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It's Not Him

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hyena Blues". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy hesitates - non-consensual/rape warning

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DC Universe > Surprise CrossovercmdruhuraFR215078,0004120115,46816 Jul 0826 May 14Yes

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You Can Call Me Joe

Title: It’s Not Him 16/? (R)
Author: cmdruhura
Series: BtVS
Pairing: None
Rating: R - Violent imagery
Parts: 16/?
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Buffy hesitates.

AN – Thoughts \\I am thinking.//

AN – Mental communication *Who are you?*


Xander floated along invisibly above his target.

\\Can I really do this to her? I know it’s to help keep Buffy safe, but still, to just drop it on her out of the blue. Not really the way I’d like to learn about this stuff and I doubt she’ll take it much better. If she hadn’t gone off by herself, I might have had more time to figure out what to do. Well I’m committed now. No turning back. It’s a good thing I’m already dead, cause there’s no question that she’d kill me otherwise.//

The hallway was almost empty as students rushed into their next period classes before the bell.

He made his move just as she got next to the janitor’s closet.

There was a slight wave of dizziness as he entered her body. Then his/her hand shot out and opened the closet door which he/she entered and closed.

The closet was dark but he/she just stood there instead of turning on the light.

\\Now what?// he thought.

*What’s going on?* came a surprised shout off to his side.

That’s when he noticed that he was back in an environment like where he’d first met Whistler and standing just a ways away was the image of the girl he was currently possessing. She was wildly looking around at her surroundings. Her face showing surprise, confusion, and a fair amount of fear.

Finally she zeroed in on him and started a barrage of questions.

*Who are you? Where are we? What is going on? You better not try and hurt me or there’ll be trouble for you!*

*If you calm down, I’ll try to explain,* he told her while staying where he was so as not to appear threatening.

\\Apparently my spirit image was altered by the Powers enough that she doesn’t recognize me,// he thought.

*Calm down! Calm down! Who are you to tell me to calm down? One second I’m on my way to Mrs. Sims geography class and the next I’m . . . . . . wherever the hell this is!*

The last said as she again frantically looked at her surroundings.

*Please. I’ll explain everything but it will be easier if you don’t panic.*

She glared at him and again he was glad he was already dead, though the fire in her eyes still might incinerate him. He also saw the intensity of her fear in them as well.

*You can call me Joe. As to where we are, I’d have to say inside your mind. Explaining what is going on is a bit more complicated,* he quickly replied.

Continuing before she could resume her rant, he said, *Basically, I am a spirit that has taken possession of your body in order to be able to fight vampires and demons.*

*No! No! This isn’t happening! This is some bad dream caused by the lunch lady putting drugs in the food! THIS ISN’T HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!*

Xander rushed over to the hysterical girl and grabbed her in a hug as she started to collapse.

\\Great! I’m causing her to have a mental breakdown. It’ll be a bit difficult to protect the Hellmouth from a rubber room,// he thought while saying, *I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. This is all new to me as well. I mean the possessing someone, not the fighting vampires and demons. Please settle down and I’ll try to explain things better.*

Surprisingly, she did settle down.

Not wanting to dwell on her sudden compliance, he got back to his explanation.

*I know this is a big shock but vampires and demons are real. A long time ago a group of people got together to find a way to keep the monsters from wiping out the human race. They decided to give super powers to a young girl who would be powerful enough to kill the monsters. She was called the Slayer. When she died, those powers were passed on to another girl who had the same type of potential that allowed her to use those powers. That was the way it was for thousands of years.*

When she didn’t say anything, he continued, *As I said the granting of powers normally happens when the current Slayer dies. However, something has come up that requires a second Slayer to be activated while the first one is alive. You have that potential and were the one to be chosen. I am here as your conduit for those powers. You will have them as long as I share your body. However there may be times when I am elsewhere and you are just you so I’m not planning on taking over your whole life. Now, you are not in this alone. There is a group that helps the Slayer with training and information called the Watchers Council. Mr. Giles, the Librarian, is their representative. He can probably explain things better than I can to some extent. We need to go and talk with him to let him know that you are a Slayer but not all the time.*

She was silent for a bit more before she said, *Oh my God! You’re telling the truth! I can feel it! I see all these images of other girls fighting horrible things. Dying horrible deaths. Why are . . . . . .*

She never finished what she was going to say as her image suddenly melted into his.

However, her thoughts were suddenly his as well, so he knew what she had been trying to ask.

\\Because Fate chose the path where you walked alone,// was his simple, sad reply to her now suppressed mind.

He now knew that to have total control over this body his spirit needed to not just enter her body but needed to also meld their minds. If Whistler had bothered to inform him of that fact, their first meeting would have gone a bit smoother. He could have provided her with a more stabilizing perspective as he explained things to her.

Assessing their combined minds to figure out how to properly control her body, he now perceived the blocks in his psyche that would prevent her from accessing memories of who he was while still being able to impart knowledge to her and access information from her. He could tell that the blocks would also prevent him from purposefully giving her certain information as well.

The Powers were apparently trying to protect aspects of their plan. Not that he knew exactly what it was to begin with.

The first order of business was to deal with moving her body now that he was in full control. Getting into the closet had been more a matter of implanting an impulse into her mind like a strong hypnotic suggestion which she then acted on. Moving her body to the Library was going to be a bit more complicated. Especially since he was fully aware that she was wearing heels. Granted they weren’t too high but they were heels nonetheless.

After a few false starts he figured out how to give her enough free rein to walk while keeping a firm hold on their destination. While taller than Buffy, she was shorter than he’d been and it took some getting used to her smaller stride and seeing a different perspective out her eyes.

The rest of his mind concentrated on ignoring certain sensations from body parts he’d never had before or were shaped different from what he was used to as a male.

This situation was definitely not going to be as easy as Whistler had made it sound. He was most certainly going to have a few words and maybe even more than a few physical demonstrations of his displeasure the next time he met up with the Balance Demon.


He/She made it to the Library without any major mishaps or running into anyone who might question his/her not being in class.

As he/she entered he/she didn’t immediately see Giles and guessed he was in his office.

The door to the office was open and Giles was indeed at his desk.

His/her presence wasn’t immediately detected by the Englishman. He seemed lost in thought and he/she saw the tired look in his eyes.

\\I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so old before,// he/she thought. \\He must be having a hard time dealing with everything.//

Deciding to get introductions over with, he/she knocked on the door frame which startled Giles out of his contemplative state.

Trying not to look too ruffled by the interruption, Giles asked the slightly familiar young woman, “May I help you Miss?”

“Actually, I’m here to help you G . . . . uh Mr. Giles,” he/she said, managing to keep from saying the nickname that would give him away.

At Giles puzzled stare, he/she continued, “I believe you were expecting me. I’m the Hellmouth’s new Guardian.”

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