’s Buffy?”

Ritsuko hoped her English wasn’t as rusty as she thought it was.

“I am Dr. Ritsuko Akagi. You…”

“Wait, you’re a doctor? Did I get committed or something? Was all the vampires and stuff just delusion or something?”

Vampires? Perhaps this girl was unstable. Then again Ritsuko had seen many strange things.

“You are not in a mental institution, if that is what you are asking. This is the headquarters of NERV. We found you after the battle with the Angel and brought you here for medical attention.”

It wasn’t a total lie, but she didn’t want to give this girl too much information.

“Oh, um, thanks. I’m Dawn, Dawn Summers. What’s NERV? You guys fight angels? Is this Hell? ‘Cause if it is, it’s not quite as fire and brimstone-y as I imagined.”

Ritsuko thought maybe the girl was joking, but something about her expression seemed extremely serious.

“This is Tokyo-3, not Hell. NERV is a part of the United Nations dedicated to combating the threat of the beings we have designated as Angels, which are not literal angels.”

“Wait, I’m in Japan? And what happened to the first Tokyo? Or the second one for that matter?”

“I take it you have not studied world history very well, though I thought this was common knowledge. Tokyo-1 was destroyed on September 20, 2000 by a nuclear bomb during the outbreak of violence following the Second Impact. Tokyo-2 is the currently capital of Japan.”

Dawn gave her a very confused look, then shook her head.

“Okay, so you’re telling me that Tokyo was destroyed by a nuke just a few months ago and it hasn’t been all over the news? What’s the Second Impact?

Something was wrong. Everyone knew about the Second Impact (even if they didn’t know the truth about it) and why would she think the destruction of Tokyo-1 only occurred a few months ago?

“What year do you think it is?”


Curiouser and curiouser.

“The current year is 2015.”

Dawn’s jaw dropped, then something seemed to click in her mind.

“So, um, when can I leave here?”

“Hmm…I need to run a few more tests, but you should be able to leave in morning. I was going to make arrangements for you stay with a friend of mine, she is taking care of a boy about your age, but she does not speak English. I will speak with my superior Commander Ikari and see about other arrangements.”

“Um...don’t I get a say?”

Ritsuko hadn’t expected her to protest. Rei just went along with whatever they wanted of her and Shinji hadn’t raised any complaints about living with Misato.

“Of course, but where will you go?”

“Sunnydale, California, my hometown. It’s not far from L.A.”

“I will speak with Commander Ikari. I’ll leave you alone for now. Do you need anything?”

Dawn shook her head, then her stomach growled very loudly.

“Maybe some food and something to drink,” Dawn laughed, “And do you think you can unhook me from some of these machines.”

Ritsuko smiled a little and began unhooking the machines.


As Dawn watched the blonde doctor, who could obviously not be Asian even taking into consideration her obvious dye job, leave she wanted to break something. She had made a heroic sacrifice to save the world. She was supposed to be in heaven catching up with her mom, not in some alternate reality Japan where she obviously the prisoner of some UN organization. At least she hoped it was an alternate reality like the ones Anya had told her about. If not, it raised some serious questions about the monks’ craftsmanship.

She got up to stretch her legs. They hurt like she hadn’t walked in a few days. She noticed that someone had changed her out of that dress Glory had made her wear and put her in a hospital gown.

She couldn’t help but wonder if Sunnydale even existed here or Buffy for that matter. Even if she did, she would be about thirty-four, probably with kids of her own.

Maybe living in Japan wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Giles had taught her what little bit of the language he knew (or maybe the monks had just planted that there, she wasn’t sure if it was a memory from before or after her creation) so surely it wouldn’t be that hard to learn. She could start over with a life of her own, not as a little sister created for the Slayer to protect, but her own person.

Still she missed everyone, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Tara, Giles, even Anya, patronizing though she was. So even if there was only a tiny chance they were there, she had to risk it. Sunnydale was her home and they were her family.

She began pacing around her room, a plan forming in her head. If she could get to this world’s Sunnydale, there might be a Hellmouth there. If there was Hellmouth, she might be able to find a way to open a portal home. She already knew her blood could open portals. Well…tear down dimensional barriers and bring Hell crashing down the heads of unsuspecting mortals at a predetermined point in time that had already passed, but maybe if she could learn the right spells she could harness and control it.

After a few minutes of walking around her room, she decided she didn’t like this place. Something wasn’t right about it. It wasn’t just the fact that she was inside the headquarters of some secret organization and it wasn’t just because she felt like she was being watched (she decided she probably was being watched). It was like there was something below her. It felt sort of like how she had always imagined the Hellmouth should feel: spewing out all kinds of bad mojo up at you, although she never felt anything quite like that.

Then she remembered she had mentioned vampires out loud and cursed silently to herself. They would probably be bringing a straightjacket back for her. Then again these people fought angels, so maybe they would be more willing to believe in monsters.

She shrugged to herself. It was too late to worry about it now. She simply returned to her pacing and tried to remember everything she could about the Key and magic she had ever learned.

After about a half an hour of that, Dawn was extremely bored and hungry. How long did it take get some food around here? She was tempted to try to sneak out of her room, but she had seen enough movies and TV to suggest this wasn’t a very good idea, especially if she wanted these people to trust her.


Shinji lied sprawled out on his bed. He was still haunted by images of the battle with the Angel. He had been helpless, useless, and he would’ve been killed if that thing that fell out of the sky. It would be better if he just left and they found a new pilot. He had been receiving training with his Eva, but he didn’t see the point. There was no way he’d ever be able to beat an Angel. His father had been right to leave him, who in the world would want a son as pathetic as him?

His eyes began to sting like tears were about to come. They wouldn’t, though. They never did. He never cried. He just lied there, wishing he could be stronger, smarter, better.

He knew he would have to start school soon. It was a terrifying concept. He hated being around other people. At school he always just sat there, never speaking to anyone unless they spoke directly to him first. It was so embarrassing. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk to them. He just had no idea how to do it. He never understood how some people could babble on to anyone for hours. How did they know what to say?

He hit shuffle on his MP3 player and hoped the music would help him drift off more easily. He had been right and sleep overtook him in no time.

Shinji was on a train speeding somewhere. He had no idea where it was going and he really didn’t care. He was just along for the ride.

A sickly green light poured in through the windows. Out the window opposite of him he could see the sun, but it was also green. He didn’t like it, but there was nothing he could do about it. He tried to look away from it, but as soon as he managed to pry his eyes away, they were drawn back to it.

This time someone was sitting there. The light from the green sun shone around their head like a halo. Their face was completely shrouded in darkness.

When the person spoke, hundreds of voices came out all at once. Male voices, female voices, loud ones, quiet ones, harsh ones, soft ones. He couldn’t possibly understand what they were saying.

He didn’t say anything, he just keep looking down.

They voices kept talking. They were all pleading with him for different things, but all of them wanted different things.

One voice rose above the others, a female voice.

“This time you will be the one to choose. Our lives mean nothing.”

Finally the voices stopped and Shinji and his companion rode the train in silence.


In the depths of GeoFront, Gendo and Fuyutsuki were conferring. The gloom in the room seemed to actually have substance. Gendo sat in his characteristic position with his gloved hands crossed and his glasses positioned in such a way as to cover much of his face. Fuyutsuki stood in his usual position at Gendo’s side.

“What do you intend to do with the girl?” Fuyutsuki asked, “Will you let her go to California?”

“I’ll tell have to tell the Old Men about her, though I won’t tell them the whole truth,” Gendo replied, “She’s an unknown in all of this and I don’t want them getting their hands on her. As for letting her go to California, it’s probably best that we gain her trust. Nothing will come of it, I checked myself and there is no such town as Sunnydale, there never has been.”

“What about her piloting an Eva?”

“She might be able to pilot Unit 00, though I believe it would be better for her to test Unit 03 or 04 upon their completion. Perhaps we should schedule her trip to America to coincide with these.”

“Won’t SEELE be suspicious of her?”

“I’ve managed to dupe those fools easily so far. It will require some delicate maneuvering, but it won’t be a difficult task.”

“What should we do with her until then?”

“If she can’t speak Japanese as Dr. Akagi said, it may present some problems. She won’t be able to attend school until she learns more. Perhaps we’ll have her stay with Rei, she quite a bit of English and doesn’t speak much anyway.”

“You’ll leave a teenager without adult supervision?”

“I don’t have much choice. Captain Katsuragi doesn’t speak English, so that would be a bad situation. If she can learn Japanese, then we’ll rethink the living arrangements. Besides what can she do in a country where she can’t effectively communicate with most people? Rei will keep a close eye on her for us.”

“How does this girl fit into your plans?”

“She destroyed an Angel. She obviously has power. Utilizing that power to further my goals may increase my chances of success. If it doesn’t, we can simply discard her so that she doesn’t become a hindrance.”

Fuyutsuki had to suppress a shudder, like so many times before, at the cold man his precious student had fallen in love with. He often wondered what she would think of him now. Could this really be what she had wanted all along?


Author’s Note:

I swore this would never see the light of day until it was finished, but I’m weak. I hope you liked it.

If you’re wondering what happened to that stupid tape player Shinji had, I got rid of it. I will give them that the show was made in the nineties, but seriously, a tape player in 2015? No, just no.

Also, if you’re wondering why there’s no Sunnydale in the NGE world, it’s because of the lack of demons. Mayor Richard Wilkins founded Sunnydale in a place with high demonic activity. No demons, no Sunnydale.
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