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It's Not Him

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hyena Blues". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy hesitates - non-consensual/rape warning

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DC Universe > Surprise CrossovercmdruhuraFR215078,0004120117,20416 Jul 0826 May 14Yes

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Preparing for Departure

Rating: R - Violent imagery
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Buffy hesitates.

AN – Thoughts \\I am thinking.//

AN: Back to Buffy’s plot line.


Jenny attended Buffy’s ‘funeral’ and extended her condolences to Joyce, though she found it daunting to face the grieving woman. She was a bit amazed that Mrs. Summers seemed to be holding up better than she expected.

A truly distraught Willow was with Giles so she couldn’t avoid the young redhead as she wished she could. She did take it as a sign that Rupert was keeping quiet about Buffy being alive though.

\\It must be killing him inside not being able to console her by letting her know Buffy’s alive,// she thought as she noticed the dark circles under his eyes.

She informed them both that she would be leaving town in the next day or so to take care of her niece.

In an attempt to give Willow something positive to look towards in the future she said to Giles, “When I told Snyder I had to resign, he ‘mentioned’ that my leaving would create a vacancy that couldn’t easily be filled. Willow has shown an aptitude with computers well beyond what the course curriculum calls for. You might propose to Snyder that she take over teaching my classes until a full time teacher can be hired. If you act as her faculty guide by approving any lesson plans and test she devises, there should be no problems from the school board as to accreditation.”

“While that is kind of you to suggest, I must remind you that I have very little understanding of that infernal machine to allow me to understand said lesson plans or tests,” said Giles.

“Then you’ll just have to learn, won’t you,” she replied with a bit of a smile. “Anyway, it’s something to think about.”

“Yes it is,” he said, looking down at the sobbing redhead who apparently hadn’t been paying attention to what the grown-ups were talking about.

\\It would definitely be something to take her mind off the deaths of her friends,// he mused. \\Not even giving her the news that Angel had told him that Darla was being dealt with has seemed to lighten her spirits.//

For her part, Willow had basically tuned out the rest of the world since Buffy’s ‘death’. Finding her ‘body’ at the Bronze had filled her with total misery.

The majority of her thoughts since then had revolved around the fact she had at one point in her grief over Xander wished Buffy were dead for taking him and Jesse away from her. Now, with her knowledge of the supernatural, she had been wondering if making that wish caused it to happen. The shock of Buffy’s ‘death’ caused her to reevaluate the anger she’d been feeling towards her first real girl friend. She saw a little more clearly the anguish Buffy had been showing over causing Xander’s death. How she had basically been only going through the motions as she patrolled. It was now obvious that Buffy blamed herself for Xander’s death possibly even more than Willow herself had.

\\Now I’ll never be able to tell her I’m sorry for blaming her,// thought Willow sadly as she sat next to Giles at the funeral home and didn’t even notice Miss Calendar standing near them and talking with Giles.

When Giles maneuvered them up to the front pew to extend their condolences to Joyce, Willow barely mumbled out an “I’m sorry” before going mute again. For her part, Joyce just nodded and acknowledged that Willow was just too over wrought to say much.

\\I’ll have to see if she wants some of Buffy’s things to help remember her by once she settles down,// thought Joyce.

Giles, himself didn’t say much more by way of condolences, though he did remind her that she could call on him if she needed any help.

Giles then took Willow back to his place since her parents were still not back in town.

Joyce thanked the Funeral Director. He told her the ashes would be delivered in about a day.

She took one last look at her ‘daughter’ in the casket and marveled at the make-up hiding the hole in her forehead. She briefly considered removing the toy there beside her ‘daughter’ but instead felt it would be best not to have it around as a reminder.


Jenny waited at her apartment for her Uncle and Angel to return from dealing with Darla. She half expected her Uncle to arrive alone, but they did arrive together. The rest of the Tribe that had been in Sunnydale were scattering Darla’s body parts far and wide.

As her Uncle walked through the door, Angel stopped just outside the threshold and waited.

“You can come in Angel,” she said politely. “I won’t be living here after tomorrow anyway and the prohibition will return with the next tenant.”

“I take it that everything went as planned,” she stated more than asked.

“The creature recalled his craft quite well,” snarked Enyos.

Angel ignored the dig by the elder Gypsy and tossed something to Jenny, which she caught despite being taken off guard.

“She’ll want that with her wherever you’re going,” he said flatly.

She saw that the object was a stuffed pig and looked at him quizzically.

“It’s Mr. Gordo, Buffy’s favorite toy. Mrs. Summers placed it in the casket and left it there. Probably because it would be too hard to deal with it otherwise. No way was I going to let it be just thrown out or burnt up when Buffy might want some remnant of her past with her,” he elaborated without really looking at the Gypsy woman.

“I’ll see that she gets it,” she said sincerely. “What about the body being cremated in Buffy’s place?”

“A ‘Jane Doe’ that was to be buried in a common grave with three other ‘Jane Does’,” replied Angel, flatly. “At least someone will mourn her even if it isn’t under her own name.”

Nodding her head, she said, “In that case, your part in this is now over, except for helping the Watcher and the New Guardian. You might also keep an eye on Mrs. Summers to ensure she is safe from Sunnydale’s nightlife. I’m sure Buffy would appreciate it.”

Angel just grunted and left.

\\I was planning on doing that anyway,// he thought as he quickly walked past the grinning elder Gypsy lest he arrange for the man to be able to visually inspect his own colon for polyps.

Once she was sure Angel had left the building, as indicated by the wards she’d set, she turned to her Uncle and said, “Do you have the Letter of Introduction I’ll need?”

“Yes,” he said, his voice indicating his continued dislike of having to acquiesce to his niece’s needs as it related to the Powers’ plan.

He pulled out an envelope from his inside jacket pocket and handed it to her.

“Only he will be able to read what it says,” he told her. “It will instruct him that meeting your needs will balance the debt he owes our people. Considering we now know him to be a man of great power, there should be little that he cannot do for you. Which is fortunate for you as none of the Kalderash will be anywhere nearby nor will any come to aid you in anyway. Because the debt is to the Kalderash you are still Janna of the Kalderash, but in name only. The three members of the Tribe at the mansion will escort you and your charge to the city where you will be residing and then you will be on your own.”

With that he turned and left his once-niece fuming that she didn’t know enough about magical curses to make her Uncle, and any others of the tribe responsible, regret disowning her for something that was not her fault. She knew that they were angry at the Powers for being forced into this arrangement but it was just petty of them to punish her this way just because they couldn’t punish Them.

She was almost sorry Enyos hadn’t turned down the Powers’ offer so that the Elders of the Tribe would be saddled with bits and pieces of Darla’s and Angel’s demons. Only the thought that it would be a shame to inflict such a fate on every member of the Tribe and future generations who had no hand in such a decision stopped her from truly wanting that to happen.

In a way she was glad that she was no longer involved with the Tribe. The mindset of the leadership was obviously too focused on redressing slights against their ‘honor’ through overkill, rather than helping the Tribe to adapt and thrive.

Now she had to return to the mansion and wake Buffy. Not really a chore she was looking forward to.

\\God, I hope the anti-violence wards hold up,// she thought as she gathered her suitcase and left. \\When I get to the mansion, I’ll send my escorts back here to load up the van. What I have to say to her is for her ears alone.//

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