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The Legend of Buffy: The Blade of Evil's Bane

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Summary: Buffy Summers will not become the Slayer. One event in her past sets in motion her new quest and new destiny to become the Heroine of Destiny. This is The Legend of Buffy.

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Author's Notes: Ok here's why I wrote this. Total insanity from my muse. Apparently I just got this itch this wierd idea for a Buffy Nintendo crossover with one of my all time favorite game series The Legend of Zelda and a sort of complete AU for the character/characters. So yeah. Don't hate me for starting another fic when I've got so many works in progress. Since I can't make a new challenge I decided to let my muse have free reign. So here it is. Don't kill me.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. The Legend of Zelda and all characters belong to Nintendo and ther super cool creator Shigeru Myamoto. I don't own any of them is that clear? I wrote a fan fiction. I really don't know what else to say in these things so let's get on with the fun. Or Insanity. Or Hilarity who can say.

Little Buffy Summers eight years old was on a vacation with her parents exploring some great big forest or other; she couldn’t remember what it was called all she knew was it didn’t have any malls, celebrities or even proper bathroom facilities so she was understandably bored.
It was getting to be late afternoon and their camp site wasn’t too far away from a little clearing filled with wild strawberry patches. Buffy had been snacking on them all week and snuck off occasionally to find the juiciest ones further in past the trees when her parents weren’t paying attention. Usually because her mom had convinced her dad to go into their tent and do something that resulted in a lot of strange noises that Buffy was a little afraid to find out meant. So at the moment she was walking into the trees and looking for another juicy berry patch to sneak from, all very innocent behavior for an eight year old little girl who had no troubles, no cares and no strange dark destiny involving creatures of myth and darkness like vampires and demons. Not that Buffy thought of things like that.
Strange noises in the trees confused her and her eyes turned heavenwards searching the high branches for signs of squirrels or birds that might be around. So she didn’t notice when she stepped over a fallen tree and seemed to pass through some odd barrier of mystical energy, someone was trying to open a portal to connect two worlds seeking a means to escape with a source of great power and conquer other realms.
Large grunting noises made her stop, she didn’t recognize anything around her and she couldn’t find the clearing any more it was as if it had vanished. Frightened she called out for her mommy and daddy.

“Mommy!” She cried running around a massive tree. “Daddy!” Suddenly a shadow fell over the young girl and she looked up to find a big hulking pig thing or maybe it was more like Mister Gundersons bulldog, if a bulldog walked upright had two arms and wore weird looking armor. “Mommy, daddy!” She screamed trying to run away from the big scary monster, part of her beginning to wish she hadn’t gone off in search of juicy strawberries.

“GET HER!” A voice screamed from somewhere behind the dog-man. That was when more of the creatures made themselves known, she was almost surrounded and not just by the dog-men, but from strange walking skeletons like on Ford’s favorite t-v show He-Man only instead of wearing clothes they were just bones that held massive swords and had minimal armor. There was a strange looking mummy that shambled through the trees, really big spiders and four legged hopping creatures with one big eye in the center of their body. Little Buffy Summers screamed shrilly and tried to run only to trip over a stone and fly into the arms of someone, terrified, but somehow finding an inner strength she started to pound her tiny fists into the someone’s body.

“Let me go, let me go I’ll so call the FBI on you I know strangers like to hurt little girls. Mommy said so, let me go!” She rattled off not even bothering to open her eyes. The stranger didn’t say a word, he didn’t know what to say, all he knew was that this girl was being chased by his enemies. Pulling out a sword from a sheath on his back he swung it at the nearest Moblin and sent the beast scurrying away from the reach of the Master Sword. A Stalfos fell to pieces, but soon restored itself and continued to attack, trying to protect the hysterical child and fight at the same time Link ducked down and scooped the girl up onto his shoulders and dashed past the hordes of Ganon’s army.
The girl could now see who her possible captor was, he was a tall muscular man in a green tunic wearing strange gloves and carrying a pouch as well as a shield and the sword. He had an angelic face, rich blue eyes, a green hat covering shocks of blonde hair and had pointed ears. “You’re an elf.” She gasped. “I’ve heard lot’s of stories about you. That’s funny I thought you were shorter.” She muttered. Shaking his head Link put the child down which turned out to be fortuitous as a Bubble appeared and struck him in the back causing him to cry out in pain and drop the Master Sword.
Buffy, terrified at the sight of a floating flaming winged skull cowered behind his legs trying not to be seen. Reaching into the pouch he removed a large bow and knocked an arrow to it letting it fly, it struck the Bubble and caused it to explode the pieces falling to the forest floor and vanishing as they touched the grass of the Earth. Buffy was absolutely enthralled by this sight and jabbed at the spot where the Bubble had been with the tip of her toe. Link knocked more arrows and started firing into the trees, sometimes his arrows would burn with fire others they would crackle and shimmer with ice. The Skulltulas in the treetops fell down dead and vanished much like the Bubble had, but as usual the Stalfos and Moblins kept coming. With a sigh of frustration he reached into his pouch a second time strapping the bow to his back for easier reach and pulled out a boomerang, flinging it he hit the tallest Stalfos causing it to freeze. Buffy watched fascinated as the elf then removed a lit bomb from the pouch and hurled it at the skeleton thing, it exploded upon contact finally killing the Stalfos.

“Link, Link!” A strange new voice cried and a tiny ball of light flitted down from the trees. “Oh thank Farore I found you, who’s this strange girl? And what’s she doing in the Lost Woods?” The strange ball of light now revealed to have wings demanded fluttering about Buffy’s face while Link kept hitting Stalfos with the boomerang and then blowing them up with a bomb. He just shrugged and grunted in response, too busy it would appear to talk.

“Who are you?” Buffy demanded annoyed by the glowing ball of light.

“Navi the fairy, did you get lost? Why’s Ganon’s army after you? Are you a Hylian? No of course not you don’t have the pointed ears Link has. Well you’re certainly not a Kokiri. Link why are we rescuing this stupid girl when we’re supposed to be retrieving the Triforce of Wisdom from Ganon?” The fairy demanded flittering about and almost ruining Link’s aim. Switching tactics he pulled out a strange looking glowing thing and placed it down on the grass closing his eyes in concentration he sent it zipping and zagging around the trees until it collided with a Stalfos and a Moblin and blew up killing the pair. “Oh wasn’t that your last Bombchu Link?”

“Be quiet you noisy bug lady and let the nice elf kill the nasty monsters.” Buffy harrumphed stomping her foot into the ground and crossing her arms angrily, Link smirked secretly and reached into his pouch again digging around. Pulling a strange looking thing Buffy couldn’t recognize she watched in fascination as a piece on the end that looked kind of like a hook or metal claw shot out on a long chain grasping one of the strange hopping one-eyed things that so far Link the elf hadn’t attacked yet. It pulled the creature towards them and Buffy ducked down a little frightened by the sudden thought that he was bringing the monsters to her. Link stopped the Longshot’s progress halfway through its cycle and spun the Tektite around using it like a whip to knock away others of its kind and more of the annoying Skulltulas that had started to spawn anew.

“Oh no, it’s that Wizzrobe see Link. He’s conjuring them all again. You have to stop them.” Navi the fairy exclaimed trying to be helpful. “Why aren’t you using the Master Sword?” She demanded. Link sighed and rolled his eyes, Buffy noticed he seemed to be flashing with a strange glowing light similar to the glowing that the weird flying skull had.

“He got hit by that flying skull thingy.” She said. “Does that mean he can’t use his sword?” She wondered curiously turning to the sword which was lying on the ground. Bending to pick it up Navi and Link both shared a horrified look.

“No!” Navi cried. “Don’t pick it up!” But it was too late. As soon as she touched the hilt the Master Sword reacted to the noble little girl’s soul and something else buried deep within, Buffy’s eyes shot open wide as she managed to life the sword as if it weighed nothing and the blade began to glow an odd blue color.

“What’s happening mister elf?” She asked a little worried now.

“You touched the Master Sword.” Navi wailed. “You’re not supposed to touch the Master Sword only the Hero of Time is supposed to. You stupid little girl.” She belittled Buffy. Link watched fascinated, whenever someone else had touched his sword before it had never reacted because he was the destined Hero of Time. If one of his enemies tried to touch it they usually ended up being very sorry very quickly, even Ganon hadn’t been able to hold it for long without his evil being affected by the burning light. The blade’s glow flared brightly and caused a blast that sent the horde of Ganon’s forces packing in more ways then one, the Wizzrobe died and the rest of them vanished or ran off terrified at the sight of this strange phenomena.

“Ok, I’d like to put the sword down now.” Buffy exclaimed a little frightened.

“You can’t.” Link finally spoke his voice melodious and very soft exactly like an elf’s might have been if they did in fact exist. “I’m sorry, I tried to protect you, but it seems you have a destiny to play as well.” He said sorrowfully. Buffy began to cry not understanding why she couldn’t put the sword down and go back to her parents. In a flash though the sword in her hands seemed to split in two, one blade returned to Link who eyed it thoughtfully. “The Four Sword.” He muttered.

“That’s not enough to beat Ganon.” Navi complained.

“Not on its own, but maybe Zelda can help figure something out.” Link mused. Turning he and his fairy left the unknown little girl behind who was no longer crying; in fact she was no longer flesh and blood. The body of one Buffy Anne Summers had frozen into a stone statue the Master Sword in her hands seeming to be covered in moss a tiny triangular tattoo glowing faintly on her right hand.
The land of Hyrule faded as the spell of Ganon’s Wizzrobe ended and Buffy’s stone form reappeared in the clearing back on Earth a little stone girl with a big sword in her hands, her face scrunched up in fear and sadness and a stray tear escaped from her eye trickling down her stone cheek, the girl did not understand.

“Buffy!” Joyce Summers’ voice cried out worried for her daughter. “Buffy!”

“Buffy Anne Summers you get back here right now!” Hank Summers commanded his fear for his daughter’s safety hidden by a growing anger that she’d gone and run off.

“Oh my God, Hank come quickly!” Joyce screamed stumbling upon the little stone statue that had been her daughter only hours ago. Hank did so and fell to his knees in shock upon seeing his daughter turned to stone, rationally he couldn’t explain it, but somehow deep in his heart he knew that the statue with the amazing likeness of Buffy was in fact his daughter. He and Joyce wept bitterly unable to understand what had happened. After what felt like hours he turned to Joyce.

“How do we explain this to the authorities?” He asked.

“We don’t.” Joyce snapped. “What are we supposed to say Hank, our daughter turned to stone? They’d lock us away for sure.” Hank lowered his head in shame trying to hide the anguish and fear and guilt he felt from his wife. “We’ll. We’ll adopt a look-a-like, say she was hurt and had emergency surgery performed on her.”

“Are you mad? It would be easier to just say she drowned.” Hank retorted.

“And what happens when they don’t find a body Hank?” Joyce wondered vehemently.

“We can’t just force some innocent child to take over Buffy’s life.” Hank argued.

“It’s either that or admit that our daughter turned into a stone statue while we were camping in the Redwood Forest.” Joyce pointed out bitterly.

“All right.” Hank reluctantly relented. “But we are not telling my parents or yours such a pathetic lie. Plastic surgery doesn’t change a girl’s personality.” He reminded.

“They’ll understand, we’ll show them her.” Joyce agreed.

“How do we get her out of here?” Hank wondered.

“I don’t know.” Joyce admitted. “We’ll think of something, but first we’d better call the nearest orphanage and try to find the look-a-like.” She added.

Years would pass on Earth without anyone learning the truth about young Buffy Anne Summers or her strange fate, the Slayer Faith was sent to Sunnydale in her stead and became the protector of the Hellmouth, Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg befriending and helping the Bostonian Slayer. The look-a-like Buffy always knew she was some kind of replacement for a girl she’d never met, and that was what led to Joyce and Hank getting a divorce. She blamed herself, but the worst came when the Monk’s of Dagon tried to send the key to the Slayer. Instead of succeeding in protecting the key it seemed to vanish, being pulled to some unknown place for a purpose they could not begin to fathom. The Hell-God Glorificus hunted the key mercilessly, her quest took her to Sunnydale and many lives were lost until she was finally put down.
Until the twenty-first birthday of one Buffy Anne Summers. When something miraculous occurred and the world discovered that they would have a new champion, one who wielded the Blade of Evil’s Bane also called the Master Sword and whose new destiny was to save not only her world, but the world of a great protector who had once tried to save her.
This was the story of The Legend of Buffy, The Heroine of Destiny!

The Legend of Buffy
The Blade of Evil’s Bane

In the beginning came the Goddesses, Din, Nayru and Farore and they used their powers to create the lands, the laws that govern these lands and the peoples who would inhabit these lands. When they finished their creation they left and journeyed far from their creation venturing into the Sacred Realm in the process to create the final remnant of their power through all of their new world. The Triforce.
It was said that whoever reached the Sacred Realm and claimed the Triforce would receive one wish, any wish their hearts could conceive. However there was a catch, whoever touched the Triforce first would need to possess absolute balance between the three facets of the Triforce, Wisdom, Courage and Power. Unfortunately when the Hero of Time placed three pendants within the Temple of Time and claimed the Master Sword for the first time the evil Gerudo King Ganondorf used this event to breach the Sacred Realm and reached the Triforce.
His heart being focused solely on using the Triforce for Power resulted in the Triforce being split into the three facets, Ganondorf retained the Facet of Power, the Hero of Time Link was given the Facet of Courage and the Princess of Hyrule, Princess Zelda received the Facet of Wisdom. The three of them became entangled in a quest to restore peace to Hyrule evoking the very abilities of time travel inherent in the magic of their world.
Link, the Hero of Time thwarted Ganondorf and the Seven Sages sealed him within the Sacred Realm, alas this event took place in the future. And the evil Gerudo King of the past who still remained free bided his time until Link, searching for his lost fairy friend Navi was trapped in Termina and forced to do battle against the evil God Majora.
Stealing the Triforce of Wisdom from the younger Princess Zelda Ganondorf began to wage war against Hyrule and attempted to breach numerous barriers set in place by the Goddesses to conquer other Realms. The Hero of Time returned fully grown with his friend Navi and the Master Sword, he fought tirelessly, but one event caused a drastic upheaval to the lands of Hyrule. A young girl with a destiny stepped through a half-formed portal between Hyrule and Earth and accidentally took the Master Sword; she destroyed a group of Ganon’s foul servants and then became sealed in a stone prison. She also unknowingly received the Facet of Wisdom.
With this one Facet of the Triforce no longer on Hyrule time itself became frozen, Ganon and Link became trapped within the Sacred Realm together to await the re-awakening of the child and Zelda led the armies of Hyrule in eradicating all of Ganon’s foul minions. Before time on Hyrule eventually stopped completely. Now the Seven Sages reach through time to begin the chain of events that will restore both Hyrule and the life of the child who inadvertently became entangled in the destiny of another world.

Buffy blinked in confusion as she opened her eyes and found herself in a strange room cascading with light. The walls, the floors, the doors, the windows everything seemed to be light or composed of light. She was completely lost because the last thing she remembered was meeting that nice elf who was rescuing her from the evil monsters.
Glancing down at her body to see if she was hurt she was shocked to discover she was so much bigger now, and not just with the boobies mommy had told her she’d eventually develop. She was taller and wearing a very strange looking costume, it wasn’t the dress she’d wanted to buy last month when she visited her aunt and cousin, but it was kind of like a dress. A nice princess’s dress with funny little symbols, except this dress had a very short skirt; and there wasn’t any crown on her head or fairy wings on her back. She liked pretending she was a fairy princess.
Something was on her back too, it felt heavy and metallic. Reaching she felt a long hard shaft sticking up over her shoulder and grabbed it tugging on it, the it in question came loose freely and she was amazed to discover it was that funny sword of the elf’s she just now remembered having picked up.

“Greetings Heroine of Destiny.” A deep voice said as a strange old man appeared in front of her. Leaping back in slight trepidation she held the sword out in a very clumsy attempt to threaten this stranger. “There is no need to be afraid Heroine. I am Rauru the Sage of Light and the first chosen to approach you for the great journey you will embark upon to restore the land of Hyrule and stop the threat of Ganon.” The kindly looking stranger revealed.

“Q-Quest?” Buffy repeated slowly becoming terrified. “Wh-What are you talking about? I want my Mommy, and Daddy, where are they?” She demanded bravely.

“I told you Rauru that she would not fully understand.” A new voice sighed and a very pretty woman appeared wearing what looked like a bikini made out of leaves.

“Yes, it would appear her mental state is different compared to Link’s.” Rauru sighed. “Can you help her; she will need to be fully capable if she is to fight alongside the Hero of Time.” He said.

“I shall do what I am able; she will receive the knowledge and the skills. Her natural age however will not be altered though I will try to make her understand better.” The funny leaf wearing lady said.

“Hey. Don’t ignore me please.” Buffy pleaded feeling even greater fear at what was being discussed though she had some trouble fully grasping what they were talking about. She did know they meant to do something to her though. “Will it hurt?” She wondered speaking more to herself.

“No my child.” The leaf woman laughed her laughter tinkling all about the room and sounding so pleasant that Buffy found herself smiling. Then she seemed to dance in the air floating as Buffy now noticed she had been the entire time and a spray of green energy danced from the strange lady and into her. It tickled and Buffy giggled, but then she began to see images in her mind and she let out a little scream.

“What’s happening?” She demanded her voice beginning to sound stronger, different. And then in a flash the funny energy was gone and Buffy collapsed slowly losing unconsciousness.

“When you awaken back in your home you will be ready for your journey.” Rauru said. “We can do nothing further from this end; once you reach Hyrule then you will be able to unlock all of your new skills. Seek the Mouth of Hell and venture deep inside; there you will discover the key to unlocking the gateways between Hyrule and Earth. But be warned the evil king Ganon has left some very dangerous guardians within the Mouth of Hell, you will need the help of its protectors if you are to emerge unscathed.” Rauru called as the realm Buffy had woken up in began to vanish and she could barely hear what was being said, but at least she was going home to her mommy and daddy that was all she wanted to do. Sadly as she was about to find out going home again was something nobody could do when destiny took hold of their lives.

Joyce Summers had moved to Sunnydale to get away from everything that reminded her of Hank and their daughter, her art gallery was a cover as she used it to store the statue that had been her daughter thirteen years ago. It rested in the storeroom kept safe from anything and everything, her other daughter was with Hank, she couldn’t face the girl she’d destroyed and Hank was trying to restore some semblance of sanity to the poor soul.
All of this meant very little to her in the long run, she was currently overseeing another art gallery display only to hear a strange noise from the back room. Fearing that her daughter’s stone form was being attacked by something or vandalized by someone she rushed into the back room. There she found a strange sight indeed, the stone statue had cracked. Every inch of it becoming brittle and close to crumbling. It seemed to waver as though animated once more and then without warning it shattered completely revealing the form of a young woman still holding that mysterious sword in her hands. She blinked in utter confusion and glanced around at the unfamiliar displays. Joyce was close to tears and her voice hitched in the back of her throat unable to emerge, she didn’t dare speak.

“This is new.” The woman remarked thoughtfully. “What happened to the trees?” She wondered her long blonde tresses somehow flowing down the back of her shoulders and reaching the small of her back despite the fact that Buffy had, had short hair at the time of her transformation into the statue. Unless her hair could still grow while trapped in that state.

“We moved you honey.” Joyce finally managed to say. Though the woman before her wasn’t her little girl in the strictest sense of the word it just had to be Buffy, all grown up and alive again at last. “Oh Buffy, it’s really you.” Joyce exclaimed smiling brilliantly as she rushed to embrace the young woman.

“Yeah mom, it’s me.” She said. “Um, what happened? Where’s that funny old man and the weird leaf dress wearing floaty woman?” She asked glancing around trying to find the strange people she’d seen in that weird place between the lands of light and dark.

“There’s no one else here sweetie.” Joyce returned warily.

“Oh, ok. Guess I gotta find that Mouth of Hell thing then.” She muttered.

“What?” Joyce exclaimed fearfully had she finally regained her daughter only to lose her once more?

“Oh. Um sorry Mommy, but those people said I have to go on a quest. I’m not sure why, maybe if I do what they say I can go back to before I found this stupid sword.” Buffy said speaking more like the eight year old Joyce last remembered her being. It was then that Joyce noticed the strange clothes her daughter was wearing, the odd dress with the far too revealing skirt and the alien script. As well as the scabbard resting on her back and the curious looking pair of sandals on her feet.

“But why sweetie? Can’t you just throw that damn sword away and forget about it?” Joyce pleaded afraid she was going to lose Buffy again.

“Uh, maybe.” Buffy began only to shake her head as though hearing something inside her head. “I’m sorry mommy. But. I don’t understand.” She admitted.

“Come home with me Buffy; forget this quest idea of yours just for a little while. You look like you could use something to eat and. I want to hold you again.” Joyce whispered beckoning for her daughter to come closer. Bursting into tears Buffy raced up to the woman that was her mother and wrapped her into a tight embrace, the sword laying forgotten on the floor.

“Oh mommy I don’t want to go again. I can’t. I’m not a warrior I’m just a little girl and I want to stay with you.” She blurted sobbing into her mothers shoulder.

“There, there Buffy it’s alright. Come. Let’s go home.” She insisted leading Buffy out of the back room. Her daughter nodded only to stop shortly.

“Can’t leave it here it could ruin somebody else’s life.” She said rushing back and reclaiming the sword sliding it almost second nature into the sheath resting on her back.

“You’re right honey.” Joyce agreed feeling a pang of regret that she hadn’t thought of something similar. Whatever that weapon’s origins it was a menace and since it had already ruined the chance to see her daughter grow up and blossom into this beautiful young woman she had become it made sense that they should dispose of it properly. Even if nobody could realistically get inside her gallery to lay their fingers on it. Together the two of them left.

Energy pooled around the lip of the Seal and slowly a shadowy wisp began to form. Followed by another and another and another until almost a horde had been created from the ashes of numerous creatures, clutching long blades tightly in boney hands the group of warriors stood at attention as a final form began to coalesce. She flickered and shimmered and then solidified much as the Stalfos had, these however weren’t ordinary Stalfos they were Stalfos Warriors far deadlier and far more difficult to destroy.
The woman was dressed in red a type of red the color of blood with dark blood red hair and deep green eyes.

“Go. The Triforce of Wisdom is returned. Get it for me and you shall have your Key.” The disembodied voice of Ganon ordered the spirit.

“My key.” She repeated hungrily. “Give me my key.”

“Not before you get my Triforce back.” Ganon snapped.

“Fine.” The woman hissed her body seeming to dissipate slightly and flicker as though a shadow of it’s former self. “Come on you rejects from a boneyard, let’s go find this Triforce thing.” She barked turning and heading towards the nearest exit. Without a word they followed her, their new master in this place, the Dark Shadow of A Former Goddess, Glorificus.

Buffy stared at the apartment forlornly, her mommy had moved into a dingy looking place without a lot of the stuff she remembered from her old house. And she couldn’t understand why daddy wasn’t there to make everything better inside, she hurt a great deal. She’d grown up, but hadn’t. She could barely understand some of the things that happened to her and her parents and now she had to follow some crazy dream on a quest to save this place she’d never even heard of.
Unless she just ignored what the inner voice had told her and stayed home with her mommy and tried to get back something of her life. Crying softly she stared at the one picture mommy kept of her with daddy and her cousin when she was six years old. She looked so happy then, why did her life have to change so much?

“Buffy.” Her mother called tentatively holding out a hand with a steaming mug of hot cocoa. “Would you like to sit down and, talk?” She asked.

“Mommy I don’t have anything to say. Everything is different, I feel so strange, I can hardly believe how big I got. Except I’m still shorter then you.” Buffy pouted and brushed her hair out of her eyes. “How can a person become stone and grow up while trapped in stone form?” She wondered surprising herself with the use of so many adult words. Her brain was still eight years old, but sometimes it showed signs of wiser years as though she’d actually grown up properly and not while she was trapped in a stone prison.

“I can’t answer that honey.” Joyce admitted with a soft sigh. “I couldn’t believe it myself when it happened so long ago. I tried to replace you. I hurt a very special little girl very much because of my selfishness.” She explained with a small frown.

“Another Buffy?” Buffy wondered curiously.

“No.” Joyce laughed. “Her real name was Elisabeth; we just called her Buffy so the police wouldn’t take us away from your statue form.” She explained.

“The police might have destroyed me.” Buffy exclaimed fearfully understanding how some people even with the best of intentions could utterly make the worst possible decisions. “I’m sorry for being away so long mom; I’ll try not to let it happen again.” She promised. Joyce smiled sadly and hugged her daughter and then picked up the mug of cocoa again from the table.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like some?” She asked. Grinning broadly Buffy took the mug and gulped it down forgetting how hot it was, crying out she literally burst into tears. A strange sight for Joyce seeing her grown daughter bawling like a child.

“Too hot. Sorry mommy, but I haven’t eaten or drank anything for a long time and um. Where’s the bathroom?” She asked embarrassedly. Joyce pointed down the hall to the far door on the left and Buffy rushed to see to her recently restored bodies needs trying to ignore the pain of her burnt tongue. While she was washing her hands one of them began to glow and Buffy cried out in surprise as a tiny yellowish gold triangle appeared.

“Buffy.” A soft voice called out it was a woman’s voice and very pretty, but how did she know her name?

“Who’s there?” Buffy demanded glancing around fearfully.

“I am Princess Zelda, Buffy; I used to hold the sacred Triforce of Wisdom before Ganon stole it from me with his dark magic.” The woman explained and the tiny triangle on her hand flickered with each word.

“Are you really a real princess?” Buffy asked fascinated and the woman laughed.

“Yes Buffy.” She replied. “I am the Princess of Hyrule. You do know about Hyrule don’t you?”

“That’s the place that Rauru said I was supposed to go save with the nice elf Link who saved me.” Buffy answered cocking her head to one side as she realized she remembered the name of the strange old man she’d met in that weird place from her previously believed to be dream.

“Yes.” Zelda returned. “You must not stay where you are; Ganon’s forces have already begun to leak out of the Mouth of Hell using the passageway that was established for your safe return to Hyrule. You are in grave danger. Please Buffy hurry to the Mouth of Hell, I have sent someone to guide you to its location she should be arriving shortly.” Zelda informed.

“But I don’t want to go. I’m not special or a warrior I can’t fight. I’m just a little girl in a grown woman’s body.” Buffy refuted with a look of uncertain fear in her eyes.

“Buffy are you alright?” Joyce asked through the door having heard her daughter start talking to nobody.

“Yeah mom.” She called out instinctively switching from her less formal way of speaking. It felt strange calling her mom, but somehow also felt right.

“You have no choice, Ganon’s forces will stalk you and never give up until they have killed you and taken back the Triforce Facet.” Zelda told her causing her face to fill with dread.

“K-K-Kill me?” She repeated.

“You have the Blade of Evil’s Bane, the Master Sword it will protect you. And even if you are not as skilled as Link is you do not need to rely solely on the sword.” Zelda revealed. “You have gained abilities due to passing through into Hyrule, but currently they are weak and limited. Once you reach Hyrule and truly begin your quest these abilities and the Triforce shall aid you.” She said confidently trying to fill Buffy with courage, but the girl turned woman was still unsure of following such a path. It wasn’t like make believe fairy tales or Walt Disney it was real, with real monsters and the chance that she could be hurt or killed. Buffy however held within her the Triforce of Wisdom and with that she was slowly beginning to grow more mentally speaking. Wisdom is a powerful tool if used correctly and Buffy recognized that ignoring her problems wouldn’t help solve them and would only make her life with her mother even worse as far as complications were concerned.

“Who did you send? Not that nasty fairy Navi?” She asked in a neutral tone.

“No, Navi is still with Link. I was forced to find a. Somewhat reluctant Fairy to help, because only Fairies or Ganon’s mindless beasts can access your world.” Zelda explained noncommittally.

“Why don’t I like the sound of that?” Buffy wondered.

“Oh it’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure Tatl will be. Of use.” Zelda admitted trying to sound cheerful but coming across as more dubious of this Tatl’s skills.

“Is Tatl at least a nice fairy?” Buffy asked.

“Of course I’m nice.” A new voice spoke up startling the blonde. Whirling from the mirror she was shocked to find a little glowing ball with wings dancing around the small window which hadn’t been open a moment ago. “Hmph so you’re the new Hero huh? Normally I wouldn’t even think to leave my friend and brother behind he’s useless without me you know, but Tael agreed to babysit the Skull Kid and Zelda was most insistent. Termina is still bustling and alive while Hyrule is all frozen in time and junk because of you, that the Princess can even talk to you is a miracle.” The glowing fairy ball stated in a bossy tone of voice that was worse then what Buffy recalled Navi sounding.

“Are all fairies so hung up on themselves?” She voiced her question with a smile and Zelda sighed.

“Only the ones Link seems to meet.” She replied.

“Hello, right here. Can hear everything said including when you’re mean. If you don’t want my help.” Tatl began with a hurt tone in her voice she was trying to cover up; floating closer to Buffy the Heroine of Destiny discovered that the ball of light was actually a very vibrantly glowing little woman in a shimmering short dress that barely covered her lower body. It was a little too revealing to be honest kind of like that leaf dress wearing lady she’d also met when she was taken to Rauru’s place.

“I’m sorry.” Buffy immediately apologized reaching out to touch the fairy, Tatl ducked out of her grasp fearfully though it was difficult to tell her expression once she got out of visual range and the glow covered her up again. “I’ll be good I promise, just please help me find this Mouth of Hell. I know my mom’s going to freak about me leaving and all after I’ve only just returned, but.” Buffy trailed off a sense of slow understanding at last filling her tone.

“Alright I’ll help it’s not like I’ve got anything better to do with Link gone and him always with that harlot Navi.” Tatl complained. “You do at least know how to use that thing don’t you?” She demanded flitting about the sword’s hilt.

“Um. Kind of.” Buffy replied sheepishly. “I mean I remember these things I didn’t know before, like how to slash and how to do something called a spin attack, but I’ve never actually. Done them before.” She admitted trailing off nervously as Tatl seemed to glow darker with what might have been rage.

“Oh great so now I’ve got to teach you all about locking onto a target and following through and keeping your guard up. You don’t even have a shield.” Tatl sighed. “I suppose we could always find one when we get to Hyrule, they’re always selling those Hylian shields at the Castle Town Market and stuff.” She added.

“Buffy I really think you should come out here now.” Joyce called once again through the door. Buffy wondered if she could hear the fairy, she didn’t seem to react to Zelda’s voice as far as the blonde woman could remember. Speaking of the princess did she go back to sleep or something? Maybe she should try and find out.

“Pay attention.” Tatl snapped. “You have to listen. I just told you to use your sword to lock onto that funny looking bowl shaped thing and then attack it.” She exclaimed exasperatedly.

“The toilet?” Buffy said confused.

“That’s a toilet?” Tatl returned with a grimace. “Ugh I didn’t realize we were in one of those bathroom thingies Link used sometimes. Maybe we should listen to that annoying person on the other side of the door and find a better place to practice; there isn’t much room to swing a sword in here now that I think about it.” The fairy observed.

“Ok.” Buffy agreed. “I really need to talk to mom about all this too.” She added troubled. If her mom didn’t approve of her going off on an adventure even though it meant being safe relatively speaking from the nasty monsters that, that evil Ganon guy was going to send after her; she didn’t know if she could handle running away from her mom when there was so much time spent without her. But could her mom even come with her on this kind of adventure? It wasn’t like she could use a weapon herself or fight the nasty things.
Then again neither could Buffy at least she’d never done it before. But that was soon to change if Tatl and Rauru and everybody else had anything to say about it.

Faith the Vampire Slayer was out on one of her nightly patrols when she discovered a group of walking boneheads marching through the graveyard. Normally she wouldn’t hesitate to attack, but spotting the familiar face of Glory or what might have been Glory apparently leading them made her tense up. Because of Glory Amy had been eviscerated, her Watcher almost completely disemboweled and Xander had lost Anya. Not to mention Willow and Tara had been hung up in the hospital for months with their injuries and Oz, poor Oz still wasn’t speaking to any of them. Who could blame him though when you considered what happened to him. It was a wonder they’d managed to survive her in the first place.
So naturally she decided to go see Diana quickly before trying her hand at fighting a seemingly resurrected Goddess.

“Stupid boneheads how the hell do you expect to find that thing here?” Glory demanded wondering why she was wasting her time in this dismal place again. One of the Stalfos turned to her as though acknowledging her words, but then turned back to the large headstone in front of the group. As they continued to watch the air grew cold, Glory was supposed to be the one in charge, but it seemed like she wasn’t even more then a nuisance to these things. Without warning a hand clawed its way out of the ground followed by another and another until a shambling mass of creatures exploded from beneath the ground. “Ok, now I’ve got zombies on top of the skeleton knights.” She complained. One of the zombies turned to her and for the briefest of instances Glory couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t even react. The feeling passed shortly as soon as the creature turned away from her. “Alright why did that affect me and what are those?” She demanded knowing there would be no answer.

“ReDead.” An unfamiliar voice informed from the darkness. “I summoned them for you my dear, if you think the Stalfos will be enough to capture the Triforce then you’re crazy.” He said with a dark chuckle.

“Who are you?” Glory demanded. She was doing a lot of that, it made her angry being the pawn instead of the big player, but she was officially dead. Only Ganon’s magic kept her from turning back into dust.

“You could say I’m a shadow. A wraith. Someone who doesn’t belong.” The stranger returned and Glory could see a silhouette of darkness a deeper darkness then the night itself standing next to a tree with very little to distinguish it from the surrounding black. “I don’t really have a name.” He added smiling and there were no shining white teeth in that expression it was all black. “Sometimes I get called Dark Link other times Shadow Link, but it really makes no difference to me. You could call me Knil if I felt like using that name.” He said with another dark chuckle.

“Ok, whatever. Got anything else besides these ReDead things? This place is big and finding that Triforce thing won’t be easy.” Glory stated. Dark Link smirked and snapped his fingers, a group of floating specters appeared lacking true human bodies they appeared as though floating midgets all shrouded up and covered. Only their glowing yellow eyes could be seen within the shadowy looking faces they had.

“Turning these dead things into other dead things is a snap. Convincing them to work with us, now that’s the hard part.” Dark Link informed. “You can call these Poes.”

“Funny I thought they were just ghosts.” Glory remarked before shaking her head. “Great now I’m trying to make bad jokes.” She hissed. “I hate being human.”

“Being human’s not so bad. Try being the shadow of a Hylian sometimes. Always getting killed and resurrected it’s no fun at all. The guy hardly talks too always so focused and determined, I never get to taunt him.” Dark Link complained. “Now you’ve got the ReDead, the Poe and the Stalfos one more thing and you should be able to track down that Triforce no problem.” He added turning to the line of trees; a howling escaped from them and the branches rustled as three forms stalked out of the tree line. “Wolfos at your service m’lady.” He mock bowed and took off what appeared to be a hat in the process sweeping it out behind him. Glory smiled, these creatures she at least had something of a counterpart to liken them to except they probably didn’t turn back into ordinary humans while being trained to obey their slave mistress.

“Ok fine. You three can track this thing?” She asked. In response all three Wolfos snarled and turned to face the town before them their heads held high their noses twitching as though having picked up a scent. “Perfect. Let’s get this over with. Thanks for your help.” She began turning to where Dark Link had been standing only to find him gone. Vanished as if he’d never been, with a growl she whirled back to face Sunnydale the place of her failure and her death. “Go. Find me the one with the Triforce you strange creeps and don’t come back without it!” She snapped. With a howl the Wolfos ran off each one in a different direction intending to surround their prey. Each one led a group of Stalfos with them as well as two ReDead each and three Poes. “Now. To make this place a little homier for when my guest shows up.” Glory said to herself with a smile as she began to unlock the powers within her to create what Ganon called, a Dungeon.

Joyce was furious with her daughter for making such a foolish decision. But she had little choice apparently in convincing her it was a bad thing, the strange glowing triangle on her hand was filling her with knowledge and skills and making her seem to grow up mentally right before her eyes. On top of that the extremely annoying fairy Tatl kept pressing her buttons.
It frustrated her to no end. One moment she was hoping to make something of her and her daughters lives now that the ordeal was over, only to find that the next minute this ordeal was only just beginning. Somebody called Ganon, now there was a name that sounded oh so evil, not. He was going to keep hounding them until Buffy was dead and something called the Triforce of Wisdom was his to use.
She had little choice in the matter though. It was either help her daughter and maybe even go with her or stay at home worrying endlessly. So the fairy Tatl had led her and Buffy from their apartment to a different apartment building twelve blocks away where someone who was an expert on this Mouth of Hell could help them to find it and get inside.

“Ok, so this is the place?” Buffy asked the fairy from hell. At least that’s what Joyce had secretly called her.

“Yes. But I still think we should have gone over basic swordplay first.” She huffed. Buffy ignored her and reached up to knock on the door. A big commotion seemed to be going on behind the door; glancing to her mother in confusion Joyce merely shook her head unwilling to venture an opinion. She was having a little trouble coming to grips with the fact she was going to have to let her daughter fight. Finally the door opened revealing a young woman with red hair who eyed the two of them warily.

“Can I help you?” She asked tentatively.

“You can let us in to talk to that Watcher for starters missy.” Tatl exclaimed fluttering in front of the redhead and glaring at her.

“What the hell.” A voice exclaimed from inside and the door flew open to reveal a dark haired young man and a brunette woman both holding swords pointed straight at Buffy and Joyce, Tatl ducked behind Buffy’s long head of blonde hair.

“Tatl. That wasn’t very nice.” Her daughter said trying not to show the amount of fear being faced with possible death made her feel.

“I believe our. Companion.” Joyce said the word sourly. “Didn’t act with the best interest at heart, my name is Joyce Summers this is my daughter Buffy we were told that someone living here could help us find something called the Mouth of Hell. Apparently we need to get to it and travel through it to some other realm, if you can believe something like that.” She added realizing how crazy it all sounded.

“You may let them in Faith.” A British woman’s voice called from somewhere in the room.

“But D, they could be workin’ with Glory.” The brunette argued passionately.

“I hardly think Glory would be using two innocent young women to attack us when she was never one for the subtleness of it all.” The British woman reminded.

“Fine. Move aside X.” Faith ordered and the dark haired young man stepped aside a hint of daring in his eyes as though he was trying to goad Buffy into a fight. Joyce had to smile at that, despite the fact her daughter had a sword strapped to her back she doubted very much that Buffy would ever think of using it unless her life was in jeopardy.
They both entered the apartment Tatl still keeping herself tucked out of sight, the place looked as though the group of people in front of them were preparing for war. Aside from the three young adults Joyce had already encountered there was also a young blonde haired woman, a pale skinned platinum blonde man in a dark black duster and the British woman who turned out to be roughly Joyce’s age if not a little younger with rich red hair a shade lighter then the woman’s who’d answered the door.

“So tell me why must you seek out the Mouth of Hell?” She asked pleasantly as though discussing the weather or perhaps offering refreshments. Joyce eyed Buffy who was apparently in awe at all the strange weapons littering the table nearby, the young man quickly moved to get some of them out of the way. Tatl flittered about Buffy’s hair and jabbed her with a finger causing the girl turned woman to try and swat at her as though she were a mosquito.

“That’s complicated.” Joyce sighed. Eyeing the room for a place to sit down she spied a well worn easy chair that looked like it had seen better days and plopped down. “It all started thirteen years ago. My husband and I had taken our daughter on a cross country camping trip, we were visiting the Redwood forest and I and my husband were. Not watching Buffy.”

“They were in the tent making funny noises.” Her daughter offered with an honest expression on her face that made the platinum blonde smirk. “So I went to pick some strawberries.” She added with a tiny frown.

“Is that what you were doing?” Joyce wondered absently.

“Yes mommy. That’s when I discovered those odd monsters. There was a walking skeleton actually lot’s of them. You know like Skeletor in Ford’s old cartoon. Only they weren’t wearing any clothes.” Buffy took over the explanations revealing what Joyce had only heard partially about since her daughter regained her flesh and blood state. “I think I must have passed through some kind of portal or something. At least that’s what everybody keeps subtly telling me. I found the monsters and they started chasing me. That’s when I ran into the elf, ah, Link.” Buffy blushed.

“An elf you say?” The British woman questioned. “Oh forgive me. My name is Diana Dormer I should have mentioned that sooner I suppose. This is Faith my charge, her friends Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg, Tara Maclay and our sometime ally Spike.” She said by way of introduction. Joyce hadn’t even bothered to care that they hadn’t introduced themselves.

“Joyce Summers and my daughter Buffy.”

“Buffy.” Spike snorted with a smirk.

“Yes Buffy.” Buffy said pouting at the platinum blonde. “Don’t make fun of my name you big bully or else.”

“Mrs. Summers is your daughter. Um. That is to say.” Diana began clearly ill prepared to broach the subject.

“She’s eight years old in a grown woman’s body.” Joyce took pity on the other woman. “How that happened is what we were getting to.” She added indicating Buffy should continue with her story with a smile of encouragement.

“Oh right. So the Elf or at least I think he was an elf, Link he fought off all the nasty monsters. There were the skeleton things, nasty looking four legged bug things with one great big eye in the center of their body. A bunch of giant mutant spiders or something this mummy and I think a kind of bull-dog monster.”

“She means a group of Stalfos, Tektites, Moblins, Skulltulas and a Gibdo.” Tatl offered helpfully finally revealing herself. The group reacted as expected some of them going for weapons others eyeing the fairy surprised or in wonder.

“I’m afraid I don’t recognize any of those creatures.” Diana admitted. “They don’t sound like any of the demons we’ve faced before.” She added. Joyce blinked.

“Demons?” She repeated questioningly.

“Mommy I don’t want to learn about Demons.” Buffy complained. “I don’t care what they were called, Link saved me from them. Except he dropped his sword because some floating skull thing hit him.” She added forcing everyone to return to focusing on what she was saying. Joyce decided not to pursue the demon remark; she had enough to worry about anyway and didn’t care to learn about the group of peoples activities.

“That was a Bubble. A Blue Bubble to be precise I think.” Tatl offered helpfully.

“Why do you have a fairy?” The man called Xander asked. “It is a fairy right?”

“And why does she keep offering names for creatures we really don’t care to find out about?” Willow added poignantly.

“Because she’s a nuisance. And yes Xander she is a real fairy.” Buffy answered both of their questions.

“You have to know this for when you start fighting them Buffy.” Tatl said indignantly. “If you don’t know their names you won’t know their weaknesses.”

“You mean like how Link kept switching weapons to fight the different types of monsters?” Buffy asked curiously.

“Of course.” Tatl retorted. “What do you think he was just doing that for his health? Ganon’s made these things with varying degrees of weaknesses so he can control them better. Stalfos’ need to be blown up. Moblins can be cut up with the sword. Bubbles and Tektites are more vulnerable to arrows especially the magic kind Link likes using and if you have a boomerang you can freeze any type of creature long enough to go in for a fatal blow.” She explained trying to be helpful.

“Ok can we focus on why you’re here and not bother with these non-existent things?” Faith demanded. Buffy shot the brunette a glare and stamped her foot.

“If Tatl would stop interrupting me I’d get to that.” She grumbled.

“Someone’s cranky. Need a nap luv?” Spike teased. Buffy eyed him icily and turned back to the others.

“Ok. So Link dropped his sword and I picked it up because, well I wanted to help.” She admitted. “It started to glow and make this funny feeling creep throughout my body. Like ice and fire all together you know? So this beam shot out and killed all the monsters and I wanted to put the sword down, I was afraid.” By now Buffy was sobbing a little in remembrance of that horrible moment. “Link said something about a destiny. I didn’t understand; the sword wanted me I guess. I got turned to stone I’m not sure why and then. Well I woke up.” Buffy trailed off helplessly. Tatl sighed and perched delicately on the woman’s shoulder.

“You were turned to stone because the Master Sword can only be wielded by an adult. Link didn’t turn to stone when he first tried to wield it as a child; instead he got sealed away in the Sacred Realm until he was old enough to use the sword and its abilities. That’s how Ganon got the Triforce of Power; Princess Zelda got the Triforce of Wisdom and Link the Triforce of Courage. He wasn’t balanced in the heart or something when he first touched it so the Triforce separated tying all three into their destinies. With the portal to your world closing the Master Sword sent you back as stone to your parents so they could protect you until you were old enough to master the blade.” Tatl explained in a sort of bored sounding tone. “Link wouldn’t stop talking about it while he was trying to save Termina that kid can blab when he wants to though you’d never know it when he’s on one of his quests. He likes to pretend to be mute or something makes him feel all mysterious and tough. If you ask me he’s just overcompensating for his abandonment issues.” She added with a grimace.

“But that doesn’t make any sense.” Joyce blurted. “Why would she get pulled into this whole destiny thing?”

“She had potential.” Tatl replied simply causing Diana to jerk up startled. “Something inside of her connected to the sword. At least according to the Great Fairy Srena.” She added with a shrug. “She kind of mucked up what was supposed to happen I think at least that’s what all the Sages believe. She wasn’t supposed to be this whole Heroine of Destiny thing and she certainly wasn’t supposed to get the Triforce of Wisdom, but everything in Hyrule is ten times more complicated then Termina or even Holodrum because of the Triforce. Ganon’s been trying to get it for a long time and apparently he, Link and Zelda are all part of this great big circular thing or something.” She remarked with a frown.

“I see.” Diana observed. “And yet all of this fails to tell us why you need to use the Mouth of Hell to leave this reality.” She added.

“Oh that’s easy. In order to get to Hyrule from Earth Buffy and her mom have to use the Key. It’s this girl or something that Ganon’s got chained up at the bottom of the Mouth of Hell. Her blood is the only thing that can open the portal.” Tatl said as if it were an everyday thing.

“Ah yes, but the Mouth of Hell kind of.” Diana trailed off as she registered fully what had been said. “Did you say a Key?” She demanded of the fairy.

“Weren’t you paying attention?” The fairy shot back. “As bad as Link. That’s what I said. These monks tried to send the Key to you for protection, but Ganon sensed its power and took over the spell drawing her into the Mouth of Hell and creating a great big Dungeon with a boss to guard her and everything. That’s the thing about these quests; Link’s always crawling around some dingy dank dungeons with big monsters guarding some sacred thing, a pendant of some kind or an Essence of Nature or something.” Tatl remarked sounding thoroughly displeased at the prospect of traveling into a dingy dungeon.

“I don’t want to crawl through a dungeon.” Buffy declared stubbornly.

“Well you won’t have to once you get to Hyrule. Link can do all that messy stuff with Navi if she wants to go crawling around with him in dungeons that’s her prerogative.” Tatl stated. “Now can you take us to the Mouth of Hell or what? We really gotta get going before Ganon’s hunters show up for Buffy and her Triforce Facet.” She added.

“Hunters.” Tara repeated a look of fear spreading across her features. The front door chose that moment to explode and a giant wolf-like creature burst in trailed by a floating specter of some kind that danced around in circles and laughed eerily.

“Oh no!” Tatl cried. Faith picked up a sword and ran at the creatures intending to deal with them. The wolf thing danced around her in a half-circle and charged Buffy while the ghost thing spun around and vanished with a laugh the lantern in its hand flaring and shooting out a ghostly flame. “No, no, no. HEY! LISTEN!” Tatl shouted getting just about everyone’s attention. “Wolfos, circle it and try to corner it it’s a wily thing. As for the Poe you got to hit it with an arrow when it’s visible just blindly charging it won’t work it’ll just disappear again.” She explained. Buffy trembled slightly, but pulled out the Master Sword intending to protect her mother and the others from the creatures that were after her. Once the sword came out her entire demeanor seemed to change and in a flash she executed a perfect spin attack in the middle of the living room cutting the legs out from under the Wolfos as it charged her. It wailed pitifully as it literally vanished into smoke. Xander snagged up a crossbow and aimed for the ghostly Poe as soon as it reappeared across from the group near the window and fired, the Poe immolated after being struck the lantern falling from its hand and breaking open revealing a flickering blue spirit.

“That was kind of cool.” Xander admitted with a smile. A horrible shrieking sound came from the doorway and everyone turned to look finding a strange horrifying zombie thing. It was emaciated and looked like it hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in years. Upon laying eyes on it everyone froze literally becoming unmoving as the creature shambled into the room, it leapt on the nearest person. Willow and began sucking at her neck with its mouth.

“ReDead.” Tatl cursed as everyone started moving again. “Burn it!” She instructed loudly over the scrabbling to get the thing off Willow. “Don’t look into its eyes ReDead can freeze you until they leech on and start sucking your soul’s life energy away.” She explained. Faith snarled at the thing and pulled a lighter out of her pocket trying to set the thing on fire.

“Oi I was wondering where that got to.” Spike growled grabbing the ReDead thing and trying to pull it off of Willow by sheer force alone, but even he was no match for the iron grip of the zombie-esque creature. “Get off Red you ugly yank.” He snapped.

“Buffy use your sword.” Tatl urged flitting around Buffy.

“How they’re too close. What if I hit them too?” She asked timidly.

“Just use it. The Master Sword has a lot of power you should know this. It’s not like you’re starting out this quest with the Kokiri Blade or something. The Master Sword is magical use it.” Tatl instructed. Buffy nodded faintly and clutched the blade in both her hands recalling what she’d done before when she turned to stone in the first place. The same ice and fire feeling spread through her fingertips into the sword as though the magic was channeling through her into the blade and the tip began to glow with a white goldish hue.

“You’d better step out of the way. Um please.” She called causing Spike and Faith to duck away from Willow as they saw the magic bubbling within the blade. With a slight puff of air to blow the hair out of eyes Buffy took careful aim and let loose the blast; the ReDead clutching Willow let out a shriek once more and seemed to burst into flames tumbling off of the redhead in the process and only singing the edges of her clothes. She gasped and backed away in fear from the creature.

“What was that?” She rasped her voice raw from the effects of the ReDead.

“A ruddy zombie from another dimension apparently.” Spike replied rubbing his shoulder. “Thing’s got strength.” He pointed out.

“This is all too much.” Joyce blurted feeling faint. “I think this is completely insane.”

“Welcome to our world Mrs. Summers.” Diana returned with a slight smirk trying to ignore her own feelings of misgivings.

“There’s more out there.” Tatl informed. “You’ll have to deal with them too Buffy otherwise they won’t stop coming. Oh and there’s some Stalfos out there, you wouldn’t happen to have any bombs on you?” She asked turning to Diana.

“Nope fresh out of explosives.” Xander quipped.

“Oh dear. Well we’ll just have to leave them for now then. Buffy kill the other ReDead and Poes and ignore the Stalfos, well you can still hit them so they collapse and won’t attack for a few minutes. But killing them is impossible without a bomb or even a Bombchu around.” Tatl stated confidently.

“Not even fire can kill them?” Tara wondered curiously.

“Not these ones. They’re Stalfos Warriors. Probably should have mentioned that.” Tatl muttered softly. “They can only be truly killed by bombs placed near their fallen forms after being cut down with a sword.” She added.

“Ok, well love to stay and chat with the annoying pixie, but those things look like a good tussle and I’ve been diein’ for one of those.” Spike said picking up a sword from the table and marching towards the door. “Red think you’re up to handling those ghost things?” He asked passing her a crossbow.

“Definitely.” She replied.

“I’m slipping into madness.” Joyce blurted.

“Sorry mommy I’ve got to go kill the nasty monsters now. You’ll be safe in here.” Buffy said bravely holding her sword in a two handed grip and starting for the door.

“Buffy.” Joyce called. “Be careful.” She said softly a tear touching the corner of her eye.

“I promise mommy.” Buffy returned rushing to give her a hug before turning to go fight the minions of Ganon. Joyce watched her daughter going off to fight what seemed to be a war and her heart wrenched inside; Diana placed a hand on her shoulder sensing the other woman’s anguish.

“She’ll be ok. Your daughter strikes me as a surprisingly strong young woman.” She said. “For an eight year old.” She added trying to alleviate the other woman’s anxiety with a possibly ill timed joke. Joyce smirked and turned to the British redhead.

“True. I think I understand that saying now, how they always grow up so fast.” She remarked with levity. Diana simply nodded and watched her own charges rush out into the night to fend off the attacking monsters, she didn’t know what she would do if she was faced with this difficult situation. And she still hadn’t decided on what to do concerning the Mouth of Hell. If she led them to it would they really enter some kind of dungeon as the fairy claimed or was it all an elaborate ruse to breach the seal and open the Hellmouth? Diana couldn’t be sure, she needed more time. To research and contact her superiors in the Watcher’s Council. Time that they might not have if Glory was truly back and orchestrating this attack as she feared due to Faith’s earlier description of what must have been a group of Stalfos actually working with Glory. And then there was the Key to consider. It was all very difficult and quite a lot to take in, she was worried and greatly troubled that the Key was now found. If Glory knew of its whereabouts it could spell disaster for the entire group. The entire world as well.

Dark Link smiled as he crouched on the roof of a building watching the warriors fight; despite what it appeared he did not serve Ganon loyally or even half-heartedly. He simply enjoyed giving the impression that he did. Some said Ganon created him, but in truth Link’s darkness had created him upon gaining the Triforce of Courage. Dark Link was designed to test Link’s willingness to defend Hyrule and protect not only the Princess Zelda but the Triforce of Courage as well; he was the one who ensured that the right person for the job held the stewardship of the Triforce of Courage.
And it looked like this new wielder of the Master Blade would be a very fun tool to manipulate towards that end; especially if she managed to become a true master of the Evil’s Bane Blade.

“Those Stalfos will prove difficult though.” He said to himself with a light chuckle and he suddenly changed into a hooded old man with a large rucksack on his back. “Time to give the Heroine of Destiny her first new tool.” He cackled leaping down from the roof and summoning a stall which he placed near the end of the street. She was going to need some supplies if she hoped to make it through the treacherous Temple of Hellfire that Glorificus had created in the cemetery. Her first true test in the art of dungeon exploration. Dark Link grinned beneath his hood and beckoned towards one of the Stalfos Warriors who approached him dimly and accepted the bomb presented to it. “The first one’s free, but they’ll need some Rupees to get more then a sample.” He muttered in an older sounding voice. Summoning a few Poes he cast a Rupee generating spell so that when they were defeated by the heroes they would drop the currency needed. Dark Link then waited for the events to play out as he knew they would thanks to his manipulations. After all if Link remained trapped in the Sacred Realm he’d never get to torment his alternate again and he couldn’t have that. His eyes shining red he prepared to receive his ‘customers’ and set out a few bombs on display. The quest was about to begin and once again the Hylian Hero of Time would save all of Hyrule with the help of the Terran Heroine of Destiny.

To Be Continued

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