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It's Not Him

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hyena Blues". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy hesitates - non-consensual/rape warning

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DC Universe > Surprise CrossovercmdruhuraFR215078,0004120115,40516 Jul 0826 May 14Yes

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Plans in Motion

Rating: R - Violent imagery
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Buffy hesitates.

AN – Hand gestures to spell out words +I am signing.+

AN: It’ll be a bit before returning to Xander’s plot line.


The drive was made in complete silence.

Jenny really didn’t want to say anything until they were safely at their destination and she could set up the wards needed to protect Buffy and herself until they could leave The Hellmouth.

While Angel was brimming with questions that he wanted to ask, he too preferred to wait until they got to where they were going. It would put the woman more at ease and thus make it more likely for him to find out what was going on. The fact that he had surmised that Buffy was in an enchanted sleep meant that he probably needed the woman to awaken her and while torture might be effective, it would not produce results as quickly as patience would. It did make a good back-up plan though if he didn’t get answers to his questions.


When they arrived at the deserted mansion on Crawford Street, Jenny said, “Bring her inside and put her in the first bedroom on the left at the top stairs. Then come back down and I’ll explain what is going on.”

With that she got out of the car and into the mansion.

Angel considered just grabbing Buffy and running but was afraid of what might happen if he did. Not so much for himself but for Buffy. The woman . . gypsy he corrected . . had used magic on Buffy so he had to play along for now.


Jenny was doing some kind of ritual near the front door when he came back down stairs. He just stood there for the six minutes it took for her to complete what she was doing.

“You’re one of The Kalderash,” he said.

“I was tasked with watching you to ensure you still suffer for what you did,” she replied. “However, your friend Whistler has altered my purpose.”

Angel jerked to attention at the Balance Demon’s name.

“Because of a change in circumstances, the Slayer has a new destiny that does not include you, the Council, or The Hellmouth,” she continued. “I am to assist her in her new destiny, while you are to remain here and continue to render aid to the Watcher and the new Guardian who the Powers will designate. To this end, it will appear to the Council that Buffy has faked her own death to protect her mother from anymore attacks. You will contact the Watcher, and only the Watcher, to make sure he understands this and does not report otherwise. You will also prepare him for the arrival of the new Guardian that will help maintain the illusion that Buffy is still active here on The Hellmouth.”

“What makes you think he’ll listen to me?” asked Angel.

“You can tell him that Buffy has been directed elsewhere by The Powers, but only you are to know that I have left with her or that my tribe is involved with her in anyway. However, even you will not know where we have gone,” she said. “As for proof, you are to tell him to use ‘Lift the Veil’ when he views Buffy’s body in her casket, then give him this garnet pendent which will glow under the same spell to show that Buffy is really alive.”

“How is he going to see Buffy’s body if she’s upstairs asleep?”

“That’s where your sire comes in,” said Jenny smugly. “I put a spell on her that will keep her immobilized for the next 7 days. Next, I did a glamour on her to make her look like Buffy. Then I shot her in the head. Finally, I left evidence so it will appear as though Buffy was shot when she confronted the person who attacked her mother, who just happens to be Darla.”

Suddenly, the teacher stopped talking and stared off into nothing for a moment or two.

When she snapped out of it, she said, “You need to get back to the Bronze right away. Apparently, ‘Buffy’s body’ has been found by the Watcher sooner than expected. You need to clue him in fast. Also, tell him to not worry about Darla as you’ll take care of her after Buffy’s funeral. I’ll tell you what to do later. Right now, go! Go!”

Angel hesitated only a second before bolting from the mansion.


When Angel arrived back at the Bronze, there were several police cars and an ambulance present.

He spotted Giles holding a sobbing Willow just outside the club’s doors, while being questioned by a couple of detectives. While he would have preferred to approach the Watcher when he was alone, he could see that the man needed help with a very distraught Willow so he made his presence known, though warily since he’s not sure if they know it was Darla that attacked Joyce and not him.

Giles spots him first.

“Angel?” said Giles, confused and concerned with the vampire’s presence.

This caused the detectives and Willow to turn and face him.

Keeping a bit of a distance from the group in case he had to make an escape, Angel said, “I’ve been out looking for Buffy after I heard about Darla attacking her mother. I was hoping to find her before she did something rash.”

He hoped that Giles hadn’t already named him as a possible suspect in both Joyce’s attack and the apparent death of Buffy. Given what little of Miss Calendar’s plan that he knew, he needed to get the cover story at least started.

“Who are you and what do you know about Buffy Summers?” asked one of the detectives.

“My name is Angel O’Reilly and I’m Buffy’s history tutor,” he said. “Darla Johnson is an old rival of Buffy’s from before she moved here to Sunnydale. I found that out when I told Buffy about this girl who called herself Darla that had been asking about her earlier today. When I found out about the attack on Buffy’s mother by someone matching Darla’s description, I was afraid that Buffy would go after her so I’ve been out looking for either one of them to prevent any further violence.”

While he was talking with the detectives, Angel was also using his right hand, which was down at his side, to sign a message to Giles using the hand gestures of the deaf for the letters of the alphabet.

Once he was sure he had Giles’ attention, he signed, +Buffy not dead. Body is Darla. Glamour. Will explain later why Buffy must be thought dead. Higher Powers involved. Use ‘Lift the Veil’. Don’t tell Willow.+

Giles started out frowning as he ‘read’ Angel’s message but was obviously furious by the time he finished. However, he schooled his features before Willow or the Detectives could see.

Angel managed to look appropriately stricken when they told him Buffy was dead. He then gave the policemen a fairly accurate description of Darla. They had a couple more questions of both him and Giles, Willow being too upset to say anything coherent.

From the additional questions that were asked, Angel concluded that Giles hadn’t given the police a suspect for Buffy’s murder, so he didn’t believe he’d given them anything that would conflict with what the Watcher had already told them. That avoided any complications that might arise if their stories hadn’t meshed.

Once they were through with the police and Giles had viewed the body once more, they left to take Willow home.

Angel could feel the tension from Giles as they made their way to Willow’s. He did not look forward to the conversation they would have once Willow was not with them.

As it turned out they ended up taking Willow with them to Giles’ place when they learned that her parents were out of town once they got to her place. Giles insisted that she not be left alone despite her assurance that she’d be alright on her own. He had her gather up some clothes and her school books before heading off to his place. He resolved to worry about any questions of impropriety only if they came up.

It irritated him that his conversation with Angel had to be postponed until Willow was safely tucked into the bed in his guest room but both Xander’s death and now Buffy’s apparent death made him concerned about how she was going to hold up considering that her only other friend had been killed just days after Buffy’s arrival in Sunnydale. The young girl had virtually no one left and to not be able to tell her Buffy was alive warred within him greatly.

Whatever Angel had to tell him, he was certain he wouldn’t like it no matter how much the world might benefit from what the Powers were going to have Buffy do.

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