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It's Not Him

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hyena Blues". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy hesitates - non-consensual/rape warning

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DC Universe > Surprise CrossovercmdruhuraFR215078,0004120115,34916 Jul 0826 May 14Yes

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Wheels Within

Rating: R - Violent imagery
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Buffy hesitates.

AN: It’ll be a bit before returning to Xander’s plot line.


Jenny Calendar was making a cup of coffee when there was a knock on her apartment door. It had been a long trying day at the school because of dealing with various technical glitches with several computers, as well as being constantly nagged to get things working by the obnoxious troll who had been promoted to take Principle Flutie’s place. She really wasn’t up for company at the moment but went to see who it was anyway.

Looking through the peephole, she saw a short man in a leather jacket and wearing a rumpled hat.

Not recognizing him, she asked through the closed door, “Who is it?”

“Name’s Whistler and I need to speak to you . . . . . Janna.”

Jenny stiffened when the man said her real name.

She kept the chain lock in place but opened the door slightly so she wouldn’t have to raise her voice to be heard.

“What are you talking about,” she whispered.

“This is not something to discuss while I’m standing here in the hall,” he replied in a low voice.

She hesitated a moment then closed the door, unhooked the chain, then opened it wide without saying anything.

The stranger walked in, thus eliminating him being a possible vampire. Though that didn’t rule out him being dangerous.

“Alright,” she said as she closed the door while keeping her eyes on the man. “What is it you need to speak to me about?”

“A little bit ago, The Slayer’s mother was attacked and Angel was framed for it in an attempt to either have The Slayer kill him or for him to kill The Slayer. If the former happens then The Slayer loses a strong ally. If the latter happens then he might end up siding with The Master. Neither outcome would be desired by your tribe as it would negate the purpose of their curse on him.”

“Go on,” she prompted without confirming or denying anything the man said.

“This particular Slayer is needed by the Powers-That-Be to carry out a particular part of their grand plan but if she stays here on The Hellmouth, she might not survive to do so. Plus, her absence from The Hellmouth must be handled in such a manner that the other side is not alerted to her importance. The Powers want to use this incident to secretly remove The Slayer from The Hellmouth, by faking her death,” he said. “In exchange for your help, they will see to it that Angel continues to suffer for killing The Favored Child of your tribe. You will also have the opportunity to deal with Darla, who was the one who gave her to Angelus in the first place.”

“Darla’s in town?” Jenny blurted out.

“Indeed she is,” said Whistler.

Jenny’s mind was in a whirl.

Darla and the rest of the Scourge had attacked and killed the members of the tribe that had cursed Angelus before they could do the same to her. If another strong spell caster had been available that would not have happened but the spell was very draining and the elder who cast it had to rest before a second casting could occur. That had proved their undoing.

To have the opportunity to exact vengeance on Darla after all this time would bring her much honor. Possibly enough where they would stop looking down on her for embracing too much of the world’s ways outside the tribe.

However, a worrying thought cropped up.

“Wait a minute. If another Slayer doesn’t get called, they’ll know Buffy didn’t die,” she stated.

“That’s being taken care of,” he replied dismissively. “You only need to worry about dealing with Darla and spiriting The Slayer out of Sunnydale to someplace safe.”

“And here I was thinking you were going to ask me to do something hard,” she said sarcastically.

The man just rolled his eyes before he said, “Look, you’re being asked to do this because you’ve got the basic skills to pull off what needs to be done. Also, The Slayer is going to need some big time protection of her identity while she’s away in order to fulfill her role in the Powers’ plan. Protection that your tribe can provide by calling in a few favors.”

“But, I don’t have the authority to speak for The Kalderash,” said Jenny.

“The terms specified by The Powers as to the punishments for Angelus and Darla should be more than enough to ensure that the agreement to protect The Slayer is honored by the Elders of your Tribe, so stop wasting time,” growled the man. “Make up your mind now or I’ll get Angel to do it. It won’t be ideal but I’m sure that he’ll agree in return for casting out the demon while leaving him his vampiric powers to protect The Slayer and no more feeling guilt over the demon’s actions.”

Jenny blanched at the alternative proposed by Whistler. She’d be lucky if all her tribe did was cast her out if they found out that the demon had escaped their vengeance because of her inaction.

“I don’t like threats,” she managed to bluster.

“And as I said, there isn’t any time to waste,” Whistler snapped back.

“Fine,” she huffed. “What do you need me to do and how do I get The Slayer to go along with this plan of yours?”

Whistler then told her the plan.

Her first reaction to the plan was that Whistler and The Powers were crazy. In fact that was her tenth reaction as well, but by then she at least saw how it would work. She especially liked the plan for Darla’s punishment in that there was no complex ritual to enact it and thus not beyond her ability to carry out. It was pure simplicity.

After gathering what she needed to carry out the plan, she quickly made her way to The Bronze.


Jenny arrived at the Bronze, to the sound of gunfire. She rushed in just in time to hear Darla say, “Close, but no heart.”

Quickly spotting her target, Jenny aimed and fired.

Darla began to convulse as over 100,000 volts discharged into her body. Even after the elder vampire had collapsed, Jenny triggered several more jolts from the taser. Just to be sure.

As Angel and Buffy got to their feet, Jenny said, “Darla framed Angel. She was the one who bit your mother.”

“Miss Calendar? What are you doing here?” asked Buffy confusedly.

“My job,” she responded as she strode towards Buffy.

Before Buffy could make any further inquiries, Jenny tossed a handful of powder on Darla and then some more in Buffy’s face while muttering a few choice words in Latin. While Darla showed no reaction, Buffy’s eyes closed and she started to slump to the floor.

Angel lunged forward and caught the petite Slayer.

“What did you do?” he shouted.

“I’m saving her life . . . . . Angelus,” replied Jenny, icily. “Now take her out to my car and put her in the back seat while I deal with this filth. Try taking her anywhere else and I’ll curse your soul with something worse than sharing a body with a demon.”

Angel was shocked to hear his demon name uttered from the mouth of the woman. That she knew about his curse even made him more wary of her, but he complied anyway.

After Angel had taken Buffy outside, Jenny did another small incantation while sprinkling a different powder over Darla’s face. Once she was satisfied with the results, she retrieved one of Darla’s guns and fired a shot into her forehead. She then gathered up the other gun and Buffy’s crossbow and bolts, including the one from Darla’s chest. Only the thought of the vampire’s ultimate fate prevented her from shoving the bolt into her heart.

Once she was outside, she saw that Angel had indeed followed her instructions. She’d actually been worried about that.

“Get in,” she ordered.

He did when he saw that she wasn’t going to explain things yet.

Ten minutes after she had driven off, Giles and Willow showed up.

Shortly thereafter, a wail of pain and sorrow came from the inside of the Bronze.

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