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Halloween World: Records of Chaos

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Summary: Even in a world that's falling apart, records are still kept. It's amazing what you can find in them.

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Disclaimer: If you recognise it, it isn't mine.

Authors Note: Okay then. I'm not entirely sure where this idea came from but it's certainly something different. Events in the post-Halloween world, as recorded by the people living in it, in the form of reports, statements, journals, ect. Open to all, so if you've got something to add then go ahead.

Beeton Colony, Canada:

Sighting report (fictional characters):

Extract from the arrival statement of Alice White, 11/17/1997

“We were trying to get out of Toronto. The monsters were everywhere and we thought that there might be fewer of them in the country. There wasn’t of course but we didn’t know that. One of the trucks got a flat about five miles from the city. We stopped to change the tire and a moment later we were attacked. Everyone was panicking except a man and a woman. I’d seen them before when we were getting on the trucks, I didn’t think much of them at the time, they seemed pretty normal. While everyone else was trying to get away, they fought back, fending off the monsters and giving us a chance to get away. Although they looked human, I don’t think they were, at least not like me. The way they were fighting was like they didn’t have to pay attention to gravity, like something out of a kung fu movie. I saw the man get thrown through the air then sort of ‘brake’ in mid air like he’d landed on something solid. The girl jumped up and then jumped again, like the air was a springboard. Both of them got hit and clawed but they didn’t seem to get hurt. I didn’t see anything else because the truck was too far away after that. As far as I know they stayed behind to protect the people trapped in the damaged truck. I don’t know if they are still alive but I hope so.”

Additional Information:

The defenders in the statement have been tentivly identified as Kar and Jade (see Records Re: Bulletproof Monk). Current status is unknown.

Appendum (11/22/97): Identities have been confirmed. Kar (no last name) and Jade (no last name) arrived yesterday with the missing truck and the rest of its passengers. Both are total replacements of the original persona and no information regarding their previous identities is available at this time. Both have been debriefed (see Arrival Statements for 11/19/97) and have been asked to join the colony’s defencsive force. See General Register for further details.
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